Screening of "The Age of Consequences" at Williams College

Media contact: Noelle Lemoine, communications assistant; tele: (413) 597-4277; email: [email protected]

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass., October 25, 2016—The new documentary film The Age of Consequences will be screened at Williams College on Friday, Nov. 4, at 7 p.m. in Wege Auditorium in the Thompson Chemistry building. It is free and open to the public.

The documentary investigates the impacts of climate change on increased resource scarcity, migration, and conflict through the lens of US national security and global stability. The perspectives of admirals, generals and military veterans take us beyond the headlines of the conflict in Syria, the social unrest of the Arab Spring, the rise of radicalized groups like ISIS, and the European refugee crisis and show how climate change stressors interact with societal tensions, sparking conflict. Whether a long-term vulnerability or sudden shock, the film explains how water and food shortages, drought, extreme weather, and sea-level rise function as “accelerants of instability” and “catalysts for conflict” in volatile regions of the world.

The Pentagon insiders featured in the film make the compelling case that if we go on with business as usual, the consequences of climate change—waves of refugees, failed states, terrorism—will continue to grow in scale and frequency, with grave implications for peace and security in the 21st century.

The filmmakers include Jared P. Scott, writer, director, and producer; Sophie Robinson ’11, executive producer and director of outreach; Kelly Nyks, producer; Mike McSweeney, director of photography; Hypatia A. Porter, editor and associate producer; Malcolm Francis, composer; John Picklap, post-production coordinator and assistant editor; and Dave Regos, research coordinator and assistant editor.

This event is sponsored by the environmental studies department and is part of the year-long initiative Confronting Climate Change. Throughout this academic year the college will host a series of speakers, events, and programming planned to shed light on the issue of climate change and how we should respond to it as individuals, as an institution, as a nation, and as a member of the global community.


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