While we don't have a photographer on staff, we hire photographers for large-scale campus events, such as Commencement, and to keep our database of campus images current. If you would like to hire a photographer to document your campus event, please check with us. We keep a list of local freelancers and can share that with you. All photographers hired by the college are required to sign a Work for Hire Agreement, and we keep those contracts on file in our office.

Photographers should view the Digital Photography Specifications.

If you're looking for campus photos, we can help you find them. Creative services maintains a searchable collection on the college's Flickr site. Please observe all copyright and credit information when using these images. We also keep a database of photography in the communications office. Other departments on campus have their own discrete collections and archives, such as the '62 Center for Theatre and Dance, which maintains a SmugMug archive. If you're looking for an image that is not online, please contact Eileen Bellamy, who may be able to help you find what you need.