Administrators: Managing the Calendar

This documentation is for Administrators of the Williams College Calendar. These functions are not available to most calendar users.

Getting Started

Managing Events

Reviewing and Approving Events

  • Click Admin in the gray bar along the top of the calendar.
  • Under Events in the black Localist bar along the top of the page, select Pending.
  • Click on the ID number or name of a pending event.
  • Review submission, making sure proper Event Type is selected.
  • To make this event appear on a light yellow background in the calendar display, click the Sponsored button in the Visibility section.
  • To make this event appear in the Featured slider on the calendar homepage, select Featured in the Featured Section drop menu.
  • Check the Verified box at the top of the form.
  • Click Save Changes.
  • Click View Event in blue bar across the top to proof.
  • To edit again, click the Edit button in the green bar in the lower right.
  • Click Save Changes and proof again.
  • Repeat until all events are approved.

Adding Events from the Admin Dashboard

As an Admin, you can skip the Add an Event form and enter events directly into the calendar. See Editors: Submitting an Event for full documentation.

Uploading Multiple Events

Contact [email protected] about formatting data for the + Upload CSV function. This tool works well for submitting a large group of events such as an entire season of athletic competitions.

Managing Users

Who are Users?: Anyone with a Williams username and password may log in to the college calendar to submit an event, create a profile and personal calendar, and engage in social interaction with other Users. When a person logs in for the first time, an account is created, and that person becomes a User.

User privileges: Administrators may change a User’s privileges, add a User as a Group Administrator (Student Life), or delete a User.

Adding a User: Only a User can create his/her account by logging in with his/her Williams username and password. The User must log in (create an account) in order for an admin to change his/her privileges. Do not use the + New User function.

  • Click Admin in the gray bar along the top of the calendar.
  • Click the bright green Users button (or select Live under Users in the black Localist bar along the top of the page).
  • In the Search box at the top of the page, enter the person’s first or last name. Click Filter.
  • Click on the person’s ID number or name to edit.
    • Verified: This should be checked. (User is verified by logging in with a valid Williams username and password.)
    • Trusted: Check this box if you trust this User to submit events directly to the calendar without review or approval.
    • Permissions: Group Editor is reserved for Student Life; User should be checked; Check Editor if you wish to allow this User to edit events submitted by other people.
    • Everything below: The User may or may not choose to enter this information in his/her Profile.
    • Groups: (top right) Add a Group to make the User an admin of that Group (Student Life).
    • Delete User: You can. But this does not stop a User from logging in again and reactivating his/her account. Report problem Users to [email protected] for follow-up.
    • Save Changes: Don’t forget to save your work!

Managing Places

What is a Place?: Places are buildings, not rooms or spaces within buildings (with a few very specific exceptions: MainStage, CenterStage, AMT, and Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall). Paresky is a Place; the Paresky Auditorium is a room.

Changes: Occasionally, a new Place (building) needs to be added (the new library, for example) or deleted (Sawyer, when it’s demolished); or the address or name of a building may change (Kellogg, when it’s moved). Contact [email protected] to add/edit/delete or change a photo for a building.

Managing Content


These are the groups of events that appear in the slider at the top of the calendar homepage. You can have several “featured sliders.” All appear in the same place on the calendar homepage. If you have more than one featured events section, buttons appear above the slider with the names of all featured events sections.

  • Click Admin in the gray bar along the top of the calendar.
  • Select Featured from the Content drop menu in the black bar at the top of the page.
  • Here you can change the name of the Featured section; add additional featured sections; change the order of featured sections; or delete a featured section.

(To add events to an existing featured slider, see Managing Events above.)


To be developed. Email [email protected] if you have questions or an interest in calendar-related newsletter development.

Event Groups

These are the tabs (calendars) that appear on the main calendar page (under the featured events slider and along the top of the list of events). Note: They appear on the calendar page in the reverse order that they appear here. You can edit what events appear on each calendar tab by clicking on the name; or re-order the tabs by clicking on the up and down arrows. You can also create new calendars and/or delete old ones. But beware: there is limited space along the top of the calendar, and you could lose whole classes of events by deleting a calendar!

Managing the Featured Events Slider

Localist allows several sets of featured events on the calendar homepage. We normally display only one rotation of featured events. But there are times when we want to override the usual rotation with a static “announcement” type event, such as the Winter Break Shutdown.

This involves both creating a featured event section and creating an event to display in your featured event section. You must be a calendar administrator to do this.

Create or Edit a Featured Event Section

  • log-in > Admin > Content > Featured
  • + Add Section
    enter Name (Announcements, Winter Break, etc)
    enter Link Name (this will appear in button atop Featured slider on homepage)
    check Visible when ready to launch
    edit existing Featured section (double-click on name)
    click Visible when ready to launch
  • use arrows to move new section to the top (section at top appears on calendar homepage on launch; others in tabs atop featured slider)

Create the featured event

  • log-in > Admin > Events > + New Event
  • start date should be the first day the event is no longer necessary*
  • Event Type, Department: none should be selected
  • Under Featured Section, select “Winter Break”
  • Visibility should be Default
  • Hide from main listings should be unchecked
  • Check Verified at the top of the listing
  • Save Changes

* Event should disappear once it is past this date. If it is the only event in the section, the section should also disappear from the calendar homepage. However, it may be a good idea to “deactivate” or remove unused featured sections so they are not inadvertently activated. On the Featured panel you can delete the section or uncheck the Visible box.