Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Announces TIDE Grant Awards

The Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (OIDEI) has announced this year’s Towards Greater Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (TIDE) grant awards. The 2020-2021 awardees are:

Ephs Inclusion & Diversity Summit

Organizers: Tommy Verdell, Athletics and Carolyn Miles, Athletics

The Ephs Athletics Diversity and Inclusion Summit aims to educate student-athletes and staff regarding the power and importance of diversity, inclusion, acceptance, and unity. As Williams is striving to be a national leader in the area of diversity and inclusion, the summit will address different aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion, expanding definitions and understanding to all participants in athletics.

Important Conservations: Discussion of Food and Racial Justice with Local High School Students

Organizers: Williams Recovers All Perishable Surplus (WRAPS) – Abby Matheny ‘22, Grace Reynolds ‘22.5, Alli Cooke ‘23

This TIDE grant will support a collaboration between WRAPS and two local high schools (Greylock Regional and Drury High School) to sponsor a three-part virtual speaker/discussion series on topics such as food insecurity, racial/social justice issues, and environmental sustainability while receiving guidance and advice on action-oriented steps from knowledgeable speakers of diverse backgrounds. With the numerous challenges presented in 2020, WRAPS acknowledges that there has been no better or more important time to broaden our work on social justice issues in Berkshire County.

Lathisms (Latinxs and Hispanics in the Mathematical Sciences) Video Project

Organizer: Pam Harris, Mathematics

Lathisms (Latinxs and Hispanics in the Mathematical Science) is an organization that seeks to promote and feature different Latinx or Hispanic mathematicians, primarily through the website  This grant will support the development of a series of video lectures featuring the incredible contributions of mathematicians of hispanic descent. The videos will be used in Williams math courses and shared with the math department, the AWM student chapter, OURMATH, and BSTEM.

Promoting Inclusion in Economic Research (PIER)

Organizers: Tara Watson, Economics; Sara LaLumia, Economics; Sarah Jacobson, Economics

The TIDE grant will help fund the Promoting Inclusion in Economic Research (PIER) conference, whose goal is to promote a diverse and inclusive culture within the field of Economics. The one-day conference at Williams will feature research presentations by approximately 25 undergraduates, primarily from colleges in the northeast, and by up to three external speakers.

Racial Justice and DEI Curriculum Development Partnership Project 

Organizers: Paula Consolini, CLiA; Germanie Louis ’21; Shirley Edgerton, Pittsfield Public Schools; Brian Kelley, Pittsfield Public Schools

The TIDE grant will provide support for a collaborative K-12 curriculum and youth development project with the Pittsfield Public Schools which is part of CLiA’s pilot Racial Justice K-12 Curriculum Initiative. The project focuses on addressing gaps and inaccuracies in curricula and empowering youth of color to engage as social change agents. The overall aim of the initiative is to help “address disparate negative treatment and discrimination on the basis of race.”

Softball Team Book Study – Anti-Racism

Organizer: Kris Herman, Athletics

Through an examination of books on anti-racism, the softball team will continue to further its knowledge and understanding of racial injustice and racist attitudes in our soceity.  The TIDE grant will support the team’s book study, which will encourage and foster anti-racist and fully inclusive values on the team and beyond.

For more information, including previous TIDE grant awardees, visit the OIDEI website.