For reporters members of the media

Thanks for your interest in Williams

We're proud of the education we provide, and our work to make that education financially accessible and open to students from all identities and perspectives. We welcome inquiries from members of the media.

As professionals, we don't expect that journalists' reporting interests and views align with the college's PR goals. As long as you're willing to hear and seriously consider our point of view, we're happy to work with you. We don't participate in gotcha stories or provide react quotes.

Looking for official comment from "the college"?

Contact Chief Communications Officer Jim Reische.

When the college issues a communication on a topic, we typically let that message stand on its own and don't comment further. You'll find most of the president and leadership's major speeches, op-eds, and campus communications on the Writings and Remarks site. Feel free to quote from them with appropriate credit and subject to copyright and fair use standards. Permission is required to republish pieces in full.

The Office of the Provost makes a variety of useful reports on their website, including information about college budget and finances. The Planning, Design and Construction office lists information about all current building projects.

We also publish a list of fast facts about Williams that you may find helpful.

Finally, the College Archives has a wonderful archive of historic speeches and writings from Williams' past.

Seeking topical expertise?

We're happy to try and connect you with faculty or staff experts willing to comment on a your topic. Contact Jim Reische with questions or specific requests.

For a complete listing of college departments, offices, programs, committees, and services, see the A-Z Index.

Need directions to campus?

Check out our Visitors' Guide for directions, airport info, etc. Our campus map includes information about visitor parking.

Policies for media on campus

We like to welcome members of the media to campus. Visits must be prearranged with the Office of Communications. As a private college, and to avoid disruption of our learning environment, Williams doesn't allow unauthorized media work on campus.

If we can work out a mutually acceptable plan, the Office will issue you media passes and coordinate with Campus Security to ensure your productive visit. We may also assign a staff member to accompany you at our discretion.

We have a few common sense rules for these visits:

Photography and video

We appreciate media interest in photography or videography on campus. We try to say yes to many such requests, subject to the following:

  • You must obtain prior consent before photographing or recording anyone, even in B-roll or the background of a shot. Video releases are acceptable as long as you provide us with copies for our records.
  • Our academic mission is paramount, and we don't allow photo or video work that we feel would interfere with courses, labs or campus activities.
  • Given the disruption and demand on staff and resources, we rarely allow use of campus as a location for commercial shoots or productions. However, all requests are considered on an individual basis: contact the the Office of Communications for details.
  • If you'd like to record an interview or other activity, we're happy to suggest a variety of attractive campus locations.

Event Access

See the college's events calendar for a full listing of upcoming lectures, performances and programs.

  • If you're interested in talking to a guest lecturer or performer, contact the the Office of Communications and we'll try to help.
  • We don't allow audio or video recording or photography of events or audiences without prior authorization, which is rarely granted. Some of our guest speakers and performers contractually forbid recording or dissemination of their work.
  • Members of the media who are approved to be on campus may approach audience members to request interviews. Anyone at Williams has the right to say yes or no to such requests, and we expect their wishes to be respected. To avoid fire code problems, any interviews should be held outside of the venue.
  • Williams doesn't collect speeches by guest lecturers and artists in a centralized manner, but an event's sponsoring department, office, or group may be able to help you obtain a copy of any remarks. We do post video of select guest lectures and performances on the Williams YouTube page, when permitted.


Communications can provide special permits for unloading and loading of equipment along with media credentials, space permitting. Vehicles without special permits should be parked in one of our visitor parking lots or off campus.