Design Services

We offer professional design services for the college community. We can assist your department or office with developing communications materials that align with Williams’ central messaging and visual identity. We’ll work with you throughout your project, providing you with a schedule to meet your deadline, arranging for editorial review, and finding high-quality print vendors that fit your budget.

Consultation and Design Development

We begin all projects by meeting with you to understand your objectives and needs. We work with you to develop a concept or to refine an existing one. We’ll ask you about your target audience—who are you trying to reach and why? We’ll also ask practical questions, such as your budget for printing and mailing. Most large projects take two to three months to see through to completion.

  • Based upon your input, we’ll provide a design direction for your review and feedback
  • We’ll revise and refine that direction up to three times
  • We provide a schedule to help guide you through to the completion of your project
  • We suggest appropriate printers and gather estimates for the production of your piece
  • We help with photography, whether commissioning new photography or selecting images from existing photos
  • We can help with editing your copy
  • We proof your final piece and, if necessary, provide a press check
  • We deliver your final, approved files to the printer

Other Services

Sometimes, you just need advice. We can also help with a variety of other services, such as:

  • Art direction
  • Copywriting and editing (in conjunction with the communications office’s editorial team)
  • Marketing consultation
  • Photography coordination
  • Print production management
  • Strategic communications
  • Video
  • Web design (in conjunction with the communication office’s web team)

If you’d like to work with us, please contact our creative services director, Meike Kaan.