Calendar Guidelines

The communications office manages the day-to-day operations of the college’s campus-wide public events calendar. Its aim is to promote public events at Williams by pulling into a single calendar all public campus event listings.

Anyone with a Williams username and password can submit events to the calendar. We encourage departments, offices, and student groups to use the calendar, whose features include social media integration, a slideshow highlighting major upcoming events, and an event submission form that enables you to easily list recurring events and add photos and ticket information. Once logged in, you can view a personal calendar showing events you’re planning to attend, and you can build and customize your profile within the system.

If your department or office’s website is built in the Williams WordPress theme, we can create a site-specific calendar on your website feeding directly from the college calendar, eliminating the need to maintain multiple public calendars. The public events calendar is not set up to serve as a room scheduler, academic calendar, or meeting planner.

Questions? Email [email protected] for more information or assistance.