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A collection of recent news stories featuring members of the Williams community

May 2016

May 2016

May 4: The Berkshire Eagle writes on the community effort made by Higher Ground, Williams College, and Williamstown to help residents of the mobile park home that were devastated by Tropical Storm Irene in 2011.

May 2: State of Politics reports on New York Congressman Chris Gibson deciding that he will not run for governor in 2018 and instead will be teaching leadership at Williams College.

May 2: The Boston Globe mentions Williams College’s tradition of throwing a pocket watch from Thompson Chapel in an article on quirky college commencement activities.

April 2016

April 2016


April 29: The Berkshire Eagle mentions Jim Shepard, professor of English at Williams College, in an article about a local Holocaust remembrance event where he read an excerpt from his novel, The Book of Aron.

April 28: Boston Globe features Andrea Barrett, a novelist and writing lecturer at Williams College, winning the Rea Award for her short story Ship Fever.

April 28: Susan Dunn, a professor at Williams College, writes an opinion piece for CNN on Donald Trump’s “America First” mentality and its ominous parallels in U.S. History.

April 22: Amsterdam News features Williams Black Alumni Network and others hosting the Bolin Legacy Celebration. They give a brief history on the life of alumnus Gaius Charles Bolin, the first Black student to graduate from Williams.

April 20: Williams College is mentioned in a New England Public Radio report on a debate on whether colleges should be tax exempt.

April 20: The Atlantic uses case notes from Williams College’s Honor and Discipline Committee in an article on cheating in college.

April 19: Ferentz Lafargue, director of the Davis Center at Williams College, is mentioned in a Diverse Issues in Higher Education article what colleges should tell students about uncomfortable conversations.

April 19: Michael J Lewis, a professor at Williams College, is mentioned in an American Way of Life article on misrepresentation of history and other perceptions of the past.

April 18: iBerkshires reports on the Berkshire residents heading east to Boston to run the marathon. Among these people is Adam Falk, president of Williams College.

April 17: The Berkshire Eagle writes on the four-day interfaith conference at Williams on forgiveness.

April 17: The Louisville Courier-Journal writes about 26 challenges brought to President Obama on his executive actions on immigration. In the article, Professor Will Olney, a economist at Williams College, is cited for evidence against the idea that immigrants take jobs from American workers.

April 16: Huffington Post Science mentions Dr. Jay Pasachoff, an astronomer at Williams College, in an article on the exciting discovery of a dwarf galaxy orbiting our galaxy.

April 15: Time Warner Cable News reports on Williams College’s Sawyer Library being named 1 of 7 most beautiful libraries in North America.

April 15: The Berkshire Eagle features Williams College’s Weston Hall and its transformation into the new Financial Aid and Admission offices.

April 15: The Library Journal writes on Alison Case, a professor at Williams College, and her new novel Nelly Dean that re-imagines Wuthering Heights.

April 14: The artwork of Barbara Takenaga, a professor of studio art at Williams, is mentioned in a New York Times article on what art galleries in New York are featuring.

April 13: In an article on the Conversation about the chance that Trump and Clinton have of changing the impression they have on people in the media, a psychology study by Jeremy Cone, a social psychologist at Williams College, is mentioned.

March 2016

March 2016

March 30: Fortune quotes Jon Bakija, a professor of economics at Williams College, in an article on wealth being concentrated in the financial sector and Wall Street needing to “pull back.”

March 30: An article in the Huffington Post Politics uses the letter to the editor written by Professor Susan Dunn as a springboard to warn Americans on Donald Trump’s sentiments.

March 28: Justin Adkins writes an article for Huffington Post Queer Voices on the gender restriction laws for bathrooms in North Carolina. He voices his concern on the discriminatory aspect of the law.

March 28: Professor Susan Dunn writes a letter to the editor of the New York Times because of an article on Donald Trump called America First.

March 28: Ferentz Lafargue, director of the Davis Center at Williams College, writes an article for the Washington Post on the backlash students faced after a speaker was disinvited from coming to Williams College. He argues that bigots are the problem, and not students.

March 27: E.J. Johnson, professor of art history at Williams College, is quoted in a New York Times article on the controversial transformation of the Hood Museum by Billie Tsien and Tod Williams.

March 22: Michella Ore, a senior at Williams College, writes for USA Today on the progression of the #BlackLivesMatter movement within students, faculty, and student groups at Williams.

March 22: In a CS Monitor article about the worst drought in Eastern and Southern African in 30 years, Ngonidzashe Munemo, a political scientist at Williams College, is quoted on the fact that many African countries are wealthier and more prepared to handle natural disasters that affect them.

March 22: The Berkshire Eagle outlines Williams College’s new bookstore project that will be built on Spring Street by next year. It will bring the supply of books closer to students and book lovers on campus.

March 22: iBerkshires announces the decision of the Williamstown Planning Board approving the bylaws that will allow Williams College to build a new inn south of Spring Street.

March 19: The Berkshire Eagle mentions Stephen Sheppard, professor of economics at Williams College, in an article on foreclosure in the Berkshire area being a sign of economic distress.

March 16: iBerkshires reports on the Williamstown planners who are to vote on bylaws that may allow the expansion of the Village Business District so that Williams College can build a new Williams Inn.

March 16: Justin Crowe, associate professor of political science at Williams College, says to the WAMC radio that President Obama’s choice of Chief Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court is the right one.

March 15: iBerkshires reports on Lanesborough citizens wanting Williams College to offset the cost of building a new school. Some people urge the regional agreement to include members of the non-profit sector, such as Williams College.

March 14: The Calgary Herald mentions Zachary Wadsworth, assistant professor of music at Williams College, in an article on choir performance and music at the University at Calgary.

March 11: The Berkshire Eagle writes on the performance of the modern opera, A Marvelous Order, being performed at Williams College.

March 10: The Berkshire Eagle reports on Kevin Murphy, curator at WCMA and Abbott Handerson Thayer’s work.

March 10: iBerkshires features Williamstown residents fighting against pre-school budget cuts because Williams College is hiring more people and the possibility of young families moving into Williamstown.

March 10: Professor Alan Hirsch is mentioned on the Tri-City Herald as a potential key witness in a case on the fatal shooting of Lorenzo Fernandez, Jr. Professor Hirsch teaches at Williams College.

March 10: WAMC radio features Morgan McGuire and his lecture on advances in virtual reality. McGuire is an associate professor of computer science at Williams College.

March 7: The Financial Times features the Circle of Six app that seeks to prevent sexual assault on campus. Williams College is mentioned as one of the early adopters of the app.

March 6: The Berkshire Eagle writes about the increasing price of college and quotes Professor Will Dudley, who is also the Provost of Williams College. The Berkshire Eagle also mentions Williams’s financial aid calculator that is made to be much more accurate.

March 6: The Berkshire Eagle features ways that coding is being taught at elementary schools. Williams College computer science students in the Elementary Outreach iTeam and CLiA work together to help teach kids how to code.

March 4: The Berkshire Eagle features the recipients of the Berkshire Awards. One of the recipients is Professor Sandra L. Burton who is a dance director and lecturer at Williams College.

March 3: The New York Times writes on the unearthing of the work of painter Abbott Handerson Thayer by Kevin Murphy, the curator of American art at the Williams College Museum of Art.

March: The Berkshire Magazine writes on the revival of the Log.

March: Barbara Takenaga, professor of Studio Art at Williams College, is featured in an Art Daily post on her work opening at DC Moore Gallery in New York.

February 2016

February 2016

February 26: Meghana Vunnamadala ’16 is mentioned in a Boston article on Hillary Clinton supporters growing on college campuses.

February 24: iBerkshires mentions the Lanesborough residents’ dissatisfaction with contribution of Williams College in an article on the building of the Mount Greylock Regional School project.

February 23: Darra Goldstein, professor of Russian at Williams College, is featured for her cookbook Fire + Ice: Classic Nordic Cooking on the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

February 22: The Washington Post writes on the cancellation of John Derbyshire’s talk for the Uncomfortable Learning Series.

February 22: The Berkshire Eagle reports on the Mount Greylock School building project being rejected by many Lanesborough residents. Many of the residents, according to the survey, also want financial support to come from Williams College to offset the cost of the project.

February 21: The Berkshire Eagle features the new project, headed by Williams College and the Williamstown Youth Center, to bring the solar power to the roof of the Williamstown Youth Center. This venture will save the Center up to 90% of its power costs.

February 19: The Berkshire Eagle writes on the cancellation of John Derbyshire’s talk for the Uncomfortable Learning Series. The piece is also on freedom of speech.

February 19: iBerkshires features Williamstown’s new Town Manager Jason Hoch. He talks about his relationship with Williams College and working together.

February 18: The Wall Street Journal mentions Williams’ new art acquisition class in an article about the combination of studying art history and business.

February 18: iBerkshires reports on Williams College’s relationship with near by educational centers, such as Williamstown Elementary, and the Center for Learning in Action’s involvement with Williamstown Elementary.

February 18: The Westerly Sun writes on James Carlton, professor of marine sciences at Williams and Mystic, and his research on rafting where displaced species use food and debris from disastrous events to survive until they make it to a stable place.

February 17: Dorothy Wang, associate professor of American studies and faculty affiliate of English at Williams, was given the 2016 Best Book in Literary Criticism from the Association for Asian American Studies. She makes the point that there should be significantly more attention paid to the literary styles of minority writing.

February 17: iBerkshires reports on the new project of the Williamstown Youth Center to install solar arrays for the needs of the facility. Williams College will provide a bridge loan for the project.

February 16: iBerkshires reports on the Mount Greylock School District deciding on the continuation of certain projects using the gift of $5 million given by Williams College.

February 14: Williams is mentioned in a BC Heights article as one of many schools whose endowment use was being monitored and analyzed.

February 12: Art Daily features the opening of the installation of sibling artists Lexa and Dan Walsh opening at WCMA

February 12: The Roanoke Times reports on Will Dudley, provost of Williams, being chosen as Washington and Lee University’s president.

February 12: Roomful of Teeth, founded by Brad Wells, an artist-in-residence at Williams, is featured in a BU Today article that writes on its Grammy nomination.

February 11: Janine Parker, a member of the Dance Department faculty at Williams, writes for Arts Fuse on her favorite events in the dancing world.

February 11: In a Daily Kos article on sleepy people being more likely to falsely confess to crimes, research by Saul Kassin, a professor of psychology, is used to back up their claims.

February 10: A prospective model railroad museum and a subsequent study has a report by Stephen Sheppard, an economics professor at Williams, on the possible economic impact of such a place on the surrounding area.

February 9: Elizabeth Kolbert, a professor at Williams College, who writes about climate change, is featured in the Valley Advocate for her simple and passionate approach toward teaching on climate change. Her book is also mentioned and highlighted.

February 9: iBerkshires reports on the proposed solution for parking by Williams College and its contractor. There are mixed reactions within the community.

February 8: Cyrus Beschloss, a first-year at Williams College, writes an article for the Berkshire Eagle that takes a political stance.

February 8: Jay Pasachoff, an astronomer at Williams College, writes an opinion letter to the editor in the New York Times.

February 8: Alison Case, a professor of English at Williams, is featured on Shelf-Awareness. She recommends her favorite books and more.

February 7: Michael J. Lewis, Faison-Pierson-Stoddard Professor of Art History at Williams, writes a piece for the New York Times on Wade Graham’s ‘Dream Cities.’

February 7: The Berkshire Eagle features ‘Eyes for Excellence’, a series of free Sundays at the Clark that encourages families to show up and includes participation from Williams College students.

February 5: The Mathematics of Lego Bricks class and Steven Miller, an associate math professor at Williams College, are featured in an iBerkshires article for building a Lego bridge for Martin Luther King Jr day.

February 4: John Herrera, a junior math major at Williams, interviews alumnus Julie Blackwood on her choice to study applied math in graduate school.

February 3: iBerkshires reports on the 100th anniversary of Images Cinema, which was started by a Williams student.

February 3: Saul Kassin’s research is mentioned in a Guardian article on the exoneration of crimes in the past year. He is a professor of psychology at Williams College.

January 2016

January 2016

January 31: Brad Wells, artist-in-residence at Williams College and founder of Roomful of Teeth, is quoted in the Seattle Times article about their performance with the Seattle Symphony.

January 31: Williams College is mentioned in The Atlantic article titled "Who Should Pay for the Arts in America."

January 30: In an article from iberkshires.com, Williams College students teach biology in elementary schools as part of the "BioEYES" program.

January 28: Economics professor Stephen Sheppard is mentioned in a WAMC Northeast Public Radio story about the revitalization of the Hoosic River in North Adams.

January 28: The Williams College Center for Learning in Action is featured in a Berkshire Eagle story about the "BioEYES" program offered to local elementary schools.

January 27: Iberkshires.com writes about a Williams College Museum of Art Winter Study project, "Mapping the Museum."

January 25: MSN.com reports about the percentage of Williams College students who choose to enroll when accepted.

January 23: The Berkshire Eagle reports on the search for new potential sites for the Williams College Museum of Art.

January 23: In an Afro.com article, Williams College ranks 3rd in highest percentage of Black first-year students among the nation's liberal arts colleges.

January 22: Emilie Boone, Mellon Curatorial Fellow for Diversity in the Arts at the Williams College Museum of Art, is a recipient of a College Art Association's 2015 Professional Development Fellowship.

January 21: The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education mentions Williams College for attracting a large group of Black first-year students.

January 18: Womanaroundtown.com reports on the play Princess Ivana, premiered in March by Williams College students and Omar Sangare, associate professor of theatre.

January 18: The Berkshire Eagle has a story about Williams College students' involvement in a Martin Luther King Day event in Bennington, Vt.

January 18: In an article by Jim Carlton, professor of marine sciences, emeritus, Australian Geographic discusses the 2011 Japanese tsunami sending invasive species across the ocean.

January 15: Professor Jay Pasachoff is quoted in The Huffington Post article about images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

January 13: New England Construction focuses on the renovation of Chapin Hall at Williams College by Shawmut Design and Construction.

January 12: Virtual Jerusalem writes on Jim Shepard’s novel, The Book of Aron, winning the 2016 Sophie Brody Medal for achievement in Jewish literature. Shepard is in the English department at Williams College.

January 10: Williams College is mentioned in a Berkshire Eagle article on celebrating 30 years of taking care of the Hoosic River. Williams and MCLA students will be testing the river and taking biological samples.

January 8: Broadway World reports that Williams College students are bringing their play, Princess Ivona, to New York.

January 7: The Berkshire Eagle writes on the banning of hoverboards at Williams College because of reports of random combustibility.

January 7: In an article on Zora Neale Hurston and Black women writer’s response to her work in The Root, VaNatta Ford, visiting professor of Africana Studies at Williams College is quoted.

January 6: The Journal of Black in Higher Education writes on the acceptance of African American students early into Williams College decreasing.

January 6: The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education announces the election of Neil Roberts, associate professor of Africana studies and chair of the religion department at Williams College, as president of the Caribbean Philosophical Association.

January 5: Political Science Prof. Justin Crowe is quoted in this Berkshire Eagle article about President Obama’s executive order on expanding background checks for gun buyers.

January 1: V News displays a photo of Abby Kelly, a student at Williams College, chopping wood.


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