Faculty Experts

This page is designed to help editors and reporters identify specialists who can comment on, and answer questions about, a broad range of issues. The faculty listed here welcome inquiries concerning their fields of interest and areas of expertise. Click on any topic below to see experts on that subject (the larger the font, the more experts in that field). Use your back button to return to the complete list.

To request an interview with a faculty member, contact Noelle Lemoine (413) 597-4277, [email protected] in the Office of Communications.

    • Algorithms
    • Combinatorics
    • Complexity theory
    • Graph theory
    • Video game history
  • http://arabic.williams.edu/profile/ae8/

    • Comparative & World Literatures
    • Postcolonial Theory
    • Global South Studies
    • Feminism
    • Indigenous Studies
    • Border Studies
    • Popular Culture
    • Hip-Hop
    • Translation
    • Creative Writing


  • classics.williams.edu/profile/awilcox/

    • Latin literature of the late republic and early empire
    • Roman cultural history, especially gender studies and intellectual history
    • Ancient philosophy: Plato, Hellenistic ethics, Stoicism
    • Greek literature
  • www.cs.williams.edu/~andrea/

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Computers in Education
    • Women in computer science
    • Machine learning