Visual Identity

Visual identity is the system by which we communicate something about who we are through design and graphic elements. At Williams, we have a number of elements available to communicate effectively and consistently with our diverse audiences. Chiefly, these are the Williams wordmark, Williams’ colors (the purple that’s primary and the gold that’s a secondary color), and some recommended fonts. There’s the cow, too, of course, and the college seal, both of which we’d recommend for certain, specific uses.

Generally, the simple Williams wordmark is the preferred logo for most print materials, posters, signs, and other products conveying the college’s identity. The college’s seal is meant for official, formal college documents (diplomas, for instance), and its use on merchandise and other materials should be reserved for items of a formal nature–plaques, crystal, etc. Other marks and graphics, including the full wordmark and the W, Ephs, and athletic marks are certainly appropriate for apparel and products and more informal gifts and other items. For more specific guidance, please review our graphic standards.

If you have questions about our visual identity, please get in touch with our Art Director, Eileen Bellamy.

For Williams faculty, staff, and alumni seeking to produce promotional print material, signs, apparel, or other products bearing some aspect of Williams’ visual identity, we offer here a collection of wordmarks and graphics for your use, as well as some guidelines for using them. Please note that these are provided for non-commercial use; that is, they are not to be downloaded for use on items for sale to the general public. Such commercial use requires licensing by the college, which is managed by CLC Communications. For more information on licensing Williams merchandise, please contact Tim Klaasen at CLC ([email protected] or 616-212-9230).

Students interested in using any of these graphics should contact Mike Bodnarik, associate director in the Office of Student Life.