Editors: Submitting an Event to the College Calendar

These instructions will be updated periodically. If you print them out for reference, be sure to check back here occasionally for updates.

Last updated April 26, 2012.

Getting Started

  • Go to events.williams.edu.
  • Log-in with your Williams username and password.
  • Click Admin in the green rectangular box in the top right
  • Under Events in the grey/blue bar at the top of the page, select Events + Event

Title, Description, Date & Time

  • Name: Title of your event. Required. Shorter titles work best for calendar displays. Informative or catchy titles attract larger audiences (“Tying Yourself in Knots” vs. “Mathematics & Statistics Department Colloquium”).
  • Description: Required. Concise information about the event and/or the speaker/performer. URLs entered here (with “http://”) will become live links on your event page only (they will not appear as live links in the list of events). Sponsors may be listed here. Profane, graphic, or otherwise inappropriate language may be removed.
  • Start Date: Required. Begin typing, wait for autofill beneath the field.
  • Start Time: Required. Begin typing, wait for autofill beneath the field.
  • End Time: If your event is significantly shorter than one hour or longer than an hour and a half, this information is helpful for attendees in planning their time.
  • Recurs: If your event occurs on more than one day, see Recurring Events below.
  • Keywords: Internal search terms. Put your last name here. It will make finding and editing your events later much easier!
  • Tags: Terms for search engines. Presenter’s name (not yours!), topic of event, etc.
  • URL Name, Hashtag: Ignore.
  • External URL: If you have a press release or website for your event enter the URL here — don’t forget the “http://”. If your speaker/performer has a website unrelated to this event, put that URL in the Description field.
  • Facebook URL: If your event has a Facebook event page, enter it here.

Event Type & Department

Events appear on various calendars and displays based on the Event Type and Department selected here. Do not skip this section!

  • Arts at Williams: performances (see below) and events related to performances or to ongoing exhibitions (but not the exhibition itself)
  • lecture/seminar/presentation: colloquia, workshops, panels; any event in which information is offered and/or exchanged
  • ongoing exhibition: exhibits or displays available over a period of days with no set event time
  • performance: music, dance, theater, and film presentations
  • sports: away: away games
  • sports: home: home games and other athletics-related events such as a lecture about sports injuries, the Deford Awards, etc.
  • student-only event: any event limited to student participation Do not select any other event type for student-only events
  • Department: Select any departments (offices or programs) on whose website calendars your event is to appear. A lecture on Latina teens, for example, may appear on both the Latina/o Studies website calendar and the Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies website calendar by selecting both of those programs here. Missing department? Email [email protected]
  • Group: A drop menu of Student Neighborhoods and Organizations.


  • Event Place: Begin typing name of BUILDING (not room), wait for autofill, then select from drop list (this will add the building address and a Google map to your event page!). If your event occurs at a venue that does not appear in the drop menu, enter the name and full address (including zip code) of the venue here.
  • Room: If your location is Thompson Chemistry, this is where you would enter “Wege Auditorium”; if your location is Griffin Hall, this is where you would enter “3″; if your location has no room, leave blank.


  • Upload Photo: Images add interest. Browse for an image on your computer here. If you do not have an image for your event, a picture of the event location will appear instead.
  • Use Photo: If you want to use an existing photo in the system, you can enter the photo number here. See Using an Existing Photo below.


  • Ticket Price: “$15 per person,” “$10 adults; $3 students,” “Free, but tickets are required”
  • Ticket URL: Link to box office, order form, etc. No phone number here (if needed, put box office/ticket info phone number in Description field above).


Leave this section as is:

  • Sponsored: unchecked
  • Featured Section: empty
  • Visibility: Default
  • Hide from main listings: unchecked
  • Allows reviews: checked

Save and Proof your Event

  • Save Changes: Clicking this button puts your event on the calendar.
  • Verified: At the top of the form, uncheck the verified box and click the blue Save Changes button. This takes your event off the calendar until you have had a chance to proofread it.
  • Review your Event: In the blue bar along the top of the page, click View Event.
  • Make Changes: Click the Edit link in the brown tab beneath the map on the right. Edit your event, save your changes, and proof again.
  • Verified: Once you are happy with your event submission, check the Verified box again and click the Save Changes button again so your event will appear on the live calendars.

Additional Information

Recurring Events

Recurring events are instances of the same event with the same title and description.

  • If your event occurs on more than one day, choose “Daily until,” “Weekly until,” or “Monthly until” from the Recurs drop menu.
    • Use Daily until for events that occur on consecutive days or on several non-consecutive days within a week.
    • Use Weekly until for events that occur on the same day every week for more than one week. Language tables, Log Lunches.
    • Use Monthly until for events that occur on or about the same day each month.
  • Enter the last date on which your event occurs in the field below the Daily, Weekly, Monthly drop menu.
  • Once the event is saved, you can remove invalid instances of the event and/or change times as necessary.
  • Don’t forget to Save Changes!

If your event occurs more than once on a single day – e.g., a matinee and an evening performance – you must enter the event twice for that day.

Use an Existing Photo

Making a note of an image ID can save a lot of time if you will be using an event image more than once.

  • select Admin Dashboard under Localist in the black bar at the top of the page.
  • Select the blue photos.
  • Scroll through the pages until you find the image you want to use. (Program does not allow image search by caption, tags, or event ID.)
  • Make a note of the number to the left of the image. This is the number you will enter in the Use Photo field on the event submission form.

Need More Help?

Contact [email protected] for assistance.