Williams College Celebrates Staff Members on Annual Appreciation Day

Media contact: Noelle Lemoine, executive assistant; tele: 413-597-4277; email: [email protected]

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass., May 13, 2020—On May 12, Williams College celebrated its annual Appreciation Day which honors staff members who have reached milestones in their service to the college. The day is an opportunity for community members to offer thanks to the staff whose contributions uphold the college’s functionality and excellence.

This year’s retirees are Edward Bourdon, Ginette Cahoon, Bruce Decoteau, Donna Denelli-Hess, Margaret Driscoll, Diane England, George Ferger, Miguel Gutierrez, Reina Gutierrez, David Johnson, Stephen Klass, Lynn Melchiori, Richard Miller, Douglas Paisley, Barbara Pietras, Daniel Viall, Carol Witek, and Nancy Wojnicki.

Celebrating 40 years of service are Clarence Gillig, Jessica Park, Dennis Richard, Teresa Waryjasz, and Kristine Williams.

Celebrating their 35th year of service are Patricia Acosta, Nancy Bryant, Marilyn Cole Dostie, James Menard, Bette Phelps, Tha Poeuk, Brian Quinn, and Paul Richard.

Celebrating 30 years of service are Peter Armstrong, Marissa Barschdorf, Robin Coody, Cynthia Haley, Karen Marchegiani, Beverly Sylvester, Helena Warburg, and Tammy Wright.

Celebrating 25 years at the college are Mary Bailey, Thomas Bona, Lisa Cahill, Jane Canova, Angela Copeland, Ashley Frost, Sharon Marceau, Charles Paquette, Roberta Senecal, Brent Siciliano, Joseph Sylvester, and Kimberly Tremblay.

Celebrating 20 years of service are Colleen Bethoney, Robert Briggs, Carleen Carmel, Mark Dingman, Judy Fraser, Todd Gould, Tamra Hjermstad, Daniel Kolis, Amy Lovett, Heather Main, Susan Monroe, Besy Montoya Ochoa, John Moresi, Todd Noyes, Norman Parker, Marsha Peters, Guy Randall, Philip Remillard, Kristan Renish, Lili Rice, Luis Alberto Rivera, Barbara Robertson, Theodore Stefanik, and Amy Wood.

Celebrating their 15th year of service Norm Bell, Emily Bourguignon, Jerry Byers, Bruce Carnevale, Donna Cuzzone, Blair Dils, Gayle Donohue, Gretchen Eliason, Darryl Frye, Jonathan Gillig, Aaron Gordon, Mark Kimball, Dan Levering, Paul Moorman, Jason Moran, Craig Piers, and Johnny Tetreault.

Celebrating 10 years at the college are Simone Anderson, Karima Barrow, Mark Bergeron, Krista Birch, Corissa Bryant, Ashley Cart, James Cart, Francis Fredette, Lucy Green, Lynna Jackson, Dawn Jamros, Megan Konieczny, Jennifer Marlowe, Keith Noel, Sourena Parham, Samantha Patterson, Michele Rech, Carol Rydell, Emilce Salas, Emery Shriver, Michael Taylor, Deanna Traversa, and Christa Waryas.

Celebrating 5 years of service are Jamie Art, Shannon Babcock, Richard Blanchard, Laurie Booth, Rachel Bukanc, Toya Camacho, Sarah Campbell-Copp, Jaclyn Candelet, Derek Cece, David Chapman, Pamela Coons, Cindy DeBlois, Lida Doret, Tim Duncan, Pamela Fachini, Tom Foote, John Gaskell, Mitchell Gavazzi, William Harrington, Bob Harris, Leticia Haynes, Gregg Jenczyk, Angela Jimenez, Krista Jolin, Joseph Kapas, Carl Kendall, Barron Koralesky, Adam Kozik, Mitchel Lancia, Katlynn Lemaire, Jessica Lemieux, Ann Lundhild, Lauren Magrath, Daniel Marko, Caitlin McConnell, Nina Pelaez, Madeline Polidoro, Jabari Powell, Dawn Randall, Kory Richardson, Sharif Rosen, Amy Sanchez, Dawn Schoorlemmer, Gillian Sciacca, Jillanna Simon, Christina Stoiciu, Leigh Sylvia, Tom Van Winkle, Lauren Vining,
and Michael Wood.


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