Video & Photography


The Office of Communications increasingly employs video to convey the diverse Williams narrative of people, place, and experience. You can see some of our recent work here, and browse our entire collection of videos on the college’s YouTube Channel.

We also help share large-scale events like Commencement with the wider world through livestreaming and/or video capture, though we’re not equipped as a media services operation to record lectures and performances on a regular basis.

If you’re a member of the Williams community with an idea for a video, please contact us at 413.597.4277 or Likewise, if you’re a student with an interest in video and multimedia, please be in touch about opportunities to do such work.

For members of the media seeking to videotape or take photos on campus, please see our media relations policies.


Williams maintains a collection of campus images on Flickr. Please observe all copyright and credit information when using these images. If you are looking for an image that is not online, you may e-mail requests to

The Office of Communications hires photographers for large-scale campus events such as Commencement. If you would like to hire a photographer to document your campus event, please check with the Office of Communications to see if we have an existing contract with him or her.

All photographers hired by the college are required to sign a work for hire agreement. Photographers should view the digital specifications document.

  • 00:01:18

    Congratulations Class of 2018

    Our students are excited to welcome you to Williams.
  • 00:02:58

    The Williams College Department of Music

    At Williams, students experience a deeply communal and intensely personal relationship with music. Majors and non-majors alike can perform alongside and get instruction from leading composers, performers, and instructors.
  • 00:04:07

    How Williams Works, Financially

    Students, faculty, staff, and friends of Williams explain the money, the math, and the mission of the college. To see what Williams President Adam Falk has to say about affordability go here
  • 00:01:31

    Ringing Out 2013 in Style!

    Happy Holidays from your friends at Williams.
  • 00:03:28

    Summer Science Research at Williams

    Nearly 200 Williams Students participate in what is arguably one of the largest summer science undergraduate research programs at a liberal arts college.
  • 00:02:49

    A Deeper Understanding

    Why is the structure of quantum theory what it is? William Wootters, the college's Barclay Jermain Professor of Natural Philosophy, has made it his life's work to find the answer.
  • 00:01:45

    Williams Mountain Day 2013

    Every year, on a suitable October Friday, Williams' president declares a spontaneous holiday, and students flock to the hills and mountains that surround the college. This video captures Mountain Day 2013, celebrated October 18. Learn more
  • 00:01:07

    WALLS Williams Art Loan for Living Spaces

    In February 2014, WALLS launches with 90 original artworks destined for student dorm rooms. Williams students can borrow an artwork from WCMA and call it a roommate for an entire semester. WALLS is supported by the Fulkerson Fund for Leadership in the Arts. Additional funding is provided by Fenner Milton '62.
  • 00:00:42

    Williams Winter Study: How to be a Medieval Stone Mason

    In this Winter Study class, students learn the rudiments of medieval stone carving from Marcel Müller, a German stone mason who has worked on some of Europe's most important Gothic churches.