Media Relations


If you’re a member of the Williams community seeking publicity for news or an event, please see our publicity information and guidelines. We maintain an archive of news releases and news stories about Williams. For assistance with any media request or interview, you may contact the Office of Communications at 413.597.4277.

For Reporters

Reporters should contact the director of media relations for assistance. Most college offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST. The college switchboard 413.597.3131 and Campus Safety and Security (413.597.4444) are available 24 hours a day.

For a complete listing of college departments, offices, programs, committees, and services, see the online A-Z Index. We have numerous faculty experts who can offer comment on a wide range of topics and we provide a list of fast facts about Williams. Please contact the Office of Communications (413.597.4277) for assistance with media inquiries.

Credentials are available in the Office of Communications (Hopkins Hall, 4th floor) for working reporters (staff or freelance) who provide a business card showing media affiliation and position or present a current recognized press card distributed by a media outlet.

Campus photographs

Williams maintains a collection of campus images on Flickr. Please observe all copyright and credit information when using these images. If you are looking for an image that is not online, you may e-mail requests to [email protected].


There is no central office on campus that collects speeches from every guest speaking on campus. The sponsoring department, office, or group may be able to assist you in obtaining a copy of a speech. Video of some campus speakers may be found on our YouTube page. College Archives may have the text of other speeches.


The Williams campus is private property.

The rights of students not to be photographed, filmed or interviewed must be respected. In general, if a student has agreed to be interviewed or if a student group has approached a media outlet to cover a student event, permission will be granted as long as the media agrees to comply with these policies.

Media who seek interviews before or after an event must do so in approved outdoor spaces, so as not to impede attendees entering or exiting the event. Media and film crews are not allowed to enter classrooms without the advance permission of the instructor. Classes in progress must not be interrupted.

Event Access

While many college events are open to the public, generally they are not open to the media, and recording devices of any kind (audio, video, or still cameras) are prohibited unless special permission is granted and the media registers in advance with the Office of Communications. If in doubt, contact the Office of Communications.

Media attending events may not conduct interviews at or during an event. Media are not allowed inside classrooms, libraries, dormitories, or other interior spaces unless special permission is granted in advance by the Office of Communications.

Photography, Film and Video

Media seeking to use any type of camera on campus must contact the Office of Communications in advance and provide a detailed description of what images are requested. The request must be accompanied by a specific date, time of arrival and departure from campus, and names of all crew members.

TV news or video crews should contact the Office of Communications for assistance with identifying appropriate locations on campus for interview recording. Individuals or crews using cameras may be accompanied by a college staff member.

The Office of Communications works closely with Campus Safety and Security to enforce these campus access policies. Media that has been granted permission to enter the campus must clearly display valid credentials.

In general, photography, filming and videotaping are allowed only in outdoor spaces.

Cameras are not allowed inside any campus buildings unless special permission is granted. Requests to obtain “broadcast roll” on campus also require permission and may require an assigned escort.

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