The Williams Website Theme

Introducing the New Design

September 2016 — The Communications Office is pleased share the recently updated Williams website design (also known as a “theme”). The new theme is built to showcase college and department content, to look good on screens of all sizes, and to be easy to navigate. The web team designed and built the new theme based on feedback from college community with an eye toward the latest web development best practices.

Williams Homepage
The updated college homepage. See the gallery below for more examples of pages in the new theme.

The most obvious changes are the cosmetic ones. The design and typography have evolved significantly and we have added a number of new layout options for department homepages — see examples in the gallery below. Just as significant, however, are the structural differences between the new theme and its predecessor (which is still in place on the majority of department and administrative sites as of this writing). The biggest change is in the navigation: There is now a college-wide menu at the top of each page and department-level navigation has been consolidated in the sidebar. Learn more about how the new theme evolved.

Along with the new homepage, we’re launching a handful of other sites in the new theme, including the American Studies department, Office of Admission, President’s Office, and Office of Communications. Several other sites are in progress and will launch in the coming days and weeks. We’ll aim to transition all department and office websites to the new theme during this academic year. If you’d like to get started, have questions about the process, or just want to give us feedback, please email us at [email protected].