Williams in the News 2015

  • December 2015

    December 31: The Berkshire Eagle quotes George E. Marcus, professor of political science at Williams College, in an article on the violent outburst of Trump supporters.

    December 29: In a Berkshire Eagle year-end review on classical music in the Berkshires, Williams College’s significantly improved Chapin Hall and Berkshire Symphony is mentioned.

    December 24: In an article by Sputnik News on Foreign Troop presence in Afghanistan, David Edwards, the Williams College Afghan Media Project Director, is quoted on the presence of the troops being more “symbolic than substantive”.

    December 18: Adam Falk, president of Williams College, is quoted many times on meeting need head on in a Huffington Post article on need blind admissions for students.

    December 18: iBerkshires reports that Mount Greylock High School has begun changing its curriculum and courses offered due to funds given by Williams College.

    December 17: Twink Williams Burns, a former admissions officer at Williams College, writes a response for the Huffington Post on Justice Scalia’s comments on African American students and Affirmative Action.

    December 17: In a Bloomberg article on endowment investment of the University of Michigan, Williams College is mentioned because it has changed its endowment’s asset allocation.

    December 15: Saul Kassin, professor of psychology at Williams College, is quoted on the importance of social influence in an MSN article on why people confess to crimes they didn’t commit.

  • November 2015

    November 23: The Associated Press writes on important discussions being held at institutions like Williams College on the importance of free speech for learning and President Falk is quoted.

    November 23: iBerkshires writes on Williams and MCLA students volunteering to prep for the annual Thanksgiving meal. Members of the Williams football team who volunteered are quoted in the piece.

    November 23: In a Huffington Post article called “Being Black and Fitting in at College,” William Boyd II, a Williams alumnus from the ‘60s, is cited as an example of students making crucial decisions to make campus a healthier place for all.

    November 16: Reuters reports on Justin Adkins’s suit against New York City for discrimination against him as a trans-man. Justin Adkins is an assistant director of the Davis Center.

    November 11: NationSwell cites Williams College as one of three colleges that take strides to make higher education more affordable.

    November 11: Stat News mentions assistant professor Matt Carter and his research on hunger and fullness in an article on light-activated neurons.

    November 11: The Boston Business Journal features Williams College and its financial growth in the form of the growth of the endowment. Williams has one of the strongest endowment returns in higher education.

    November 11: Financial Buzz mentions Williams College in an article on the Center for Effective Public Policy teaming up with experts to help prevent campus sexual assault.

    November 11: Inside Higher Ed mentions Williams in an article on several colleges and universities and the number of veterans they have enrolled.

    November 11: Jay Pasachoff is quoted in a Smithsonian Magazine article on the planetary status of Pluto.

    November 10: Ohio.com and Cleveland.com write on the College of Wooster naming Sarah Bolton, Dean at Williams College, their new president.

    November 10: Darra Goldstein writes in Zocalo Public Square on moderate indulgence and bringing back pleasure to the palate when it comes to food.

    November 9: Pensions and Investments writes on Williams College’s $2.4 billion investment pool growing 9.9%.

    November 9: WAMC Northeast Public Radio writes on the panel at Williams to discuss President Obama’s time in office.

    November 7: The Berkshire Eagle mentions David Richardson, chemistry professor at Williams, and Matthew Goss ’17 and their work on PCB accumulation in fish in the Hoosic River.

    November 6: The Berkshire Eagle mentions T. Nelson Dale of Williams College in an article on the core samples offered by the Hoosac Tunnel.

    November 6: iBerkshires writes on the Williamstown Economic Development Committee finalizing its draft report. The Committee Chairman is against marketing the town to Williams College alumni.

    November 5: WAMC Public Radio interviews Professor Susan Dunn in a segment on Bing Crosby’s “Ballad For Americans” and the political climate during which it was performed.

    November 4: The Berkshire Eagle writes on the re-opening of the Log as a place for Williams students and community members to gather.

    November 4: Huffington Post mentions Jay Pasachoff, chair of the astronomy department at Williams, and his opinion on the supposed evidence for parallel universes found by Ranga-Ram Chary.

    November 2: iBerkshires writes on the Zilkha Center’s Winter Blitz initiative to weatherize homes for the winter in Northern Berkshire County, Pownal and Bennington.

    November 2: Jane Swift writes in the Huffington Post on her positive experiences with free speech at Williams College.

  • October 2015

    October 30: Director of Admissions Dick Nesbitt is quoted in this Boston Globe piece about how the supplemental essay is viewed as part of a student’s application at Williams.

    October 27: Los Alamos Daily Post writes on Jim Nolan, professor of sociology at Williams College, doing research on his grandfather and starting a new book project based on his findings.

    October 23: Times Union reviews the Berkshire Symphony playing at Chapin Hall at Williams College.

    October 23: WAMC Public Radio writes on Steve Kagaan, a Williams Alum, returning his honorary degree in protest of the climate action plan.

    October 22: An opinion piece on the Washington Post focuses on the dis-invitation of Suzanne Venker as a guest speaker at Williams.

    October 21: Forbes mentions Uncomfortable Learning, a student club at Williams College, in an article on intellectual diversity on campus.

    October 21: Reason writes on the dis-invitation of Suzanne Venker from Williams College.

    October 20: Fox News features Suzanne Venker and her opinion on being disinvited as a guest speaker from Williams College.

    October 16: The Wilton Bulletin features Ben Augenbraun, alumnus of Williams College, who received the LeRoy Apker Award fromthe American Physical Society for his undergraduate physics research.

    October 15: iBerkshires writes Williamstown Elementary changes the building renewal fund established by Williams College so that it can fix issues within the school’s heating system.

    October 15: The Berkshire Eagle reports on Federico Garcìa Lorca’s “Blood Wedding” being performed at Williams College with Kameron Steele as the director.

    October 15: Nate Kornell’s fundamental principles to learn by are outlined and fleshed out in an article on Entrepreneur. Nate Kornell is a professor of cognitive psychology at Williams College and he studies learning strategies.

    October 14: Discovery News quotes Rónad Cox, professor of geosciences at Williams College, in an article of the possible of life on Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons.

    October 14: The Connecticut Jewish Ledger reviews The Book of Aron, a book by Williams professor Jim Shepard.

    October 13: iBerkshires reports on Williams College building a new driveway behind the ’62 Center. The new driveway entrance will make it easier to end the parking.

    October 13: Higher Ed Tech Decisions features Williams College and the University of Virginia because of their adoption of a more comprehensive financial aid calculator.

    October 12: Adam Falk, president of Williams College, writes an opinion piece in the Washington Post on how being “need-blind” won’t ensure college access and affordability. He proposes to see need and “meet it head on.”

    October 9: The Berkshire Eagle mentions Stephen Sheppard and his estimation of total job loss in the Berkshires in an article on officials seeking to help the economic tolls ahead.

    October 8: The Daily Bruin mentions Williams College’s survey on attitudes towards sexual assault at Williams as a possible survey that the UC’s could adopt to gauge attitudes towards sexual assault.

    October 7: iBerkshires reports on Brayton Elementary School’s recent boost in technology because of donations from BJ’s Wholesale, Stephen Drotter, and Williams College. Williams donated 12 workstations. Brayton has also been working with William on an iPad initiative.

    October 6: The Day mentions Williams College-Mystic Seaport Maritime Studies Program in an article about Steve Malinowski’s way of raising oysters without impacting the environment.

    October 6: The Berkshire Eagle reports on the opening of the Carl H. Reidel Trail in honor of Reidel who was the assistant direct of the Center of Environmental and an assistant professor of political science.

    October 5: Kristen Haut, a visiting professor at Williams College, is cited in a Yale Scientific article on memory and schizophrenia.

    October 5: The Berkshire Eagle writes on the new exhibits available at the Williams College Museum of Art.

    October 5: iBerkshires and the Berkshire Eagle highlight the Teach It Forward campaign by Williams College. One of the goals of Teach It Forward is to create a financial aid program that will create opportunities for students. The college wishes to raise $650 Million by 2019.

    October 3: Darra Goldstein, professor of Russian at Williams College, is featured in an article on Townvibe because of her new cookbook on Nordic cuisine.

    October 3: Stephen Sheppard, a Williams College economics professor, is mentioned in an iBerkshires article on the Adam Anthony Center and creative spaces because of his research on the economic impact of non-profits.

    October 2: The Berkshire Eagle reports on Stephanie Wilson, a NASA astronaut, returning to the Berkshires to give presentations at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center to students. She was inspired by an interview she did with Jay Pasachoff, a Williams professor and astronomy expert, in high school.

    October 1: The New Yorker quotes Dorothy Wang, professor of American studies and English at Williams, in an article on Kenneth Goldsmith’s supposedly avant-garde “uncreative writing”.

  • September 2015

    September 28: Metropolis Magazine features Williams College’s Stetson Sawyer Library and its appeal to many Williams students.

    September 28: iBerkshires features Ronadh Cox, professor of geosciences at Williams, and her $277,509 grant to student coastal erosion caused by storm waves.

    September 28: Williams college is listed in a Washington Post article on over 80 selective schools re-designing application systems to allow for a deeper and more accurate assessment with high school students, especially lower-income students.

    September 27: Jay Pasachoff is quoted in an iBerkshires article on the correct naming of the SuperEclipse Moon.

    September 26: The Berkshire Eagle writes on the disappointment that students, faculty and alumni members of the divest movement feel at the decision of Williams College to use a strategic alternative to divesting.

    September 24: The Berkshire Eagle reports on the response of Williams students, staff, faculty and Williamstown residents to the address of the Pope.

    September 24: iBerkshires writes on the ’62 Center at Williams College and the artistic access it offers to Williams students and the public.

    September 23: Jay Pasachoff, an astronomer at Williams, is quoted in a Huffington Post article about the moon looking red during the eclipse.

    September 22: Kenneth Savitsky, professor of psychology at Williams College, is mentioned in an NPR interview with Shankar Vedatam on communication between friends and strangers.

    September 21: The Berkshire Eagle reports on Village Ambulance expanding their non-emergency medical transport from just Williams College to all of Northern Berkshire County.

    September 22: Williams College Museum of Art is mentioned in the Culture Trip’s article on the best places to see the work of French-American artists Louise Bourgeois.

    September 21: Aspen Public Radio interviews Jim Shepard, writer and professor at Williams College.

    September 21: Williams College is mentioned in a New York Times article because of its adoption of the simplified financial aid calculator created at Wellesley College.

    September 21: Susan Engel, senior psychology lecturer at Williams College, is quoted in a Wall Street Journal on financial issues in paying for college.

    September 21: Inside Higher Ed reports on divesting from fossil fuel. Williams is cited a school that has committed to sustainability initiatives but that hasn’t fully divested from fossil fuels.

    September 17: In an article on iBerkshires on the Mount Greylock School Committee’s talk on tax equity, committee members say that Williams contributes plenty to Mount Greylock without having to pay property taxes.

    September 16: Williams College is cited as an example of a school that has banned fraternities in an opinion piece on the Berkshire Eagle on ending fraternities on campuses.

    September 15: Ken Kuttner, professor of economics at Williams College, is quoted in an article on Marketplace on when the Federal Reserve will change interests

    September 14: Williams College is mentioned in US News and World Report as a private school that covers full need for undergraduate students in 2014.

    September 14: WAMC Public Northeast Radio reports on Williams announcing its plans to limit its carbon footprint after the push from students, alumni and faculty to divest its endowment from fossil fuel companies.

    September 11: Jay Pasachoff, an eclipse scientist at Williams College, gives advice on how to observe the partial solar eclipse in the National Geographic.

    September 7: In a New York Times Article on moral force trumping the force of the market, Williams College Museum’s upcoming “African Art Against the State” is mentioned as a exhibit that challenges the ideas concerning government.

    September 12: Williams College is cited as a school that has leveled the playing field for low-income students in an article in the Pro Publica. The article was centered around rich schools leaving poor students with a lot of debt.

    September 12: Adam Falk, the president of Williams College, is quoted in a New York Times article on the new College Scorecard unveiled by the Obama Administration.

    September 12: Williams College is brought up in a New York Times article on poverty and selective colleges. Williams is one of the schools that has specific programs to orient and integrate first years into the school community.

    September 14: Stephen Sheppard, professor of economics at Williams College, is featured in an article on iBerkshires on the Economic Development Committee studying communities similar to Williamstown.

    September 10: Matthew Gibson, a professor at Williams College, is quoted in a City Lab article on congestion pricing and traffic.

    September 4: WAMC Public Northeast Radio cites Williams College as a pilot for the Circle of 6 App that seeks to prevent Sexual Assault.

    September 9: Stewart Johnson's study titled “Sex Ratio and Population Stability” is used in an article in the Indian Express on skewed sex ratios. He is a professor of Mathematics at Williams.

    September 7: President Ebenezer Fitch, president of Williams in 1799, is mentioned in a timeline on the Smoky Mountain Hiking Blog outlining key milestones in hiking. He and two other people climbed Mt. Greylock.

    September 7: Doug Kiel, a professor of Native American history and politics at Williams, has an article in the Progressive on restoring the names of important sites to Native American people.

    September 4: Nikolai Christoffersen, a first year at Williams College, is mentioned in an article in the Wallowa County Chieftain because of his scrap metal business.

    September 3: Sam Crane, a China scholar at Williams College, is quoted in a McClatchy DC article on the Chinese government using military demonstrations to boost citizen morale.

    September 2: Moment Magazine quotes Darra Goldstein, a professor at Williams College, in an article about the significance of honey and sweets in Jewish customs.

    September 2: iBerkshires writes on how the Circle of 6 App is changing the way Williams Students think about dating, relationships and sexual assault.

    September 1: Darren Waterston, an artist and also past guest lecturer at Williams College, is featured in a Townvibe article on the year he spent living in MASS MoCA and the Berkshires.

    September 1: Williams College’s new Sawyer Library is shown in the 2015 Library Design Showcase.

    September 1: iBerkshires features Peter Fohlin, who is stepping down as town manager. He believed that Williams College was too inward looking. He was also disappointed that the town and Williams did not make many long lasting decisions together.

  • August 2015

    August 28: iBerkshires reports on First Days activities of freshmen at Williams College. It also includes a demographic breakdown of the incoming class.

    August 27: Steven Sheppard, an economist at Williams College, is mentioned in an iBerkshires article on centering the Berkshires on a strong non-profit economy.

    August 26: The Manchester journal reports on a driving tour of historical markers and monuments in the Berkshires. The history of the Haystack Monument and Williams students is mentioned.

    August 25: In a Berkshire Eagle article on Michael Conforti retiring from curating for the Clark, Williams’s gradute art history program that was sponsored by the Clark is briefly mentioned.

    August 22: Jim Therrien, a writer for the Berkshire Eagle, writes that Williams’s spending spree on construction is indicative of an inequality between private and public centers of higher education.

    August 22: Sandra Burton, director and chair of dance at Williams, is quoted in a Boston Globe article on Ella Baff leaving the directorship position at Jacob’s Pillow.

    August 19: In an opinion piece on the Washington Post, Williams art professor Michael J. Lewis is mentioned in support of the idea that the Eisenhower Memorial will be a trainwreck of a piece.

    August 18: Neil Roberts, a political scientist at Williams, and other philosophers share their insights and reactions to Ta Nehisi Coates’s new book, Between the World and Me in the Daily Nous.

    Aug 18: In a Letter to the Editor in the Berkshire Eagle, Amy Jeschawitz writes that Williamstown should not just be known for Williams college. She calls for Williamstown to keep pace with the growth of Williams College.

    Aug 17: BBC News and Independent write of Osama Bin Laden's tape collection. The boxes of tapes were brought to Williams College as part of the Afghan Media Project to be dissected by Flagg Miller, an expert in Arabic Literature.

    Aug 17: Michael Lewis, the Faison-Pierson-Stoddard Professor of Art History at Williams, was interviewed by NPR with a focus on his essay titled "How Art Became Irrelevant." He spoke on the importance of the actual art being diminished.

    Aug 16: Irish Central reports on the mystery of the Aran Islands' large moving rocks being solved by Ronadh Cox, professor of Geosciences and chairwoman of maritime studies at Williams.

    Aug 14: Aglaia Ho, a rising Junior at Williams, writes for New York Parenting about putting her work and writing online in blog form. She is a columnist that writes monthly articles for them.

    Aug 14: Professor Darra Goldstein is mentioned in Restaurant Business's article on Chef Jacques Pepin receiving the Julia Child Award. She was part of panel of people who knew Julia Child and selected the recipient of the Award.

    Aug 14: iBerkshires reports on Satyan Devadoss, professor of Mathematics at Williams, receiving the Haimo Award for Distinguished Teaching of Mathematics. He is the sixth Williams professor to be given this award.

    Aug 14: The Vineyard Gazette writes about Cronig's Market's new community based program that will help families in need receive fresh produce. This program was initially designed by Williams students in 2014.

    Aug 13: The Tri-City Herald mentions Alan Hirsch, Chair of Justice and Law Studies at Williams, in an article about a murder suspect who may have been forced into a false confession. Hirsch called to testify that the interview methods were aggressive but he did not call the confession false.

    Aug 12: The Berkshire Eagles focuses on the Williams College Summer Theater Lab and its finale, which will include student works and a premiere of "Gilded Girls…" by Mallery Avidon, a playwright at the Actors Theatre of Louisville.

    Aug 12: The Chronicle of Higher Education writes on global citizens and not necessarily having to leave the country to be one. An example is a Winter Study Program at Williams that allows students to live with immigrant families in Maine.

    Aug 12: iBerkshires reports on the entrepreneurial advances made by Williams students, alumni, professors and others from the Vermont area.

    Aug 11: The Berkshire Eagle features Williams College and its extensive construction and renovation plans. It also mentions how this construction is helping the local economy.

    Aug 11: The Bennington Banner focuses on former WCMA Director Thomas Krens’s new art gallery that will be culturally situated between the Clark Art Institute, WCMA and Mass MoCA.

    Aug 10: Williams College’s Archives is mentioned for its Paul Whiteman collection in The Boston Musical Intelligencer’s Classical Scene article on Monadnock Music’s 50th anniversary.

    Aug 8: Long Beach, CA Gazettes mentions Williams College in an article on small colleges being places for unique scientific study.

    Aug 5: The Los Angeles Times uses a study by Williams Professor of Economics Jon Bakija and other co-authors to illustrate the pay gap between employees and employers.

  • July 2015

    July 31: The Berkshire Eagle acknowledges Astronomy professor Steven Souza, electron microscopy technician Nancy Piatczyc, and Jennifer Swoap, assistant director of the CLiA, in an article on the 413 STEM Ready Academy to immerse Berkshire Community College students in a STEM curriculum.

    July 30: The Washington Post mentions Williams College in an article on the gender bias and the exemption of private colleges from Title IX.

    July 29: In a Forbes article centered on dispelling college myths in pop culture, Williams is briefly mentioned for its financial aid.

    July 29: Investors.com features President James Garfield, a Williams Alumnus, and his brief but impactful term as president.

    July 28: The Berkshire Eagle features the Williams College group that made a trip down to New Zealand to study Pluto.

    July 28: Denver Weekly News mentions Williams College in an article on the cost of tuition, money spent per student, and non-tuition revenue.

    July 24: Bill Gentry, professor of economics at Williams College; and Greg Phelan, assistant professor of Economics, are shown at a conference on teaching finance at liberal art schools in News @ Wesleyan.

    July 22: Pacific Standard Magazine mentions a 2007 study by Justin Crowe, a political scientist at Williams College, in an article questioning the lifelong tenure of Supreme Court justices.

    July 22: Artnet News focuses on Andy Warhol's "Gold Book,” part of the Warhol by the Book exhibit at the Williams College Museum of Art.

    July 19: Rhon Manigault-Bryant, Associate Professor of Africana Studies, writes in the African American Intellectual History Society's website on Howard Thurman, one of the forefathers of American nonviolence and his legacy.

    July 16: Freakonomics features Matthew Gibson, Assistant Professor of Economics at Williams, in a podcast on the relationship between sleep and economic impact.

    July 15: WAMC reports via Dave Boyer, Director of Campus Safety, that Williams College was not a target for the terror suspect recently arrested in nearby Adams.

    July 15: The Bennington Banner reports that Williams has joined Service to School, or S2S, in order to help qualified veterans get accepted.

    July 15: Sarah Jacobson, assistant professor of economy at Williams College, is featured in WalletHub’s article on energy efficiency.

    July 14: The Berkshire Eagle spotlights a Williams summer chemistry lab that works with kids to test and experiment on everyday chemicals.

    July 13: The Berkshire Eagle mentions Williams College when writing on Henry David Thoreau hiking Mt. Greylock. He wrote that Williams students hiked Grelock early on before he did.

    July 13: Jay M. Pasachoff, professor of Astronomy and director of Hopkins Observatory at Williams, writes an opinion piece in the New York Times recounting the trip to New Zealand to observe Pluto and his thoughts on Pluto.

    July 12: Phyllis Maguire, via the Berkshire Eagle, writes on the public art pieces around campus at Williams such as “Eyes” and “The Soldier’s Monument.”

    July 9: SpaceRef writes on a joint Williams College-MIT-Lowell Observatory group of scientists who travelled to New Zealand to observe Pluto.

    July 8: iBerkshires writes on the demolition of Old Sawyer Library, a Brutalist building from the ‘70s.

    July 3: iBerkshires features 9-yr-old Megan Schrade who is a Team Impact player for the Williams College Softball Team. She threw the first pitch for the Red Sox’s game at Fenway Park.

    July 1: Mason B. Williams, visiting assistant professor of leadership studies at Williams, is mentioned in a New York Times article on Governor Cuomo being called out by Mayor de Blasio.

    July 1: iBerkshires uses a report written by Williams College and Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art to show that local nonprofits have made $2.4 Billion.

  • June 2015

    June 29: iBerkshires writes on the appreciation of Williams College by the governing committee of the Fire District.

    June 25: The Wilkes-Barre Times Leader features Michael Lewis, art history professor at Williams College. He was selected to be a key speaker for the 237th anniversary of the Battle and Massacre of Wyoming.

    June 18: The Chronicle of Higher Education features Aishah Shahidah Simmons, a future visiting professor at Williams. She speaks on getting minority students to report the sexual violence they experience.

    June 17: The Wall Street Journal and Business Insider inform of the death of Williams trustee and vice-chair of J.P. Morgan & Chase, James “Jimmy” Lee ’75. President Adam Falk is also quoted.

    June 15: WAMC reports on a collaborative makers space in North Adams. Williams College has donated equipment to this space.

    June 16: Professor of mathematics, Satyan Devadoss, is featured in CBC Radio's article on his love for Hagoromo Fulltouch Chalk. The company is going out of business soon and mathematicians everywhere are quickly getting the last pieces.

    June 16: In Space Daily's article on life during snowball Earth, Phoebe Cohen, a geoscience professor at Williams, explains how the frozenness affected the evolution of life.

    June 15: The Berkshire Eagle features Roger St. Pierre who has been cutting Williams students and Faculty hair since 1968. He has received the Ephraim Williams Medal.

    June 12: iBerkshires and the Berkshire Eagle announce that Jason Hoch ‘95 will take over the town manager position for Williamstown.

    June 11: The Boston Globe's section of Theatre and Art reviews Williams College Museum of Art's show, "Warhol by The Book" which contains Andy Warhol's work.

    June 10: iBerkshires writes on Williams joining a new initiative called Service to School that connects recent veterans to selective colleges and universities.

    June 7: iBerkshires and the Berkshire Eagle highlight the speech of Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox, to Williams's graduating class of 2015.

    June 4: iBerkshires and MassLive report on Williams College winning the Director's Cup in the NCAA by a very small margin. Williams College has won 18 Director's Cups.

    June 1: Business Insider interviews Michael Wang '17 about his complaint filed against Yale, Princeton, and Stanford. He states that he was discriminated against in the admissions process because he was Asian American.

  • May 2015

    May 22: The New York Times reviews The Book of Aron by Jim Shepard, professor of creative writing and film.

    May 20: iBerkshires writes on local public school recipients of Williams grants showing off their products at the Bicentennial Olmsted Awards for Faculty development. President Falk speaks of the importance of supporting public school education.

    May 14: The Berkshire Eagle reports that the original "Whistler's Mother" painting will be available at the Clark Institute of Art and the Williams College Museum of Art in the summer.

    May 9: iBerkshires informs of teachers, elementary students and Williams students working together with iPads received with the help of Williams College in Greylock and Brayton Elementary schools.

    May 6: The Berkshire Eagle covers Teachers Appreciation Week in the Berkshires. Williams College gives Williams Bicentennial Olmsted awards to local teachers for innovative teaching and learning.

    May 5: NPR reviews Williams Professor Jim Shepard's Holocaust-themed novel, The Book of Aron.

    May 5: In an article in the New Criterion on fraternities and masculinity, an old Williams College fraternity question is used as a way to show how fraternities operated at that certain point in time.

    May 4: iBerkshires reports on Annual Staff Appreciation Day at Williams College.

  • April 2015

    April 30: Due to the tragic earthquake in Nepal, the College section of USA Today covered student efforts to bring relief to the Nepali people. Among these students is Williams senior Apoorva Lal, who decided to volunteer in Nepal after graduating.

    April 30: The Berkshire Eagle features Jamie Horowitz, the new president of Fox Sports. He spoke in Paresky Center for the 26th Frank Deford Award and 6th Aaron Pinsky Award for student broadcasters and writers in Sports Information.

    April 30: Williams College Professor Mason B. Williams writes an article on David Dinkins's term as New York City mayor in the New York Daily News. He stresses the idea that crime was on the decline because of Dinkins's efforts.

    April 27: iBerkshires features Leticia Smith-Evans, former interim director of the Educational Practice of the NAACP LDF, who was recently named vice president for institutional diversity and equity.

    April 27: The Berkshire Eagle reports that Tiffany Sun '18 (Flutist), Anna DeLoi '18 (Harpist), and Robin Park '17 (Pianist) are the winners of the Berkshire Symphony's student soloist competition.

    April 23: In both the Boston Globe and the Washington Post, Williams College is cited with other selective colleges for not requiring English majors to study Shakespeare.

    April 21: The Berkshire Eagle features Elizabeth Kolbert, who won the Pulitzer Prize for general fiction. She was the W. Ford Schumann Visiting Professor in Democratic Studies. She is also the spouse of Williams Professor John Kleiner.

    April 16: Williamstown’s Phyllis McGuire, also mother of alumnus Christopher McGuire, writes in the Berkshire Eagle about her memories of spring in Williamstown and on the Williams campus.

    April 16: The Berkshire Eagle covers the dedication of the Class of 1966 Environmental Center, which coincided with a parade by students and faculty in support of college divestment from fossil fuels.

    April 15: WAMC features the newly opened Class of 1966 Environmental Center, which is seeking to become the first historic building in the U.S. to be certified as a Living Building.

    April 14: PayScale writes about Columbia University students’ Facebook “confessions” page, which has inspired similar Facebook pages at Williams and elsewhere.

    April 13: The Bennington Banner reports that Williams board of trustees members O. Andreas Halvorsen and Robert G. Scott have been elected chair and vice chair, respectively, of the Clark Art Institute’s board.

    April 12: Sophomore and 2014 NESCAC Rookie of the Year Megan Pierce was interviewed by the Boston Globe about her swimming career.

    April 10: Chad Orzel ’93 writes about Williams and Union College, where he teaches, as great training grounds for scientists.

    April 10: A building renewal endowment created by Williams for Williamstown Elementary School will fund two building upgrades for the school, reports iBerkshires.

    April 9: Economics professor Jessica Leight has received a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of International Affairs to evaluate a program for girls’ education in India, reports the Bennington Banner.

    April 9: The Indianapolis Star writes about a high school senior from North Carolina who was accepted into all eight Ivy League schools and 10 other schools, including Williams.

    April 8: The Berkshire Eagle reports about Serial podcast author Sarah Koenig’s upcoming visit to Williams.

    April 7: Marybeth Mitts, Williams’ manager of spouse partner resources, addressed the Williamstown Economic Development Panel, discussing the college’s work in helping incoming families navigate the local economy, reports iBerkshires.

    April 7: Susan Engels writes in the Portland Press Herald about how best to teach math to children.

    April 7: The Register Citizen writes about Northwest Connecticut Community College’s literary festival, where Professor Karen Shepard will speak about her novel The Celestials.

    April 7: VPR interviews Williams President, Emeritus, John Chandler in a program about the future of college fraternities.

    April 2: In an article in the Quad-City Times, Darlingside guitarist Don Mitchell reflects on how the band came together at Williams.

  • March 2015

    March 31: Susan Engel, director of the college’s Program in Teaching, writes in the Huffington Post about the ways “We’re Making Our Kids Miserable in School.”

    March 30: iBerkshires writes about the selection of Francis Oakley, Williams College president, emeritus, as interim director of the Clark Art Institute.

    March 30: Thad Ricotta ‘15, Ben Lin ’17 and Megan Pierce ’17 of the Williams swimming and diving teams qualified for the U.S. Olympic trials, according to iBerkshires

    March 28: The Berkshire Eagle reports that a 3-D digital reconstruction of an ancient Iraqi palace that was reportedly destroyed by ISIS is on display at WCMA.

    March 27: iBerkshires reports on the 1159 students offered admission to Williams’ Class of 2019.

    March 27: Williams President, Emeritus, John Chandler shares his thoughts on fraternities in an article in the News and Observer.

    March 25: Philanthropist Peter Norton has donated 68 works to WCMA as part of his latest national philanthropic project, reports the Bennington Banner.

    March 20: iBerkshires reports that Williams seniors Aseel Abulhab and Nathan Miller have been named Watson Fellows 2015-16.

    March 19: The Boston Globe covers Williams’ announcement of its 2015 honorary degree recipients including, as mentioned also by iBerkshires and WAMC, former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and commencement speaker Ursula Burns, chairman and CEO of Xerox.

    March 18: CBS News and Popular Science interview Professor Jay Pasachoff about the upcoming total solar eclipse; the New York Times also features his writings from Norway.

    March 17: Sophomore Miranda Cooper writes in New Voices about her experience as a member of the Jewish community on campus.

    March 17: WCMA and the Clark are listed as two of the top places to visit on a trip to Williamstown and North Adams in Malerie Yolen-Cohen’s article for the Huffington Post.

    March 17: WBUR interviewed psychologist Susan Engel regarding her work on restructuring the focus of education.

    March 16: Williams is mentioned in an article for the Huffington Post about the value of a college education.

    March 16: According to iBerkshires, the Berkshire Art Association awarded fellowships to 12 college students, including six from Williams, who were honored with a show and reception at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts.

    March 13: iBerkshires reports that Sam Lewis ’15 has been named a Henry Luce Fellow.

    March 13: Writer, actor, economist, and lawyer Ben Stein mentions his father’s experience at Williams in an article in the American Spectator about the benefits of fraternities.

    March 13: Almost 80 students competed in the 11th Annual Massachusetts Region I High School Science and Engineering Fair, where Professor Frank Morgan was the Keynote speaker, reports iBerkshires.

    March 12: Sports Illustrated names Williams senior Sarah Thompson one of its “Faces in the Crowd” and iBerkshires covers her season highlights.

    March 6: The Berkshire Eagle and Greylock Glass wrote articles highlighting the 300th birthday of the college's namesake, Ephraim Williams

    March 4: Art News and Fine Books & Collections write about the “Warhol by the Book” exhibition at WCMA – the first in the U.S. to focus on Andy Warhol’s bookwork.

  • February 2015

    February 27: Williams is mentioned in an article by the Manchester Journal about college-cost strategies for students and families.

    February 26: The Berkshire Eagle writes about the urging of some faculty and staff that the college divest its endowment from the top 200 fossil fuel producers.

    February 26: Susan Engel, Class of 1959 Director of the Program in Teaching, writes an article for the Boston Globe on the need for standardized tests to measure the abilities and dispositions we most value.

    February 25: In an article by the Berkshire Eagle, Kevin App reflects on his first season as the Williams men’s basketball coach.

    February 23: Williams College is listed as one of the richest colleges by endowment dollars per undergraduate students in an article on Financial-Aid Fine Print in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

    February 23: The Chronicle of Higher Education includes Williams’ financial aid program in an explanation of varying financial aid at some of the country’s wealthiest colleges.

    February 13: The Berkshire Eagle reports on the journey of the Grammy-winning Roomful of Teeth, directed by Brad Wells, in anticipation of their upcoming collaboration with the Williams Concert Choir.

    February 11: iBerkshires writes about Williams’ newly appointed Muslim chaplain Sharif Rosen.

    February 4: The Manchester Journal details the influence of history, dislocation, heritage and culture in Nubian artist Fathi Hassan’s exhibit at WCMA.

    February 4: Williams announces that it will expand its development grants for local school districts, reports iBerkshires.

    February 3: A new hybrid EMT class developed by Village Ambulance offers online and in-person training held at Williams for college students and community members, reports the Berkshire Eagle.

    February 2: The Williamstown Youth Center’s 12th annual Snowfest fundraiser, hosted by Williams, is featured in the Berkshire Eagle.

    February 1: In an article about the 2016 presidential elections, Economic Principals uses professor Michael MacDonald’s book, Overreach: Delusions of Regime Change in Iraq, to demonstrate the significance of American foreign policy in the presidential election.

  • January 2015

    January 29: Williams College and Williamstown Elementary School students broke the record for time taken to assemble a 3,152-piece LEGO Star Wars model, writes the Berkshire Eagle.

    January 28: The Berkshire Eagle covers "Three Centuries of American Art," the WCMA exhibition curated by Kevin Murphy.

    January 23: iBerkshires writes about the new electric car charging station in the town parking lot on Spring Street, a partnership between the college and town.

    January 21: The Berkshire Eagle features the New England Chapter of the National Guild of Book Workers’ group show in Sawyer Library.

    January 21: Lisa Dorin, Kevin Murphy, and Eugene Prendergast talk to WAMC about the current and upcoming works to be featured at the Williams College Museum of Art.

    January 20: iBerkshires covers the Martin Luther King Jr. Day events at Williams.

    January 13: Williams is mentioned in an article in the Bloomberg View about the origins of early decision admissions and its contemporary consequences.

    January 13: The Berkshire Eagle covers the movement urging the college to divest from fossil fuels highlighting efforts by students, faculty and alumni alike.

    January 12: Williams junior and two-season athlete Darrias Sime is featured in an article by the Berkshire Eagle discussing his transition from football to basketball and his role in the Eph rotation.

    January 12: A WBUR story explores the cost of college using Williams as a lens.

    January 11: The Berkshire Eagle writes that a group of Williams students are exploring the possibility of claiming for recreational access a section of Hoosic River frontage.

    January 11: The Bennington Banner covers an annual fundraiser in Vermont to support women with breast cancer in which the Williams men’s and women’s tennis teams participate.

    January 9: iBerkshires and the Berkshire Eagle cover the college’s proposal to build an inn at the end of Spring Street.

    January 6: According to iBerkshires, the Williamstown Community Intergenerational Action Orchestra held a benefit concert for an orphanage in Uganda – a fundraiser inspired by a lecture given at Williams.

    January 6: The Berkshire Eagle writes about the Abenaki storyteller invited to perform at Williams over Winter Study.


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