Williams in the News

A collection of recent news stories featuring members of the Williams community

November 2015

November 2015

November 16: Reuters reports on Justin Adkins’s suit against New York City for discrimination against him as a trans-man. Justin Adkins is an assistant director of the Davis Center.

November 23: The Associated Press writes on important discussions being held at institutions like Williams College on the importance of free speech for learning and President Falk is quoted.

November 23: iBerkshires writes on Williams and MCLA students volunteering to prep for the annual Thanksgiving meal. Members of the Williams football team who volunteered are quoted in the piece.

November 23: In a Huffington Post article called “Being Black and Fitting in at College,” William Boyd II, a Williams alumnus from the ‘60s, is cited as an example of students making crucial decisions to make campus a healthier place for all.

November 11: NationSwell cites Williams College as one of three colleges that take strides to make higher education more affordable.

November 11: Stat News mentions assistant professor Matt Carter and his research on hunger and fullness in an article on light-activated neurons.

November 11: The Boston Business Journal features Williams College and its financial growth in the form of the growth of the endowment. Williams has one of the strongest endowment returns in higher education.

November 11: Financial Buzz mentions Williams College in an article on the Center for Effective Public Policy teaming up with experts to help prevent campus sexual assault.

November 11: Inside Higher Ed mentions Williams in an article on several colleges and universities and the number of veterans they have enrolled.

November 11: Jay Pasachoff is quoted in a Smithsonian Magazine article on the planetary status of Pluto.

November 10: Ohio.com and Cleveland.com write on the College of Wooster naming Sarah Bolton, Dean at Williams College, their new president.

November 10: Darra Goldstein writes in Zocalo Public Square on moderate indulgence and bringing back pleasure to the palate when it comes to food.

November 9: Pensions and Investments writes on Williams College’s $2.4 billion investment pool growing 9.9%.

November 9: WAMC Northeast Public Radio writes on the panel at Williams to discuss President Obama’s time in office.

November 7: The Berkshire Eagle mentions David Richardson, chemistry professor at Williams, and Matthew Goss ’17 and their work on PCB accumulation in fish in the Hoosic River.

November 6: The Berkshire Eagle mentions T. Nelson Dale of Williams College in an article on the core samples offered by the Hoosac Tunnel.

November 6: iBerkshires writes on the Williamstown Economic Development Committee finalizing its draft report. The Committee Chairman is against marketing the town to Williams College alumni.

November 5: WAMC Public Radio interviews Professor Susan Dunn in a segment on Bing Crosby’s “Ballad For Americans” and the political climate during which it was performed.

November 4: The Berkshire Eagle writes on the re-opening of the Log as a place for Williams students and community members to gather.

November 4: Huffington Post mentions Jay Pasachoff, chair of the astronomy department at Williams, and his opinion on the supposed evidence for parallel universes found by Ranga-Ram Chary.

November 2: iBerkshires writes on the Zilkha Center’s Winter Blitz initiative to weatherize homes for the winter in Northern Berkshire County, Pownal and Bennington.

November 2: Jane Swift writes in the Huffington Post on her positive experiences with free speech at Williams College.

October 2015

October 2015

October 30: Director of Admissions Dick Nesbitt is quoted in this Boston Globe piece about how the supplemental essay is viewed as part of a student’s application at Williams.

October 27: Los Alamos Daily Post writes on Jim Nolan, professor of sociology at Williams College, doing research on his grandfather and starting a new book project based on his findings.

October 23: Times Union reviews the Berkshire Symphony playing at Chapin Hall at Williams College.

October 23: WAMC Public Radio writes on Steve Kagaan, a Williams Alum, returning his honorary degree in protest of the climate action plan.

October 22: An opinion piece on the Washington Post focuses on the dis-invitation of Suzanne Venker as a guest speaker at Williams.

October 21: Forbes mentions Uncomfortable Learning, a student club at Williams College, in an article on intellectual diversity on campus.

October 21: Reason writes on the dis-invitation of Suzanne Venker from Williams College.

October 20: Fox News features Suzanne Venker and her opinion on being disinvited as a guest speaker from Williams College.

October 16: The Wilton Bulletin features Ben Augenbraun, alumnus of Williams College, who received the LeRoy Apker Award fromthe American Physical Society for his undergraduate physics research.

October 15: iBerkshires writes Williamstown Elementary changes the building renewal fund established by Williams College so that it can fix issues within the school’s heating system.

October 15: The Berkshire Eagle reports on Federico Garcìa Lorca’s “Blood Wedding” being performed at Williams College with Kameron Steele as the director.

October 15: Nate Kornell’s fundamental principles to learn by are outlined and fleshed out in an article on Entrepreneur. Nate Kornell is a professor of cognitive psychology at Williams College and he studies learning strategies.

October 14: Discovery News quotes Rónad Cox, professor of geosciences at Williams College, in an article of the possible of life on Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons.

October 14: The Connecticut Jewish Ledger reviews The Book of Aron, a book by Williams professor Jim Shepard.

October 13: iBerkshires reports on Williams College building a new driveway behind the ’62 Center. The new driveway entrance will make it easier to end the parking.

October 13: Higher Ed Tech Decisions features Williams College and the University of Virginia because of their adoption of a more comprehensive financial aid calculator.

October 12: Adam Falk, president of Williams College, writes an opinion piece in the Washington Post on how being “need-blind” won’t ensure college access and affordability. He proposes to see need and “meet it head on.”

October 9: The Berkshire Eagle mentions Stephen Sheppard and his estimation of total job loss in the Berkshires in an article on officials seeking to help the economic tolls ahead.

October 8: The Daily Bruin mentions Williams College’s survey on attitudes towards sexual assault at Williams as a possible survey that the UC’s could adopt to gauge attitudes towards sexual assault.

October 7: iBerkshires reports on Brayton Elementary School’s recent boost in technology because of donations from BJ’s Wholesale, Stephen Drotter, and Williams College. Williams donated 12 workstations. Brayton has also been working with William on an iPad initiative.

October 6: The Day mentions Williams College-Mystic Seaport Maritime Studies Program in an article about Steve Malinowski’s way of raising oysters without impacting the environment.

October 6: The Berkshire Eagle reports on the opening of the Carl H. Reidel Trail in honor of Reidel who was the assistant direct of the Center of Environmental and an assistant professor of political science.

October 5: Kristen Haut, a visiting professor at Williams College, is cited in a Yale Scientific article on memory and schizophrenia.

October 5: The Berkshire Eagle writes on the new exhibits available at the Williams College Museum of Art.

October 5: iBerkshires and the Berkshire Eagle highlight the Teach It Forward campaign by Williams College. One of the goals of Teach It Forward is to create a financial aid program that will create opportunities for students. The college wishes to raise $650 Million by 2019.

October 3: Darra Goldstein, professor of Russian at Williams College, is featured in an article on Townvibe because of her new cookbook on Nordic cuisine.

October 3: Stephen Sheppard, a Williams College economics professor, is mentioned in an iBerkshires article on the Adam Anthony Center and creative spaces because of his research on the economic impact of non-profits.

October 2: The Berkshire Eagle reports on Stephanie Wilson, a NASA astronaut, returning to the Berkshires to give presentations at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center to students. She was inspired by an interview she did with Jay Pasachoff, a Williams professor and astronomy expert, in high school.

October 1: The New Yorker quotes Dorothy Wang, professor of American studies and English at Williams, in an article on Kenneth Goldsmith’s supposedly avant-garde “uncreative writing”.

September 2015

September 2015

September 28: Metropolis Magazine features Williams College’s Stetson Sawyer Library and its appeal to many Williams students.

September 28: iBerkshires features Ronadh Cox, professor of geosciences at Williams, and her $277,509 grant to student coastal erosion caused by storm waves.

September 28: Williams college is listed in a Washington Post article on over 80 selective schools re-designing application systems to allow for a deeper and more accurate assessment with high school students, especially lower-income students.

September 27: Jay Pasachoff is quoted in an iBerkshires article on the correct naming of the SuperEclipse Moon.

September 26: The Berkshire Eagle writes on the disappointment that students, faculty and alumni members of the divest movement feel at the decision of Williams College to use a strategic alternative to divesting.

September 24: The Berkshire Eagle reports on the response of Williams students, staff, faculty and Williamstown residents to the address of the Pope.

September 24: iBerkshires writes on the ’62 Center at Williams College and the artistic access it offers to Williams students and the public.

September 23: Jay Pasachoff, an astronomer at Williams, is quoted in a Huffington Post article about the moon looking red during the eclipse.

September 22: Kenneth Savitsky, professor of psychology at Williams College, is mentioned in an NPR interview with Shankar Vedatam on communication between friends and strangers.

September 21: The Berkshire Eagle reports on Village Ambulance expanding their non-emergency medical transport from just Williams College to all of Northern Berkshire County.

September 22: Williams College Museum of Art is mentioned in the Culture Trip’s article on the best places to see the work of French-American artists Louise Bourgeois.

September 21: Aspen Public Radio interviews Jim Shepard, writer and professor at Williams College.

September 21: Williams College is mentioned in a New York Times article because of its adoption of the simplified financial aid calculator created at Wellesley College.

September 21: Susan Engel, senior psychology lecturer at Williams College, is quoted in a Wall Street Journal on financial issues in paying for college.

September 21: Inside Higher Ed reports on divesting from fossil fuel. Williams is cited a school that has committed to sustainability initiatives but that hasn’t fully divested from fossil fuels.

September 17: In an article on iBerkshires on the Mount Greylock School Committee’s talk on tax equity, committee members say that Williams contributes plenty to Mount Greylock without having to pay property taxes.

September 16: Williams College is cited as an example of a school that has banned fraternities in an opinion piece on the Berkshire Eagle on ending fraternities on campuses.

September 15: Ken Kuttner, professor of economics at Williams College, is quoted in an article on Marketplace on when the Federal Reserve will change interests

September 14: Williams College is mentioned in US News and World Report as a private school that covers full need for undergraduate students in 2014.

September 14: WAMC Public Northeast Radio reports on Williams announcing its plans to limit its carbon footprint after the push from students, alumni and faculty to divest its endowment from fossil fuel companies.

September 11: Jay Pasachoff, an eclipse scientist at Williams College, gives advice on how to observe the partial solar eclipse in the National Geographic.

September 7: In a New York Times Article on moral force trumping the force of the market, Williams College Museum’s upcoming “African Art Against the State” is mentioned as a exhibit that challenges the ideas concerning government.

September 12: Williams College is cited as a school that has leveled the playing field for low-income students in an article in the Pro Publica. The article was centered around rich schools leaving poor students with a lot of debt.

September 12: Adam Falk, the president of Williams College, is quoted in a New York Times article on the new College Scorecard unveiled by the Obama Administration.

September 12: Williams College is brought up in a New York Times article on poverty and selective colleges. Williams is one of the schools that has specific programs to orient and integrate first years into the school community.

September 14: Stephen Sheppard, professor of economics at Williams College, is featured in an article on iBerkshires on the Economic Development Committee studying communities similar to Williamstown.

September 10: Matthew Gibson, a professor at Williams College, is quoted in a City Lab article on congestion pricing and traffic.

September 4: WAMC Public Northeast Radio cites Williams College as a pilot for the Circle of 6 App that seeks to prevent Sexual Assault.

September 9: Stewart Johnson's study titled “Sex Ratio and Population Stability” is used in an article in the Indian Express on skewed sex ratios. He is a professor of Mathematics at Williams.

September 7: President Ebenezer Fitch, president of Williams in 1799, is mentioned in a timeline on the Smoky Mountain Hiking Blog outlining key milestones in hiking. He and two other people climbed Mt. Greylock.

September 7: Doug Kiel, a professor of Native American history and politics at Williams, has an article in the Progressive on restoring the names of important sites to Native American people.

September 4: Nikolai Christoffersen, a first year at Williams College, is mentioned in an article in the Wallowa County Chieftain because of his scrap metal business.

September 3: Sam Crane, a China scholar at Williams College, is quoted in a McClatchy DC article on the Chinese government using military demonstrations to boost citizen morale.

September 2: Moment Magazine quotes Darra Goldstein, a professor at Williams College, in an article about the significance of honey and sweets in Jewish customs.

September 2: iBerkshires writes on how the Circle of 6 App is changing the way Williams Students think about dating, relationships and sexual assault.

September 1: Darren Waterston, an artist and also past guest lecturer at Williams College, is featured in a Townvibe article on the year he spent living in MASS MoCA and the Berkshires.

September 1: Williams College’s new Sawyer Library is shown in the 2015 Library Design Showcase.

September 1: iBerkshires features Peter Fohlin, who is stepping down as town manager. He believed that Williams College was too inward looking. He was also disappointed that the town and Williams did not make many long lasting decisions together.

August 2015

August 2015

August 28: iBerkshires reports on First Days activities of freshmen at Williams College. It also includes a demographic breakdown of the incoming class.

August 27: Steven Sheppard, an economist at Williams College, is mentioned in an iBerkshires article on centering the Berkshires on a strong non-profit economy.

August 26: The Manchester journal reports on a driving tour of historical markers and monuments in the Berkshires. The history of the Haystack Monument and Williams students is mentioned.

August 25: In a Berkshire Eagle article on Michael Conforti retiring from curating for the Clark, Williams’s gradute art history program that was sponsored by the Clark is briefly mentioned.

August 22: Jim Therrien, a writer for the Berkshire Eagle, writes that Williams’s spending spree on construction is indicative of an inequality between private and public centers of higher education.

August 22: Sandra Burton, director and chair of dance at Williams, is quoted in a Boston Globe article on Ella Baff leaving the directorship position at Jacob’s Pillow.

August 19: In an opinion piece on the Washington Post, Williams art professor Michael J. Lewis is mentioned in support of the idea that the Eisenhower Memorial will be a trainwreck of a piece.

August 18: Neil Roberts, a political scientist at Williams, and other philosophers share their insights and reactions to Ta Nehisi Coates’s new book, Between the World and Me in the Daily Nous.

Aug 18: In a Letter to the Editor in the Berkshire Eagle, Amy Jeschawitz writes that Williamstown should not just be known for Williams college. She calls for Williamstown to keep pace with the growth of Williams College.

Aug 17: BBC News and Independent write of Osama Bin Laden's tape collection. The boxes of tapes were brought to Williams College as part of the Afghan Media Project to be dissected by Flagg Miller, an expert in Arabic Literature.

Aug 17: Michael Lewis, the Faison-Pierson-Stoddard Professor of Art History at Williams, was interviewed by NPR with a focus on his essay titled "How Art Became Irrelevant." He spoke on the importance of the actual art being diminished.

Aug 16: Irish Central reports on the mystery of the Aran Islands' large moving rocks being solved by Ronadh Cox, professor of Geosciences and chairwoman of maritime studies at Williams.

Aug 14: Aglaia Ho, a rising Junior at Williams, writes for New York Parenting about putting her work and writing online in blog form. She is a columnist that writes monthly articles for them.

Aug 14: Professor Darra Goldstein is mentioned in Restaurant Business's article on Chef Jacques Pepin receiving the Julia Child Award. She was part of panel of people who knew Julia Child and selected the recipient of the Award.

Aug 14: iBerkshires reports on Satyan Devadoss, professor of Mathematics at Williams, receiving the Haimo Award for Distinguished Teaching of Mathematics. He is the sixth Williams professor to be given this award.

Aug 14: The Vineyard Gazette writes about Cronig's Market's new community based program that will help families in need receive fresh produce. This program was initially designed by Williams students in 2014.

Aug 13: The Tri-City Herald mentions Alan Hirsch, Chair of Justice and Law Studies at Williams, in an article about a murder suspect who may have been forced into a false confession. Hirsch called to testify that the interview methods were aggressive but he did not call the confession false.

Aug 12: The Berkshire Eagles focuses on the Williams College Summer Theater Lab and its finale, which will include student works and a premiere of "Gilded Girls…" by Mallery Avidon, a playwright at the Actors Theatre of Louisville.

Aug 12: The Chronicle of Higher Education writes on global citizens and not necessarily having to leave the country to be one. An example is a Winter Study Program at Williams that allows students to live with immigrant families in Maine.

Aug 12: iBerkshires reports on the entrepreneurial advances made by Williams students, alumni, professors and others from the Vermont area.

Aug 11: The Berkshire Eagle features Williams College and its extensive construction and renovation plans. It also mentions how this construction is helping the local economy.

Aug 11: The Bennington Banner focuses on former WCMA Director Thomas Krens’s new art gallery that will be culturally situated between the Clark Art Institute, WCMA and Mass MoCA.

Aug 10: Williams College’s Archives is mentioned for its Paul Whiteman collection in The Boston Musical Intelligencer’s Classical Scene article on Monadnock Music’s 50th anniversary.

Aug 8: Long Beach, CA Gazettes mentions Williams College in an article on small colleges being places for unique scientific study.

Aug 5: The Los Angeles Times uses a study by Williams Professor of Economics Jon Bakija and other co-authors to illustrate the pay gap between employees and employers.

July 2015

July 2015

July 31: The Berkshire Eagle acknowledges Astronomy professor Steven Souza, electron microscopy technician Nancy Piatczyc, and Jennifer Swoap, assistant director of the CLiA, in an article on the 413 STEM Ready Academy to immerse Berkshire Community College students in a STEM curriculum.

July 30: The Washington Post mentions Williams College in an article on the gender bias and the exemption of private colleges from Title IX.

July 29: In a Forbes article centered on dispelling college myths in pop culture, Williams is briefly mentioned for its financial aid.

July 29: Investors.com features President James Garfield, a Williams Alumnus, and his brief but impactful term as president.

July 28: The Berkshire Eagle features the Williams College group that made a trip down to New Zealand to study Pluto.

July 28: Denver Weekly News mentions Williams College in an article on the cost of tuition, money spent per student, and non-tuition revenue.

July 24: Bill Gentry, professor of economics at Williams College; and Greg Phelan, assistant professor of Economics, are shown at a conference on teaching finance at liberal art schools in News @ Wesleyan.

July 22: Pacific Standard Magazine mentions a 2007 study by Justin Crowe, a political scientist at Williams College, in an article questioning the lifelong tenure of Supreme Court justices.

July 22: Artnet News focuses on Andy Warhol's "Gold Book,” part of the Warhol by the Book exhibit at the Williams College Museum of Art.

July 19: Rhon Manigault-Bryant, Associate Professor of Africana Studies, writes in the African American Intellectual History Society's website on Howard Thurman, one of the forefathers of American nonviolence and his legacy.

July 16: Freakonomics features Matthew Gibson, Assistant Professor of Economics at Williams, in a podcast on the relationship between sleep and economic impact.

July 15: WAMC reports via Dave Boyer, Director of Campus Safety, that Williams College was not a target for the terror suspect recently arrested in nearby Adams.

July 15: The Bennington Banner reports that Williams has joined Service to School, or S2S, in order to help qualified veterans get accepted.

July 15: Sarah Jacobson, assistant professor of economy at Williams College, is featured in WalletHub’s article on energy efficiency.

July 14: The Berkshire Eagle spotlights a Williams summer chemistry lab that works with kids to test and experiment on everyday chemicals.

July 13: The Berkshire Eagle mentions Williams College when writing on Henry David Thoreau hiking Mt. Greylock. He wrote that Williams students hiked Grelock early on before he did.

July 13: Jay M. Pasachoff, professor of Astronomy and director of Hopkins Observatory at Williams, writes an opinion piece in the New York Times recounting the trip to New Zealand to observe Pluto and his thoughts on Pluto.

July 12: Phyllis Maguire, via the Berkshire Eagle, writes on the public art pieces around campus at Williams such as “Eyes” and “The Soldier’s Monument.”

July 9: SpaceRef writes on a joint Williams College-MIT-Lowell Observatory group of scientists who travelled to New Zealand to observe Pluto.

July 8: iBerkshires writes on the demolition of Old Sawyer Library, a Brutalist building from the ‘70s.

July 3: iBerkshires features 9-yr-old Megan Schrade who is a Team Impact player for the Williams College Softball Team. She threw the first pitch for the Red Sox’s game at Fenway Park.

July 1: Mason B. Williams, visiting assistant professor of leadership studies at Williams, is mentioned in a New York Times article on Governor Cuomo being called out by Mayor de Blasio.

July 1: iBerkshires uses a report written by Williams College and Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art to show that local nonprofits have made $2.4 Billion.

June 2015

June 2015

June 29: iBerkshires writes on the appreciation of Williams College by the governing committee of the Fire District.

June 25: The Wilkes-Barre Times Leader features Michael Lewis, art history professor at Williams College. He was selected to be a key speaker for the 237th anniversary of the Battle and Massacre of Wyoming.

June 18: The Chronicle of Higher Education features Aishah Shahidah Simmons, a future visiting professor at Williams. She speaks on getting minority students to report the sexual violence they experience.

June 17: The Wall Street Journal and Business Insider inform of the death of Williams trustee and vice-chair of J.P. Morgan & Chase, James “Jimmy” Lee ’75. President Adam Falk is also quoted.

June 15: WAMC reports on a collaborative makers space in North Adams. Williams College has donated equipment to this space.

June 16: Professor of mathematics, Satyan Devadoss, is featured in CBC Radio's article on his love for Hagoromo Fulltouch Chalk. The company is going out of business soon and mathematicians everywhere are quickly getting the last pieces.

June 16: In Space Daily's article on life during snowball Earth, Phoebe Cohen, a geoscience professor at Williams, explains how the frozenness affected the evolution of life.

June 15: The Berkshire Eagle features Roger St. Pierre who has been cutting Williams students and Faculty hair since 1968. He has received the Ephraim Williams Medal.

June 12: iBerkshires and the Berkshire Eagle announce that Jason Hoch ‘95 will take over the town manager position for Williamstown.

June 11: The Boston Globe's section of Theatre and Art reviews Williams College Museum of Art's show, "Warhol by The Book" which contains Andy Warhol's work.

June 10: iBerkshires writes on Williams joining a new initiative called Service to School that connects recent veterans to selective colleges and universities.

June 7: iBerkshires and the Berkshire Eagle highlight the speech of Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox, to Williams's graduating class of 2015.

June 4: iBerkshires and MassLive report on Williams College winning the Director's Cup in the NCAA by a very small margin. Williams College has won 18 Director's Cups.

June 1: Business Insider interviews Michael Wang '17 about his complaint filed against Yale, Princeton, and Stanford. He states that he was discriminated against in the admissions process because he was Asian American.

May 2015

May 2015

May 22: The New York Times reviews The Book of Aron by Jim Shepard, professor of creative writing and film.

May 20: iBerkshires writes on local public school recipients of Williams grants showing off their products at the Bicentennial Olmsted Awards for Faculty development. President Falk speaks of the importance of supporting public school education.

May 14: The Berkshire Eagle reports that the original "Whistler's Mother" painting will be available at the Clark Institute of Art and the Williams College Museum of Art in the summer.

May 9: iBerkshires informs of teachers, elementary students and Williams students working together with iPads received with the help of Williams College in Greylock and Brayton Elementary schools.

May 6: The Berkshire Eagle covers Teachers Appreciation Week in the Berkshires. Williams College gives Williams Bicentennial Olmsted awards to local teachers for innovative teaching and learning.

May 5: NPR reviews Williams Professor Jim Shepard's Holocaust-themed novel, The Book of Aron.

May 4: iBerkshires reports on Annual Staff Appreciation Day at Williams College.

April 2015

April 2015

April 30: Due to the tragic earthquake in Nepal, the College section of USA Today covered student efforts to bring relief to the Nepali people. Among these students is Williams senior Apoorva Lal, who decided to volunteer in Nepal after graduating.

April 30: The Berkshire Eagle features Jamie Horowitz, the new president of Fox Sports. He spoke in Paresky Center for the 26th Frank Deford Award and 6th Aaron Pinsky Award for student broadcasters and writers in Sports Information.

April 30: Williams College Professor Mason B. Williams writes an article on David Dinkins's term as New York City mayor in the New York Daily News. He stresses the idea that crime was on the decline because of Dinkins's efforts.

April 27: iBerkshires features Leticia Smith-Evans, former interim director of the Educational Practice of the NAACP LDF, who was recently named vice president for institutional diversity and equity.

April 27: The Berkshire Eagle reports that Tiffany Sun '18 (Flutist), Anna DeLoi '18 (Harpist), and Robin Park '17 (Pianist) are the winners of the Berkshire Symphony's student soloist competition.

April 23: In both the Boston Globe and the Washington Post, Williams College is cited with other selective colleges for not requiring English majors to study Shakespeare.

April 21: The Berkshire Eagle features Elizabeth Kolbert, who won the Pulitzer Prize for general fiction. She was the W. Ford Schumann Visiting Professor in Democratic Studies. She is also the spouse of Williams Professor John Kleiner.

April 16: Williamstown’s Phyllis McGuire, also mother of alumnus Christopher McGuire, writes in the Berkshire Eagle about her memories of spring in Williamstown and on the Williams campus.

April 16: The Berkshire Eagle covers the dedication of the Class of 1966 Environmental Center, which coincided with a parade by students and faculty in support of college divestment from fossil fuels.

April 15: WAMC features the newly opened Class of 1966 Environmental Center, which is seeking to become the first historic building in the U.S. to be certified as a Living Building.

April 14: PayScale writes about Columbia University students’ Facebook “confessions” page, which has inspired similar Facebook pages at Williams and elsewhere.

April 13: The Bennington Banner reports that Williams board of trustees members O. Andreas Halvorsen and Robert G. Scott have been elected chair and vice chair, respectively, of the Clark Art Institute’s board.

April 12: Sophomore and 2014 NESCAC Rookie of the Year Megan Pierce was interviewed by the Boston Globe about her swimming career.

April 10: Chad Orzel ’93 writes about Williams and Union College, where he teaches, as great training grounds for scientists.

April 10: A building renewal endowment created by Williams for Williamstown Elementary School will fund two building upgrades for the school, reports iBerkshires.

April 9: Economics professor Jessica Leight has received a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of International Affairs to evaluate a program for girls’ education in India, reports the Bennington Banner.

April 9: The Indianapolis Star writes about a high school senior from North Carolina who was accepted into all eight Ivy League schools and 10 other schools, including Williams.

April 8: The Berkshire Eagle reports about Serial podcast author Sarah Koenig’s upcoming visit to Williams.

April 7: Marybeth Mitts, Williams’ manager of spouse partner resources, addressed the Williamstown Economic Development Panel, discussing the college’s work in helping incoming families navigate the local economy, reports iBerkshires.

April 7: Susan Engels writes in the Portland Press Herald about how best to teach math to children.

April 7: The Register Citizen writes about Northwest Connecticut Community College’s literary festival, where Professor Karen Shepard will speak about her novel The Celestials.

April 7: VPR interviews Williams President, Emeritus, John Chandler in a program about the future of college fraternities.

April 2: In an article in the Quad-City Times, Darlingside guitarist Don Mitchell reflects on how the band came together at Williams.

March 2015

March 2015

March 31: Susan Engel, director of the college’s Program in Teaching, writes in the Huffington Post about the ways “We’re Making Our Kids Miserable in School.”

March 30: iBerkshires writes about the selection of Francis Oakley, Williams College president, emeritus, as interim director of the Clark Art Institute.

March 30: Thad Ricotta ‘15, Ben Lin ’17 and Megan Pierce ’17 of the Williams swimming and diving teams qualified for the U.S. Olympic trials, according to iBerkshires

March 28: The Berkshire Eagle reports that a 3-D digital reconstruction of an ancient Iraqi palace that was reportedly destroyed by ISIS is on display at WCMA.

March 27: iBerkshires reports on the 1159 students offered admission to Williams’ Class of 2019.

March 27: Williams President, Emeritus, John Chandler shares his thoughts on fraternities in an article in the News and Observer.

March 25: Philanthropist Peter Norton has donated 68 works to WCMA as part of his latest national philanthropic project, reports the Bennington Banner.

March 20: iBerkshires reports that Williams seniors Aseel Abulhab and Nathan Miller have been named Watson Fellows 2015-16.

March 19: The Boston Globe covers Williams’ announcement of its 2015 honorary degree recipients including, as mentioned also by iBerkshires and WAMC, former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and commencement speaker Ursula Burns, chairman and CEO of Xerox.

March 18: CBS News and Popular Science interview Professor Jay Pasachoff about the upcoming total solar eclipse; the New York Times also features his writings from Norway.

March 17: Sophomore Miranda Cooper writes in New Voices about her experience as a member of the Jewish community on campus.

March 17: WCMA and the Clark are listed as two of the top places to visit on a trip to Williamstown and North Adams in Malerie Yolen-Cohen’s article for the Huffington Post.

March 17: WBUR interviewed psychologist Susan Engel regarding her work on restructuring the focus of education.

March 16: Williams is mentioned in an article for the Huffington Post about the value of a college education.

March 16: According to iBerkshires, the Berkshire Art Association awarded fellowships to 12 college students, including six from Williams, who were honored with a show and reception at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts.

March 13: iBerkshires reports that Sam Lewis ’15 has been named a Henry Luce Fellow.

March 13: Writer, actor, economist, and lawyer Ben Stein mentions his father’s experience at Williams in an article in the American Spectator about the benefits of fraternities.

March 13: Almost 80 students competed in the 11th Annual Massachusetts Region I High School Science and Engineering Fair, where Professor Frank Morgan was the Keynote speaker, reports iBerkshires.

March 12: Sports Illustrated names Williams senior Sarah Thompson one of its “Faces in the Crowd” and iBerkshires covers her season highlights.

March 6: The Berkshire Eagle and Greylock Glass wrote articles highlighting the 300th birthday of the college's namesake, Ephraim Williams

March 4: Art News and Fine Books & Collections write about the “Warhol by the Book” exhibition at WCMA – the first in the U.S. to focus on Andy Warhol’s bookwork.

February 2015

February 2015

February 27: Williams is mentioned in an article by the Manchester Journal about college-cost strategies for students and families.

February 26: The Berkshire Eagle writes about the urging of some faculty and staff that the college divest its endowment from the top 200 fossil fuel producers.

February 26: Susan Engel, Class of 1959 Director of the Program in Teaching, writes an article for the Boston Globe on the need for standardized tests to measure the abilities and dispositions we most value.

February 25: In an article by the Berkshire Eagle, Kevin App reflects on his first season as the Williams men’s basketball coach.

February 23: Williams College is listed as one of the richest colleges by endowment dollars per undergraduate students in an article on Financial-Aid Fine Print in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

February 23: The Chronicle of Higher Education includes Williams’ financial aid program in an explanation of varying financial aid at some of the country’s wealthiest colleges.

February 13: The Berkshire Eagle reports on the journey of the Grammy-winning Roomful of Teeth, directed by Brad Wells, in anticipation of their upcoming collaboration with the Williams Concert Choir.

February 11: iBerkshires writes about Williams’ newly appointed Muslim chaplain Sharif Rosen.

February 4: The Manchester Journal details the influence of history, dislocation, heritage and culture in Nubian artist Fathi Hassan’s exhibit at WCMA.

February 4: Williams announces that it will expand its development grants for local school districts, reports iBerkshires.

February 3: A new hybrid EMT class developed by Village Ambulance offers online and in-person training held at Williams for college students and community members, reports the Berkshire Eagle.

February 2: The Williamstown Youth Center’s 12th annual Snowfest fundraiser, hosted by Williams, is featured in the Berkshire Eagle.

February 1: In an article about the 2016 presidential elections, Economic Principals uses professor Michael MacDonald’s book, Overreach: Delusions of Regime Change in Iraq, to demonstrate the significance of American foreign policy in the presidential election.

January 2015

January 2015

January 29: Williams College and Williamstown Elementary School students broke the record for time taken to assemble a 3,152-piece LEGO Star Wars model, writes the Berkshire Eagle.

January 28: The Berkshire Eagle covers "Three Centuries of American Art," the WCMA exhibition curated by Kevin Murphy.

January 23: iBerkshires writes about the new electric car charging station in the town parking lot on Spring Street, a partnership between the college and town.

January 21: The Berkshire Eagle features the New England Chapter of the National Guild of Book Workers’ group show in Sawyer Library.

January 21: Lisa Dorin, Kevin Murphy, and Eugene Prendergast talk to WAMC about the current and upcoming works to be featured at the Williams College Museum of Art.

January 20: iBerkshires covers the Martin Luther King Jr. Day events at Williams.

January 13: Williams is mentioned in an article in the Bloomberg View about the origins of early decision admissions and its contemporary consequences.

January 13: The Berkshire Eagle covers the movement urging the college to divest from fossil fuels highlighting efforts by students, faculty and alumni alike.

January 12: Williams junior and two-season athlete Darrias Sime is featured in an article by the Berkshire Eagle discussing his transition from football to basketball and his role in the Eph rotation.

January 12: A WBUR story explores the cost of college using Williams as a lens.

January 11: The Berkshire Eagle writes that a group of Williams students are exploring the possibility of claiming for recreational access a section of Hoosic River frontage.

January 11: The Bennington Banner covers an annual fundraiser in Vermont to support women with breast cancer in which the Williams men’s and women’s tennis teams participate.

January 9: iBerkshires and the Berkshire Eagle cover the college’s proposal to build an inn at the end of Spring Street.

January 6: According to iBerkshires, the Williamstown Community Intergenerational Action Orchestra held a benefit concert for an orphanage in Uganda – a fundraiser inspired by a lecture given at Williams.

January 6: The Berkshire Eagle writes about the Abenaki storyteller invited to perform at Williams over Winter Study.

December 2014

December 2014

December 27: Writing in the Boston Globe, art critic Sebastian Smee names the Franz West exhibitions at MASSMoCA and WCMA as the best 20th century show of 2014.

December 19: iBerkshires covers the groundbreaking ceremony for the Highland Woods affordable senior housing development, being built on land donated by the college.

December 17: The Berkshire Eagle reports that Erin Sullivan ’96, head coach at Western New England University, has been selected to replace Williams’ retiring men’s soccer coach Mike Russo.

December 17: The movement urging Williams to divest from fossil fuels is covered in a story by WAMC.

December 15: Williams admitted 44 percent of the class of 2019 under the Early Decision plan, as reported in iBerkshires.

December 15: iBerkshires reports on the five professors recently awarded tenure by the college.

December 10: iBerkshires reports on Williams’ request to the Planning Board to postpone zoning changes that will accommodate the building of a new inn.

December 9: The Berkshire Grown Holiday Farmers’ Market is co-sponsored by Williams as part of the college’s commitment to sustainable food and local agriculture, reports the Hamlet Hub.

December 4: iBerkshires writes about Williamstown’s holiday walk and the college’s involvement in this annual tradition.

December 4: Williams was a participant in a White House summit on improving college access and affordability, as reported in the Boston Globe.

December 2: Williams’ elimination of fraternities a half-century ago is mentioned in a New York Times column by Frank Bruni about the potentially limiting and divisive effects of Greek life on college campuses.

December 2: Williamstown’s Board of Selectmen seeks to create an economic development panel that would include representation from the college, reports iBerkshires.

December 2: The Berkshire Eagle reports that Williams students participated in Taconic High School’s “Braves United Day.”

November 2014

November 2014

November 26: The Berkshire Eagle covers Hayden Rooke-Ley’s record-setting performance for the Williams College men’s basketball team.

November 24: Williams sophomore Colin Cotton is featured in USA Today’s High School Sports section for his outstanding season.

November 21: Barbara Ernst Prey ’79 writes in the Huffington Post about her time at Williams and the importance of college museums on the occasion of her selection as one of Down East Magazine’s 60th anniversary cover artists.

November 16: iBerkshires reports on the college’s hosting of the 33rd annual Appalachian Long Distance Hikers’ “gathering.”

November 16: Through coursework in 1992 that studied the feasibility of recreating an ancient woodland footpath, Williams students aided in the recent expansion of the Mahican Mohawk Trail, the Berkshire Eagle reports.

November 10: Professor George T. (Sam) Crane analyzes the situation in Hong Kong and its potential implications for China’s future in an article for The Conversation.

November 4: Professor Karen Shepard’s book The Celestials is the focus of Berkshire Community College’s first campus-wide reading project, reports the Berkshire Eagle.

October 2014

October 2014

October 28: Visiting lecturer Jane Swift writes in the Huffington Post about developing a college plan for her own children, informed in part by her perspective on Williams students.

October 27: Williams is featured in a Boston Globe story about Williams alumnus George F. Bush, who celebrated his 88th birthday at a recent New England Patriots game.

October 27:  Professor Colin Adams talks about his latest book, Zombies and Calculus, on WAMC and in the Deseret News.

October 26: The Berkshire Eagle writes about Kevin App’s eagerness to begin his first season as head coach of men’s basketball at Williams College.

October 23: The Guardian includes a reported Williams-Amherst prank among a list of best college sports pranks.

October 22: iBerkshires reports on the visit to campus and talk by former U.S. Sen. Bill Bradley.

October 22: Mike Russo, in his final season of his 36-year career as head coach of men’s soccer, is featured in the Berkshire Eagle.

October 22: The Williams College Museum of Art’s involvement in the community’s annual Words are Wonderful festival is reported by the Berkshire Eagle.

October 15:Digital Journal reports on the launch of a new national campus sexual assault nonprofit organization, Culture of Respect, which received founding support from Williams.

October 11:The New York Times quotes political science professor Sam Crane in an article on the leadership style of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

October 11:On the occasion of the dedication of Farley-Lamb Field, the Berkshire Eagle writes about legendary retired football coach Dick Farley.

October 8:The Berkshire Eagle highlights Williams’ efforts to reduce food waste in an article about new Department of Environmental Protection regulations on the issue.

October 7:Political scientist Rosemary Kelanic adds to the discussion in a New York Times article about the impact of domestic oil production on America’s global influence.

October 6:Lecturer Paul Park is featured in the New York Times as part of a group of writers and outdoor enthusiasts who trekked to the summit of a mountain in the Sierra Nevadas to unofficially name it for Henry David Thoreau.

October 3:NBC News chronicles the early college days of Williams freshman David Weathers in a story about college cost and the experiences of first-generation students.

October 2:iBerkshires writes about a local youth outreach program by the college’s track and field teams.

September 2014

September 2014

September 30: iBerkshires reports on the installation of “Artificial Rock No. 77,” a modern-day scholar’s rock, in the renovated reading room of the college’s new Sawyer Library.

September 26:Michael Beschloss ’77 writes in the New York Times about the first intercollegiate baseball game, which occurred in 1859 between Williams and Amherst.

September 22:iBerkshires covers convocation and remarks by President Falk and convocation speaker Ethan Zuckerman '93.

September 19:Joseph J. Ellis, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Leadership Studies, co-authors an essay in the Washington Post about the role of trees in delaying the effects of climate change.

September 17:The Berkshire Eagle previews the Clark’s “Radical Words” series and its first talk, by professors Edan Dekel and Christopher Nugent, creators of the college’s Book Unbound initiative.

September 17:Williams’ relationship to the First Congregational Church is explored in an iBerkshires article about the 100th anniversary of the church’s building on Main Street.

September 15:iBerkshires reports on an $810,876 grant from the National Science Foundation for a science curriculum development project that’s a collaboration among the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Williams, and North Adams Public Schools.

September 14:Sophomore Tyrone Scafe shares his thoughts in the Lake County News-Sun on cultivating “a college culture” among all students at his high school.

September 9:The Berkshire Eagle covers the vigil and memorial service held at Williams in the aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

September 8:Williams is included in an article by the New York Times about colleges’ varying commitments to creating economically diverse student bodies.

September 4:Psychology professor Nate Kornell is quoted in a New York Times piece on the benefits of pretesting.

September 2:In a lengthy Q&A with Meg Bossong ’05, Williams’ director of sexual assault prevention and response, and Berkshire District Attorney David Capeless, iBerkshires explores the issue of sexual assault on college campuses.

August 2014

August 2014

August 28: Professor Stephen Sheppard’s view of the effect of the Clark’s reopening on tourism in Berkshire County is reported by the Berkshire Eagle.

August 24: The Berkshire Eagle interviews professor Henry Art for a story about winter’s harsh effects on the Mount Greylock war monument.

August 20: The Berkshire Eagle reports on the welcoming of the Class of 2018 to Williams.

August 19: Professor Neil Roberts speaks to WAMC about the similarities and differences between shootings of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and Trayvon Martin in Florida.

August 15: The Williams College Museum of Art’s art loan program, now in its second year, is featured in Artnet News.

August 13: WAMC features professor Rónadh Cox’s research on coastal impacts in Western Europe, which recently received a $75000 grant from the National Science Foundation.

August 13: Williams is featured in an NPR story about the use of apps like Circle of 6 in efforts to combat sexual assault on college campuses.

August 5: The Berkshire Eagle reports that Williams College has arranged with Village Ambulance to provide medical care transport for students.

August 4: The Berkshire Eagle reports on the visit of noted alumni museum directors Earl Powell ’66, Glenn Lowry ’76, and Michael Govan ’85 to the Clark, where they talked about their Williams experiences and the state of the arts.

August 1: iBerkshires.com reports mathematics professor Satyan Devadoss’ teaching award from the Mathematical Association of America.

July 2014

July 2014

July 31: Williams is part of a two-year pilot program for the Circle of 6 app, with a goal of advancing bystander education programming on campus, NPR reports.

July 31: The Wall Street Journal features Elizabeth Suda ’05 and her company, Article 22, whose first line of jewelry, Peacebomb, is made from unexploded Vietnam-era American bombs in Laos.

July 25: iBerkshires.com and other media outlets report on the community gathering celebrating progress toward the development of  the Highland Woods affordable housing project, to be built on land donated by the college.

July 24: The Times Dispatch features new Wake Forest head football coach and Williams alumnus  Dave Clawson.

July 24: Barbara Prey ’79 writes in The Huffington Post about the first year of her gallery on Spring Street in Williamstown.

July 23: Professor Alan Hirsch serves as an expert witness for the defense in a murder trial in Lewiston, ME, according to Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal.

July 21: iBerkshires.com reports on Williams alumna, Arsema Abegaz ’14, who has been hired to oversee youth drug use prevention in Pittsfield, MA.

July 20: The Berkshire Eagle reports that former Williams assistant basketball coach, Kevin App, will return as the men’s head basketball coach.

July 19: Women’s golf coach Erika DeSanty has been named Princeton’s new golf coach, reports the Berkshire Eagle.

July 15: The Brookhaven Post features Mpaza Kapembwa ’16, who has been awarded a Pickering Fellowship.

July 15: The New York Times, Washington Post, and other media outlets report the death of Professor James MacGregor Burns ’39, the Woodrow Wilson Professor of Government, Emeritus.

July 14: The Post and Courier mentions Josh Morrison because of his research on Mary Boykins Chestnut’s recipe book from the late 19th century.

July 9: Lisa Gilbert, Associate Professor of Geosciences and Marine Sciences explains the conversion of old whaling vessel, Charles W. Morgan, into a scientific explorer in The Ocean Blog.

July 9: Time Warner Cable News reports on the new sports complex that will update Williams’ athletic facilities for teams and athletes.

July 7: Environmentalist Lauren R. Stevens writes in the Berkshire Eagle about work she’s doing this summer clearing hiking trails in the Berkshires with Williams students.

July 7: iBerkshires.com reports on Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, who has announced $83.6m for the development of housing projects that will include people displaced by Irene.

July 2: The Williams College Museum of Art has put on a new show called “Material Frictions,” which challenges conventional museum galleries with its focus on folk art in New England, reports The Berkshire Eagle.

July 1: Williams students that have started a program with local co-op, Wild Oats, and Berkshire Food Project which helps food insecurity in the Berkshires are reported on by The Christian Science Monitor.

July 1- The Berkshire Eagle reports on the ongoing renovation of Weston Field.

June 2014

June 2014

June 29: Coach Aaron Kelton and two Williams students travel to Kuwait for the U-19 American Football world championship, reports The Berkshire Eagle.

June 27: The Berkshire Eagle reports on the Williams-Amherst rivalry, this time as the two towns’ high schools compete in a TV quiz show.

June 26: The Berkshire Eagle reports that Williams lacrosse coach Chris Mason will be inducted with her 1984 Olympic team into the USA Field Hockey Hall of Fame.

June 25: The Berkshire Eagle features Elaina Pullano ’15, starring in a new production of Carmen on campus.

June 25: The Berkshire Eagle displays photos of the ongoing construction of new athletic fields at Williams.

June 24: Williams is mentioned in an Economist blogpost as one of a small number of schools that has succeeded in eliminating fraternities, as colleges seek to crack down on problems associated with frats.

June 24: NorthJersey.com reports on research of invasive shrimp species by James T. Carlton, director of the Williams-Mystic Program, and his students.

June 21: The Berkshire Eagle and several other media outlets report on the hiring of Williams basketball coach Mike Maker as head coach of Divison I Marist College.

June 22: Williams factors into reporting by The Boston Globe on the rising net price of private colleges in Massachusetts

June 21: Deborah Schoeberlein ’89 writes in The Huffington Post about returning to Williams for her 25th reunion.

June 20: The Baltimore Sun features Taysean Scott ’17, headed to Kuwait to represent the U.S. at the Football World.

June 20: The Berkshire Eagle on Art professor Amy Podmore receiving the Lillian Heller Curator’s Award.

June 19: The Hampshire Gazette writes about Sara Barber-Just, a local teacher honored at Williams’ Commencement with an Olmsted Prize.

June 18: The New York Times interviews Vermont architect William Maclay ’70 about his firm’s new book on net-zero-energy building.

June 18: The Berkshire Eagle reports an initiative started by Williams students to help struggling families by partnering with Berkshire Food Project and Wild Oats.

June 14: The Berkshire Eagle reports on Williams Alumni assisting Spruces resident to demolish his home.

June 12: The New York Times reports on fraternities under fire as schools attempt to reduce misconduct on campuses across the country.

June 11: The Berkshire Eagle reports on Field Farm and its hosting of artists and musicians to encourage creativity.

June 9: The Berkshire Eagle reports on Williams’ commencement and the advice the speakers offered the new graduates.

June 5: According to Boston.com, a student petition on sexual assault received widespread support from the Williams campus.

June 5: The Berkshire Eagle reports on college faculty and students objecting to former New York mayor Bloomberg receiving an honorary degree.

June 5: The Berkshire Eagle reports on President Falk and Dean Bolton outlining Williams’ response to sexual assault.

June 3: The Berkshire Eagle reports that local schools will receive Olmsted Awards to fund projects and ideas to improve schools.

June 10: NBC Today and The Boston Globe reports on Professor of Music Sheppard explanation of why a song from Disney movie “Frozen” is so addictive.

May 2014

May 2014

May 28:The Huffington Post reports on alumni pressuring schools to do more about sexual assault by forming a group.

May 24: According to wnyt.com, Alumni and parents worry that a sexual assault case was mishandled.

May 22:WBUR radio station reports that former survivor demands mandatory expulsion for sexual assault.

May 23:The Berkshire Eagle reports on petitions that demand a reduction of the College’s CO2 ‘hoofprint.’

May 21:The Berkshire Eagle reports on students who have received fellowships to Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

May 17:The New York Times reports on Williams’ women’s tennis team as it seeks its seventh NCAA title.

May 16:The Berkshire Eagle reports that Georgiana Salant has become Williams’ first women’s NCAA golf champion.

May 16:Cleveland.com reports that an Ohio teacher, Robert H. Shurtz, has received the Olmsted prize from Williams College after being nominated by a Williams student.

May 15: Williamstown Historical Museum offers exhibit on holiday celebrations, reports iBerkshires.com

May 15: USA Today reports on Williams alumni Trevor Bayliss, who battled cancer while at Williams and now treats cancer patients in the Berkshires.

May 13: The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on President Falk’s defense of the college’s response to sexual assaults.

May 6: Williams College hosts its annual Appreciation Day, which honors employees who have reached milestones in the service to the college, reports iBerkshires.com.

May 6: Jordan High School teacher Brian McDonald is named a winner of Williams College’s George Olmstead Jr. Class of 1924 Prize for Excellence in Secondary School Teaching, reports The Herald Sun. Lilliana Morris ’14, nominated McDonald for the award.

May 5: The new Williams College football and lacrosse facility will be named Farley-Lamb Field for former football coach Dick Farley and lacrosse coach Renzie Lamb, according to the Berkshire Eagle.

May 2: Renowned sports journalist Frank Deford speaks at Williams College to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Frank Deford Award, which is given to students who work in the Sports Information office. Dylan Dethier ’14, Ali Piltch ’14, Kathleen Elkins ’14, Ben Allison ’14, and Conor Mercadante ’14 win awards, reports the Berkshire Eagle.

May 1: A group of Williams College students build a wall on campus to demonstrate the barriers faced in Palestine and the U.S.-Mexico border, reports the Berkshire Eagle.

April 2014

April 2014

April 30: The Washington Post mentions Williams College in an article about high school seniors accepted into selective colleges and pondering their decisions.

April 30: Six students of the Williams-Mystic Maritime Studies Program have been awarded scholarships by the Crowley Maritime Corporation, reports the Digital Journal.

April 29: A photo of the first solar eclipse of 2014 taken by Professor of Astronomy Jay Pasachoff is published in Space.com.

April 28: A study co-led by researchers from Williams College on mountain-building and ancient ocean closing beneath modern-day New England is published in Geology, reports phys.org.

April 24: Claudia Rankine ’86, professor at Pomona College, wins the 2014 Jackson Poetry Prize, a $50,000 award that honors an American poet of exceptional talent, reports the Daily Bulletin.

April 24: Williams College names Kelsey Levine ’10 as the head Alpine ski coach of the Ephs, making her the first female head Alpine coach in NCAA skiing, according to ncaa.com.

April 15: The Berkshire Eagle publishes a story on Monika Baer's art works which are currently featured in the Williams College Museum of Art.

April 14: MassDevelopment and the Massachusetts Cultural Council awarded a $250,000 grant to the Sterling & Francine Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, reports MassLive.com.

April 14: Sam Flood ’83, NBC Sports’ executive producer, is interviewed in a Newsday article.

April 14: Political activist Angela Davis speaks at Williams College, the Berkshire Eagle reports.

April 14: The Berkshire Eagle reports on Williams College’s Kellogg House experiment in sustainability.

April 11: Professor of Economics Stephen Sheppard’s research on the impact of the performing arts on local economies is mentioned in a Scranton Times-Tribune article.

April 10: The mathematics and statistics department at Williams College receives an award for excellence in teaching and research from the American Mathematical Society, according to EurekAlert.

April 9: President Adam Falk publishes an opinion piece in the Berkshire Eagle about building a new health care system.

April 8: The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education publishes an article on African American students faring well in admissions at Williams College.

April 7: Ben Augenbraun is named a 2014 Goldwater Scholar, reports WiltonBulletin.com.

April 4: Williams College buys the Williams Inn and announced a partnership with Stockbridge’s Main Street Hospitality Group to manage the inn, according to iBerkshires.com.

April 3: The Washington Post discusses the meaning of the admission rate metric and offers a sample of various college admission rates for the Class of 2018, including that of Williams College.

April 2: Darby English ’96 joins the Museum of Modern Art as consulting curator, reports the New York Times.

April 1: Mad Macs opens up on Spring Street, reports iBerkshires.com.

March 2014

March 2014

March 31: Williams College admits 1,150 students for the Class of 2018, reports iBerkshires.com.

March 24: USA Today calls the Division III men’s basketball national championship the best NCAA tournament game and covers the longstanding athletic rivalry between Amherst College and Williams College.

March 20: Christna Olsen, director of the Williams College Museum of Art, joins directors of other northern Berkshire cultural institutions in a show of unity for the upcoming summer arts season, reports The Berkshire Eagle.

March 20: Businessman and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has been selected to deliver this year’s keynote address at Williams College’s commencement, reports iBerkshires.com.

March 19: The College of St. Benedict announces that Mary Hinton ’92 has been selected to serve as president, reports sctimes.com.

March 17: The Berkshire Eagle publishes a feature on Pat Duquette ’93, who has seen success as the basketball coach for Division I team UMass-Lowell.

March 16: Williams College celebrates its annual MapleFest, reports the Berkshire Eagle.

March 10: Newsweek publishes an article on colleges that have gotten rid of fraternities, including Williams College, which led the charge a generation earlier than most institutions.

March 9: Erryn Leinbaugh ‘99, doctor of emergency medicine at Berkshire Medical Center, returns to the Williamstown Fire Department as a call firefighter where he also worked while as a student at Williams College, reports iBerkshires.com.

March 7: Professor Stephen Sheppard sits on a panel discussion about the economic impacts of the local creative industry in the Berkshires, reports iBerkshires.com.

March 6: The Berkshire Eagle, WAMC, and the Boston Herald discusses the new Williams College Museum of Art program in which students are loaned famous pieces of artwork they can then hang in their dorm rooms.

March 3: The Williamstown Conservation Commission approved the senior housing project planned for land donated by Williams College, according to iBerkshires.com.

March 2: The New York Times reports Kristen Anderson-Lopez ’94 wins the Academy Award for Best Song for Frozen’s “Let It Go.” She and her husband wrote the music for the movie.

March 2: Professor Mihai Stoiciu and Williamstown resident 15-year-old Ric Donati organized a Rubik’s cube competition sponsored by the World Cube Association. Great Barrington resident Kevin Costello III won five out of the seven competitions and set a new continental record, reports the Berkshire Eagle.

March 1: Williams College hosts its third annual Human Library event, reports iBerkshires.

February 2014

February 2014

February 27: Former admissions officer Sean Logan and President Adam Falk are featured in a Boston NPR piece on how to get high-achieving, low-income students to apply to selective colleges.

February 24: Frederick Puddester, Williams College vice president for finance and administration, and Carl Faulkner, operator and owner of The Williams Inn, talk to iBerkshires about the future of the inn.

February 20: Koru, a company focused on connecting college graduates with careers in high-growth companies, announced a partnership with 13 U.S. colleges and universities including Williams College, reports The Sacramento Bee.

February 17: In a Berkshire Eagle article about being comfortable in the wilderness, contributor Lauren R. Stevens talks about Albert Hopkins, professor of natural history and astronomy in the mid 19th century, who organized the first college natural history expedition, supervised the construction of the first college observatory, and organized the first mountain climbing organization in the United States.

February 15: The Berkshire Eagle publishes an article on former Williams College professors Charles Parkhurst and Lane Faison Jr., two of the “monuments men” credited with helping recover large quantities of art stolen by the Nazis.

February 14: Williams College is negotiating a deal to purchase the Williams Inn from its owners, according to the Berkshire Eagle.

February 12: A team of Williams College chefs takes home the silver medal in the third annual Skidmore College American Culinary Federation competition, reports the Berkshire Eagle and iBerkshires.com.

February 8: ESPN posts a video about Nick Pugliese ’12, the only American to play professional soccer in Afghanistan.

February 4: Assistant professor Julie Blackwood comments on the dwindling Berkshire bat species population in a Berkshire Eagle article.

January 2014

January 2014

January 31: Mad Macs, the only Apple-authorized sales and service provider in Berkshire County, is set to open shop on Spring Street, according to iBerkshires.com.

January 30: Bethany Dixon ’15 and Jeff Thaler ’74, a Portland, Maine lawyer who helped found the Williams-at-Home Program, discuss the Winter Study course that brings Williams College students to Portland to live with refugees and immigrants in an article for Bangor Daily News.

January 27: Roomful of Teeth, a musical group whose creative home is at MASS MoCA in North Adams, won a GRAMMY Award in the category of Chamber Music and Small Ensemble Performance. Brad Wells, director of choral and vocal activities at Williams College, accepted the award. The group also performed at the GRAMMY Awards, reported WAMC, the Berkshire Eagle, and Williamstown.com.

January 26: The Berkshire Eagle publishes a feature on James Wang ’12 who has signed a two-year contract to play in the Chinese National Basketball League.

January 24: Williams College’s new library project nears completion, according to the Berkshire Eagle.

January 23: Fifty Williams College students in professor Steven Miller’s Winter Study math class “The Mathematics of LEGO Bricks” break a world record in assembling a LEGOS Star Wars Super Star Destroyer, according to the Berkshire Eagle.

January 21: Amanda O’Connor ’10, a military-trained intelligence officer, is Pittsfield’s new crime analyst, reports iBerkshires.com.

January 21: A newly established fellowship at Williams College encourages women to enter the fields of math and physical sciences, reports the Berkshire Eagle.

January 19: Barbara Prey ’79 publishes an article in the Huffington Post about art history professor S. Lane Faison, one of the “monuments men” about whom a Hollywood movie was recently released.

January 10: Library Journal publishes a feature on Vivien Shotwell ’03 and her new book Vienna Nocturne. 

January 8: The Williams College men’s hockey team plays in a Frozen Fenway college hockey doubleheader, reports iBerskhires.com.

January 6: An article in the Boston Globe cites Williams College graduates as having low average loan debts compared to graduates of other schools in Massachusetts and the nation.

December 2013

December 2013

December 30: Williams College economist Gordon C. Winston, one of the first economists to study college access and costs, passed away earlier this month, reports the Boston Globe.

December 28: DailyFinance.com discusses Williams College in an article about four colleges with very high graduated rates.

December 19: Barbara Ernst Prey ’79 discusses masterpieces at the Frick Museum in a Huffington Post article.

December 18: Professor of Economics Jon Baikja is quoted in a Forbes article about charitable giving and tax deductions.

December 17: Four Williams College students in professor Sara Gardner’s Center for Environmental Studies class present the results of research they conducted at the monthly meeting of the Williamstown Agricultural Commission, reports iBerkshires.com.

December 13: Williams College admits 237 students for the Class of 2018 under its early decision plan, according to iBerkshires.com.

December 11: A Williamstown senior housing project, being built on four acres of land donated by Williams College, is expected to be completed in 2016, reports iBerkshires.com.

December 11: The Williams College Athletic Department donates more than 1,500 Christmas gifts as part of the Holiday Wish program at Hillcrest Educational Centers in Pittsfield, reports iBerkshires.com.

December 9: High school senior Opemipo Akerele discusses her experience at Windows on Williams in a Huffington Post blog post.

December 6: Williams College partners with the Say Yes to Education Program, a national non-profit group, reports Time Warner Cable News.

December 3: Elizabeth Rooklidge, who earned her M.A. from Williams College in 2013, has joined the curatorial staff at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, according to U-T San Diego.

November 2013

November 2013

November 27: Professor of History Robert Dalzell publishes a book, The Good Rich and What They Cost Us, which chronicles the deal between America and the rich, in which the country overlooks exploiting business practices if the rich give to charity, reports the Washington Post.

November 24: Brian McGrail ’14 named one of 32 Rhodes Scholars this year, reports the Washington Post.

November 22: Assistant Director of Community Partnerships and Placements Stewart Burns remarks on his relationship with President Kennedy fifty years after the president’s assassination in WAMC and the North Adams Transcript.

November 21: Michael Weiner ’83, executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association, passed away at his home, the New York Times reports.

November: Abigail Savage ’98, star of “Orange is the New Black,” is exclusively interviewed in Kobsupang Robertson's blog.

November 13: The Wall Street Journal discusses a study by Economics Professor Tara Watson about local immigration enforcement and immigrant location choice.

November 13: Williamstown Selectmen commit $2.6 million to an affordable housing project on land pledged by Williams College, reports the North Adams Transcript.

November 9: Williams College students host a join celebration of major Hindu and Muslim holidays at the First Congregational Church, according to the Berkshire Eagle.

November 9: Principal Mary MacDonald of Mount Greylock Regional High School mentions new initiatives in science technology that have been funded through the Williams Fund for Mount Greylock in an article in the North Adams Transcript.

November 9: The Berkshire Eagle discusses some of the most memorable Williams College football games in light of the upcoming renovations to Weston Field.

November 8: Professor Susan Dunn publishes a letter to the editor in the New York Times in response to an article on the Supreme Court hearing arguments on the constitutionality of prayers at town meetings.

November 7: MyCentralJersey.com publishes a feature on former Williams dean Nancy A. Roseman, now president of Dickinson College.

November 5: Tim Crawley ’05 is running as a Republican for a U.S. Senate seat in Oregon, reports The Bulletin.

November 5: Williams College students speak to ABC News’ Muhammad Lila and an Iranian teacher about life in Iran.

November 4: Chemistry professors Dave Richardson and Jay Thoman along with students Austin Paul ’16 and Amanda Schott ’15 report on stable but high PCB levels in the Hoosic River, according to the North Adams Transcript.

November 3: Coverage of the latest solar eclipse includes an image by Allen Davis ’14 and Professor Jay Pasachoff published in Space.com.

November 1: Professor of Astronomy Jay Pasachoff discusses the possibility of seeing a partial solar eclipse in the Eastern United States on Nov. 3 in a New York Times article.

November 1: Dr. William Bennett ’65, former Secretary of Education under Ronald Reagan, discusses the Bennett Hypothesis, his theory about the rising cost of education, in The New York Times.

November 1: Dave Simonds’ new film “Cherry Cottage” looks at American history through the lens of a house built in Stockbridge in 1782 under the guidance of Judith Williams Thayer, sister of Ephraim Williams, according to The Advocate.

November 1: The Berkshire Regional Transit Authority is launching a pilot bus route along Route 7 as an extension of its partnership with Williams College, according to iBerkshires.com.

October 2013

October 2013

October 31: Professor of Political Science Sam Crane publishes his new book “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Dao: Ancient Chinese Thought in Modern American Life,” reports the North Adams Transcript.

October 29: Assistant Director for Student Involvement Benjamin Lamb runs for North Adams City Council, iBerkshires.com reports.

October 24: Assistant Professor of Psychology Jennifer Crosby examines how humans react to perceived prejudice in a social setting on WAMC.

October 23: Officials from Mount Greylock Regional School report on the school’s improving test scores and the benefits it has received from the Williams College Fund for Mount Greylock, reports iBerkshires.

October 23: Sports Illustrated publishes a feature on Dave Clawson ’89, who has helped turn around football programs at Fordham University, the University of Richmond, and Bowling Green State University.

October 18: The China Digital Times conducts an interview with Professor Sam Crane whose work focuses on contemporary Chinese politics and ancient Chinese philosophy.

October 18: The North Adams Transcript interviews science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson, also a speaker at Williams College's David G. Hartwell '63 Science Fiction Symposium.

October 18: The Onion pokes fun at Williams and Amherst in its article "Greatest Sports Rivalries."

October 16: For the sixth year in a row, Williams College students will offer free weatherization services for low-income homes in the area, according to The Advocate.

October 16: The Williams College men’s hockey team will be one of the first two NESCAC teams to play a league outdoor game. They are scheduled to play at Fenway Park this January, reports The Berkshire Eagle.

October 15: The Williams College football team “drafts” a 6-year-old boy from Vermont with hormone growth deficiencies through Team IMPACT, a non-profit that pairs children with medical challenges with college sports teams, reports iBerkshires.com.

October 14: Four students in Professor Gardner's Environmental Planning class will update the plan for Williamstown's Spruces Land Use Committee, reports the North Adams Transcript.

October 12: A story for 90.9 wbur, Boston's NPR news station, featuring Amherst College's connection to the MLB also mentions Williams College alumni Bob Nutting, George Steinbrenner, and Hal Steinbrenner.

October 10: Readers respond to recent reviews of "Archangel" by Andrea Barrett, senior lecturer in English, according to The New York Times.

October 9: The Berkshire Eagle covers a bone marrow registry drive in support of a local resident with family ties to the Williams College community.

October 7: The ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance is partnering up with the Milne Public Library to create a “theater library” intended to provide the public with background materials for upcoming performances, according to the North Adams Transcript.

October 5: A photograph of Daniela Zarate '15 at a rally for immigration reform in Boston is published in The New York Times.

October 5: The Berkshire Eagle reports on a campus panel discussion of Williams College’s consumption of and investment in fossil fuels.

October 1: Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley '75 is awarded the 2013 Woman of Achievement Award by the Northern Berkshire Professional Women, reports iBerkshires.com.

September 2013

September 2013

September 30: The North Adams Transcript and The Advocate cover the Hopkins Forest Fall Festival.

September 29: Huffington Post lists Williamstown as one of its top seven college towns to visit this fall.

September 25: The Advocate reports that Williams College is considering building a New England-style inn as part of its efforts to revitalize Spring Street.

September 24: The Patriot-News covers the inauguration of Nancy Roseman, former professor and dean, as president of Dickinson College.

September 23: The site of the former Williams Club in New York City will become a boutique hotel, according to Commercial Observer.

September 18: North Adams Transcript publishes a feature on this year’s Williams Reads book, Crescent by Diana Abu-Jaber.

September 18: Professor De Veaux gives a talk on data mining, Wired reports.

September 13: Philly.com recounts a 1963 equality moment in Lower Merion School District during which Samuel Edgerton, art history professor emeritus, who was a member of the Main Line NAACP, gave a speech to the school board advocating integration.

September 13: The Office of Student Life and Spring Street retailers host the Spring Street Food Fair to acquaint first year students with local restaurants and stores and generate revenue for Spring Street businesses, reports The Advocate.

September 13: After Mount Greylock Regional High School was closed due to humidity, custodial staff used fans and dehumidifiers, some of which were donated by Williams College, to dry out the school, according to North Adams Transcript.

September 13: Felix Grossman ’56 is inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame, according to The Advocate.

September 13: The French Astronomical Society awards Professor Jay Pasachoff the Jules Janssen Prize, The Advocate reports.

September 9: North Adams Transcript covers Bicentennial Medalist William Moomaw’s speech at Convocation.

September 9: CardHub.com interviews Professor Jon Bakija on charitable tax deductions.

September 8: New York Times op-ed columnist Bill Keller discusses 1940 by Professor Susan Dunn in a piece on U.S. isolationism.

September 8: In an iBerkshires article, Tyler Holden ’13 describes her experience as a White House Intern this past summer.

September 7: New York Daily News covers the 1988 film “Eight Men Out” by alumni Gordon Clapp ’71, David Strathairn ’70 and John Sayles ’72, a movie about baseball corruption in 1919 still relevant today.

September 5: Prasannan Parthasarathi ’83, currently a professor at Boston College, has won the 2012 Best Book Award from the World History Association, reports Virginia Connection Newspapers.

September 5: Professor David Zimmerman’s research on Williams College students’ SAT scores and their roommates’ freshman grades is mentioned in a Washington Post blog.

September 4: The Advocate previews Convocation and the Bicentennial Medalists.

September 2: Williams College students participating in the “Where Am I?!” orientation program help clean up The Spruces Mobile Home Park, reports the North Adams Transcript.

September 2: A New York Times article cites a study by Professor Ken Kuttner about leadership changes in the Fed and their effects on financial markets.

August 2013

August 2013

August 30: CBS News recognizes Williams College for being one of the top 10 schools that provide the most generous financial aid to international students.

August 29: Nancy Mowll Mathews, former curator of the Williams College Museum of Art, selects Prendergast works for an exhibit at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, reports the Sun Journal.

August 28: The Advocate publishes a feature on the Williams College Museum of Art.

August 28: North Adams Transcript reports on the Class of 2017’s arrival for First Days.

August 27: Filmmaker Frederick Wiseman ’47 creates a documentary about the inner workings of the University of California in Berkley, reports The New York Times.

August 26: Professor Frank Morgan writes a blog post for Huffington Post on mathematics class sizes.

August 26: Assistant Director of the Center for Learning in Action Stewart Burns speaks about affirmative action, reports WAMC.

August 25: The Boston Globe publishes a feature on alumnus Alastair Moock ’95, children’s musician.

August 24: Chatham Daily News features hockey player Chelsey Stevenson ’17.

August 24: Amy Dane ’81, who holds a masters of arts from Williams College, opens an exhibit “Young and Old Across the Globe: Multicultural Portrait Photography,” reports masslive.com.

August 23: PennLive.com conducts a Q&A with Dickinson College President Nancy Roseman, former dean and professor at Williams College.

August 23: Williams College employee Karen Jolin opens a quilt shop in Williamstown, reports iBerkshires

August 23:Avery Sharpe, director of the Williams College Gospel Choir, performs at the Litchfield Jazz Festival, according to the Litchfield County Times.

August 22: Portland Press Herald publishes a feature on watercolor painter Barbara Ernst Prey ’79.

August 17: Dylan Dethier ’14 joins NPR’s Scott Simon to play a round of putt-putt and to discuss his book, 18 in America: A Young Golfer's Journey to Find the Essence of the Game.

August 16: Chris Collingwood ’89 of the rock group Fountains of Wayne writes a blog post in The New York Times about his approach to songwriting.

August 16: Chicago Magazine features Williams alumnus David Schulte, owner of the Obamas’ vacation home at Martha’s Vineyard.

August 16: BostInno (Boston, Mass.) includes Williams in its top 10 list of financially fit colleges.

August 16: An article in the North Adams Transcript discusses WCMA’s exhibition, "72 Degrees: LA Art from the Collection,” with organizer and curator of collections Kathryn Price.

August 15: Romance languages professor Gene Bell-Villada writes a letter to the editor in The New York Times’ Sunday Book Review concerning Margo Rabb’s essay, “Fallen Idols.”

August 15: Maritime science professor Jim Carlton and a team of researchers study debris attached to dislocated docks from Japan’s earthquake and tsunami in 2011, reports The Slate.

August 15: In The Advocate, Philip Bartels ’03 writes a letter to the editor regarding recent changes on Spring Street.

August 15: Members of Williamstown's Affordable Housing Committee (AHC) re-evaluate the plan to use college land for affordable housing, reports the North Adams Transcript.

August 10: Head football coach Aaron Kelton interns with head coach Joe Philbin of the NFL’s Miami Dolphins, reports the Berkshire Eagle.

August 9: On WAMC/Northeast Public Radio, sociology and public affairs professor Robert Jackall comments on how a police scandal in Lee, Mass. could affect public confidence of law enforcement.

August 8: In a panel discussion at Harvard University, Regal Sealy '16 imparts advice to high school students participating in Harvard’s Crimson Summer Academy (CSA).

August 5: Professor of marine sciences and director of the Williams-Mystic Program Jim Carlton and a team of researchers search for non-native species along the coast of New England, reports WCSH 6 News (Portland, Maine).

August 2: Bethany Dixon '15 co-leads health and wellness activities for local youth as part of the Mohawk Forest Positive Energy Program, reports iBerkshires.

August 2: Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski '89 interviews Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove '62.

August 1: In The Advocate, the Chamber recognizes the college and student volunteers for the success of the Hometown Fourth of July Parade and the Summer Sundays program.

August 1: In the Berkshire Eagle, Stewart Burns, assistant director of the Center for Learning in Action, commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation and the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

August 1: Marc Simpson, professor of art history, is mentioned in a New York Times article for his organization of Winslow Homer prints that are being featured at the Clark.

July 2013

July 2013

July 30: On Marketplace, tax economist and professor Bill Gentry weighs in on the changes being made to the corporate tax rate.

July 29: An article in the Wicked Local (Boxborough, Mass.) features Haley Ladd-Luthringshauser ’15, who volunteered at a secondary school in Tanzania.

July 29: A study by economics professor Stephen Sheppard has led to the development of a railroad service from Connecticut to Pittsfield, reports The Berkshire Eagle.

July 29: President Falk continues his discussion about the benefits of a liberal arts education with the South China Morning Post.

July 28: An article in the Business Standard, speaking to U.S. intervention, references professor Susan Dunn’s latest book, 1940.

July 28: The New York Times’ Sunday Book Review features Susan Dunn’s 1940 and Karen Shepard’s The Celestials.

July 26: Lillian Podlog ’15 writes for the Brattleboro (Vt.) Reformer about the Iraqi Youth Leadership Exchange Program (IYLEP), in which U.S. and Iraqi youth participate in peace-building activities.

July 26: The Summer Theatre Lab, involving Williams students and directors Caitlin Sullivan ’07 and Kevin O’Rourke ’78, announces its season lineup, as reported by The Advocate.

July 25: Spring Street will host “New Works,” a collection of landscape paintings by artist Barbara Ernst Prey ’79, reports The Advocate.

July 24: The Advocate mentions the college concerning the flooding of local brooks.

July 24: An article in The Advocate mentions the Weston Field renovation.

July 23: In an article in USA Today, psychology professor Susan Engel is among several offering parenting advice to Britain's royal couple.

July 23: The Wall Street Journal references Marc Simpson, professor of art history and organizer of the Winslow Homer exhibition at the Clark Art Institute.

July 22: Williamstown's conservation commission approves unanimously the Weston Field renovation, reports iBerkshires.

July 21: MassLive.com reports on MassDevelopment's issuing of bonds to the college that will be used to finish construction of the new library and media center, renovate an outdoor athletic complex, and relocate and renovate Kellogg House.

July 19: Karen Shepard discusses her recently-released novel, The Celestials, on New England Public Radio.

July 19: A series piece in Nashoba (Mass.) Publishing News features alumna Anne Marie Reardon’s research on Italian POWs during WWII.

July 18: WAMC/Northeast Public Radio converses with humanities professor Susan Dunn about her new book, 1940: FDR, Willkie, Lindbergh, Hitler—the Election Amid the Storm.

July 18: EW Bitter ’05 turns his passion for lacrosse into a family business, reports Stowe (Vt.) Today.

July 18: Historian Harry Gratwick ’59 gives a talk about the shipwrecks of Penobscot’s Bay at the Penobscot Marine Museum, reports the Penobscot Bay (Maine) Pilot.

July 18: An article in The Advocate mentions the college and WCMA’s collaboration with Mass MoCA to expand art programming in the area.

July 17: A New York Times article mentions Alex Guo ’15, one among many who visited the “Rain Room,” currently being featured at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

July 16: The college is mentioned in an iBerkshires article about Sheriff Thomas Bowler’s program that prepares former inmates for the workforce.

July 16: A (Danbury, Ct.) News-Times article features Red Molly, a musical group that includes singer-songwriter Molly Venter ’02 and her two bandmates.

July 16: Michael Crotty ’04, new operations manager of the Boston Neighborhood League, will help high school athletes navigate the college application process, reports the Boston Globe and other media sources.

Jul 15: The New Atlantis references President Mark Hopkins (1836-72) in an article discussing the origins of Alcoholics Anonymous.

July 15: An article in The Daily Catch notes the college’s involvement in a study that seeks to understand possible reasons for the great surge of productivity in the North Pacific Ocean that occurred thousands of years ago.

July 15: The Huffington Post interviews psychology professor Susan Engel about her past research in childhood development, as well as her more recent research that explores what it means to be successful.

July 15: The Advocate mentions the college in an article about the new “pop-up” stores on Spring Street.

July 14: Margy Love ’12 will make her debut in “The Adventures of Boy and Girl” at this year’s New York Fringe Festival, reports Broadway World.

July 13: The Washington Post reviews “How to Be a Terrorist,” a monologue starring and written by Jimmy Grzelak’s ’13. The show will be playing at the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington D.C through July 20.

July 12: WCMA’s new exhibition (to be opened July 20), “Now Dig This,” will feature African-American art that covers a 20-year period, reports the North Adams Transcript.

July 12: This fall, Professor Sarah Gardner's environmental planning class will aid town officials' research of future uses of the Spruces Mobile Home Park, reports the North Adams Transcript.

July 12: The Washington Park Profile (Denver, Colo.) features K.K. DuVivier '75, who was recently voted Best Law Professor at the University of Denver Law School.

July 11: Senator Charles E. Schumer introduces Gregory Woods '91 to the Senate Judiciary Committee for his confirmation hearing to serve as a judge in the Southern District federal court, reports Long Island.com (N.Y.) and other media sources.

July 10: In the South China Morning Post, President Falk talks about some of the advantages of a small institution.

July 9: In the Brattleboro (V.T.) Reformer, Lillian Podlog ’15 writes a story about Kids4Peace, a camp that brings together kids from all sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

July 9: In an article of iBerkshires, Associate director of environmental studies Sarah Gardner comments on the state of dairy farming in Massachusetts in an iBerkshires article.

July 8: The Daily Progress mentions Williams in an article about college tuition.

July 7: In Asia Society, President Falk continues the conversation about the values of a liberal arts education.

July 6: Boston.com article reviews “Winslow Homer: Making Art, Making History,” organized by Marc Simpson, associate director of the Williams College art history graduate program, and Susannah Maurer '06 (M.A.).

July 5: First-time and veteran parade-goers share memorable moments from Williamstown’s annual “Hometown Fourth of July Parade” in an article in the North Adams Transcript.

July 4: iBerkshires interviews artist Barbara Ernst Prey ’79 about her newest work, “The Collection.”

July 3: Murray Ross reflects on the changes the college has undergone in a blog post he wrote after participating in the Class of 1963’s 50th Reunion.

July 3: In a Newstimes article, Senator Chris Murphy ’96 comments on some of the nation’s most current topics of debate.

July 2: The Agganis Foundation welcomes Amanda Weber ’02 to its board of trustees, reports the Lynn (M.A.) Journal.

July 2: The Board of Directors of the North Country SPCA (NCSPCA) announces the selection of Jessica Hartley ’02 as its new Executive Director, reports Denton Publications based in New York.

June 2013

June 2013

June 27: Sports Illustrated and other media sources feature Nick Pugliese ’12, former soccer captain at Williams and currently the only American in Afghanistan’s professional soccer league.

June 27: In articles of iBerskshires and the Berkshire Eagle, Williams is mentioned with regard to the Clark’s opening of a temporary news shop on Spring Street.

June 25: In a Berkshire Eagle article, Sandra Burton, professor, chair, and director of the college’s dance department, talks about her involvement in and commitment to the Lift Ev’ry Voice festival.

June 25: Kevin Murphy has been named curator of American art at the Williams College Museum of Art, reports the North Adams Transcript and other media.

June 25: An Asia Society article features excerpts of an interview with President Falk about a liberal arts education and its growing influence in Asia.

June 24: WAMC/Northeast Public Radio speaks with Dick De Veaux, professor of statistics, about his work with the National Security Agency's (NSA) data collection programs.

June 23: The Summit (N.J.) Free Public Library announces the installation of "Restless Dots," a kinetic sculpture created by Fielding Brown Class of 1947, 1949 (B.A., M.A.) and former physics professor, reports NJ.com.

June 21: President Falk announces that the college has donated four acres of land to be used for affordable housing, reports the North Adams Transcript.

June 20: Mount Greylock Regional High School accepts $450,000 from the Williams College Fund, reports iBerkshires.

June 20: Madeline Seidman '17, Staples High School valedictorian, is featured in the Westport (C.T.) Daily Voice.

June 20: In the North Adams Transcript, Lauren Stevens, former Dean of Freshman and former English professor, shares his favorite Berkshire retreats.

June 19: Over 100 college student body presidents, including college council co-president Adrian Castro '13, petition Congress to take immediate action regarding the pending decision to double student loan rates, reports the Huffington Post.

June 19: Sara Dubow, associate professor of history, was awarded a New Directions Fellowship from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support two long-term book projects, reports the North Adams Transcript.

June 18: Wilson Barr '11 and Tommy Hester '11, founders of W.G. Barr Beverage Company, release a new British pub-inspired beverage, reports Brewbound (C.A.).

June 14: Humanities professor Susan Dunn’s book, 1940: FDR, Willkie, Lindbergh, Hitler—the Election Amid the Storm, is featured in an article in The Washington Post and other media, including the Wall Street Journal.

June 11: David Webster '15 writes about his experience taking on new challenges in a Huffington Post blog post.

June 11: Omar Sangare, associate professor of theatre, appears in a New York Times review for his performance in John Guare’s "3 Kinds of Exile," with the Atlantic Theater Company. Similar stories appear in the New York Observer and other publications.

June 11: The Berkshire Eagle references a study conducted by economics professor Stephen Sheppard as part of the discussion of whether a north-south rail service will return to the Berkshires.

June 11: The North Adams Transcript reports that the renovation of Weston Field will begin in November.

June 8: The Advocate features Professor Susan Dunn’s new book about the 1940 presidential election between Wendell Willkie and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

June 6: In the Pioneer Press, Rika Shabazz ’17 shares how she achieved academic success in the midst of adversity.

June 5: Spring Street’s Ephorium announces its closing a week after Williams Newsroom closes its doors, reports iBerkshires.

June 5: The Washington Post and Huffington Post feature Associate Professor Nate Kornell’s blogpost (found in Psychology Today), which questions the reliability of students’ assessments of their professors.

June 3: iBerkshires profiles local Class of 2013 graduates.

June 2, 3: The North Adams Transcript, iBerkshires, and other local media cover 2013 Commencement, highlighting speaker Billie Jean King’s "interactive" words of wisdom.

May 2013

May 2013

May 31: The Ridgewood (N.J.) News spotlights Medha Kirtane ’00, who received the Princeton University Distinguished Secondary School Teaching Award for her outstanding work as an educator and mentor at Ridgewood High School.

May 30: The Advocate covers Williams’ annual Olmsted Awards for Faculty Development, in which the college provides funding for local public school projects.

May 30: The college is mentioned in a North Adams Transcript story about the closing of the Williams Newsroom, established in 1893.

May 27: Williams partners with Berkshire Regional Transit Authority (BRTA) to provide free public bus transportation for Brayton Elementary School students, reports the North Adams Transcript.

May 22: Reported in iBerkshires, Williams senior development officer Catherine Yamamoto receives the 32nd Faith R. Scarborough Award for her efforts as chair of the Affordable Housing Committee since 2011.

May 19The Boston Globe interviews Dylan Dethier ’14 about his golfing expedition across 48 states, which served as inspiration for his recently published book, 18 in America: A Young Golfer's Epic Journey to Find the Essence of the Game.

May 16: In The Advocate, Williamstown resident Kirsten Rose ’94 brings new ideas to her recently-acquired position as the children’s librarian of the David and Joyce Milne Public Library.

May 15: The Association of Art Museum Curators bestows WCMA with the 2012 award for Outstanding Exhibition in a University for its exhibition, “Sol LeWitt: The Well-Tempered Grid,” reports The Advocate.

May 13: The Berkshire Eagle profiles Pittsfield native Duane Lee ’01 as he prepares his final dissertation for a doctorate degree in astronomy.

May 13: In the Berkshire Eagle, Megan Kiesel ’13, editor-in-chief of the Williams Record, provides input on how she navigated the job market as a major in the humanities.

May 8: The Berkshire Eagle reviews Director Brad Wells’ production of Felix Mendelssohn's oratorio, “Elijah,” performed by Williams Concert Choir and Orchestra.

May 6: The Boston Globe reports the passing of Rev. John Eusden, who spent half a century at Williams College as a chaplain and professor.

May 5: The Berkshire Eagle writes that Williams College students have joined a national campaign by asking the college’s endowment fund to divest from coal companies.

May 1: Professor of Economics Ken Kuttner comments on the Federal Reserve's interest rate setting in the Marketplace Morning Report.

May 1: Davidson College names Professor of Biology Wendy Raymond the new vice president of academic affairs and dean of faculty, DavidsonNews.net reports.

April 2013

April 2013

April 29: Will Walker ’17 comments on his Previews experience in a New York Times blog post.

April 26: The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute selected Darby English ’96, art history professor at the University of Chicago, as its next research and program director, according to the North Adams Transcript.

April 19: Guy Hedreen, professor of art, was named a 2013 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellow, according to the North Adams Transcript.

April 18: Pultizer Prize-winning composer Caroline Shaw discusses in the New York Times her experience composing for an ensemble at MASS MoCA for which Brad Wells, member of the voice faculty at Williams College, was the founder.

April 17: Christina Knapp ’13 speaks about the Boston Marathon as she was registered for the race but did not run due to injury, the North Adams Transcript reports.

April 17: Berkshire County residents held an interfaith vigil to remember the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, according to the Berkshire Eagle.

April 16: Fiona Maazel ’97, author of Woke Up Lonely and Last Last Chance, shares a favorite passage from Professor of English Jim Shepard, her former teacher, reports The Atlantic.

April 12: Williams College announces the 2013 Olmsted Awards for local faculty, the North Adams Transcript reports.

April 11: The Williamstown Planning Board approves Williams College’s proposal for renovating Weston Field, according to iBerkshires.com.

April 10: The Advocate reports on Williams College’s Daring Change event, which celebrated the legacy of John Edward Sawyer, president emeritus.

April 7: The Berkshire Eagle writes a feature on the 50-plus year old Williams College a cappella group, the Ephlats.

April 6: The Williams College Employee Federal Credit Union merges with Greylock Federal Credit Union in order to increase benefits for members, The North Adams Transcript reports.

April 5: Professor of Economics Ken Kuttner takes part in an NPR conversation on cyber currency.

April 4: Francis Oakley, president emeritus and professor of history emeritus, is one of the influential scholars featured in Brad Gregory’s new book The Unintended Reformation: How a Religious Revolution Secularized Society, according to The Huffington Post.

April 2: Mpaza Kapembwa ’15 asked interim superintendent of the DeKalb County School System tough questions, according to the Dunwoody Crier.

April 2: The North Adams Transcript reports Williams College students Deena Bak ’13, Stephanie Owyang ’13, Jocelyn Fifield ’13, Nicolei Gupit ’13, Emma Teal Laukitis ’13, and NanNan Li ’13 were awarded fellowships by the Berkshire Art Association.

April 1: Williams College head men’s soccer coach Mike Russo appears in Sports Illustrated’s “Faces in the Crowd” feature.

April 1: The Business Year interviews Carina Vance '99, minister of public health in Ecuador.

March 2013

March 2013

March 31: The Berkshire Eagle publishes a piece on a cappella groups in the Berkshires, including Williams College’s own Ephlats and Springstreeters.

March 31: Professor Gerard Caprio’s book Guardians of Finance is discussed in a Forbes article.

March 30:  The North Adams Transcript reports that Williams College has offered admission to 1,157 applicants for the Class of 2017.

March 23: Williams College announces commencement speaker Billie Jean King and other honorary degree recipients, according to the North Adams Transcript.

March 9: Professor George Marcus discusses the relationship between political inclinations and science in a Politco feature.

March 4:  Professor Yong Lee shares results from his research on humanitarian assistance after the Indian Ocean tsunami in The Huffington Post.

February 2013

February 26:  The Huffington Post reports on ConsentFest, a conference for Northeast schools to discuss sexual assault, headed by Long Dang ’15 and Henry Bergman ’15.

February 24: The Berkshire Eagle reports on Professor of Economics Stephen C. Sheppard's contribution to a Pittsfield study on the impact of city nonprofits.

February 22: The Berkshire Eagle features John Noble, director of the Career Center, in an article about transitioning to the working world.

February 20: Southwestern University names Professor of Mathematics Edward Burger as its 15th president.

February 10:  The Berkshire Eagle reports on Assistant Professor of Geosciences Phoebe Cohen’s groundbreaking discovery of predatory organisms in the Neoproterozoic era.

February 3: Professor of Political Science Sam Crane is quoted in a New York Times article about constitutionalism in China.

February 3: The New York Times highlights the thesis work of Alison Pincus '12 in a slide show on class assignments.

January 2013

January 2013

January 15: History professor Susan Dunn is featured in a Washington Post story about the history of second-term presidential inaugurations.

January 15: WAMC and other local media outlets cover Williams’ two-day Martin Luther King Jr. celebration.

January 12:The North Adams Transcript reports on the BioEYES program at Greylock Elementary School, a science education program involving members of the Williams community.

January 10: The Los Angeles Times covers a panel discussion on dark matter and dark energy featuring professor Jay Pasachoff of the astronomy department.

January 10: Timesunion.com features the upcoming exhibition “Painting Between the Lines,” coming to the Williams College Museum of Art in February.

January 9: An article in The Atlantic Cities quotes the work of Jim Shepard, author and the J. Leland Miller Professor of American history, literature, and eloquence.

January 4: Author and English professor Jim Shepard shares his thoughts on the works of Flannery O’Connor for an article in The Atlantic.

January 3: The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education reports on the decision to grant tenure to James Manigault-Bryant, associate professor of Africana Studies, and Ngonidzashe Munemo, associate professor of political science.

January 2: A Times Colonist column on the relationship between academic success and perseverance quotes mathematics professor Edward Burger on his teaching methods.

December 2012

December 2012

December 31: Professor of mathematics Edward Burger is quoted in a Washington Times article on the fear of number 13.

December 27: The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education reports that black students fared well in Williams early decision admissions this year.

December 27:  In its financial review of 2012, the Irish Examiner features a study by economics professor Gerard Caprio on the failures of the Irish financial regulators.

December 26: The latest progress on the Stetson-Sawyer project is covered by iBerkshires.

December 24: A New York Times blog post features the experiences of Will Walker on being accepted to the Class of 2017 during early decision.

December 21: The college’s acquisition of a rare collection of African-American writings is reported in the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education.

December 17: Inside Higher Ed covers an announcement of new efforts by a consortium of schools including Williams to diversify liberal arts college faculty.

December 12: The Berkshire Eagle reports that Williams defeated Providence College to win NESN’s trivia quiz show, “Schooled.”

December 11: A Washington Times article on celebrating 12/12/12 features Edward Burger of the mathematics department.

December 4: An essay on parenting adult children by Susan Engel of the psychology department is featured on Today.com.

December 2: Susan Engel, of the psychology department and the Program in Teaching, writes in her Psychology Today blog about damaging educational terms like “race to the top.”

December 2: The Berkshire Eagle interviews economics professor Stephen Sheppard about efforts by small businesses to compete for shoppers this holiday season.

December 2: Professor Susan Dunn writes in an op-ed in the New York Times about lessons of bipartisanship between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Wendell Willkie.

December 2: New Jersey PBS' State of the Arts features music professor W. Anthony Sheppard for his discovery that music boxes served as an inspiration for Puccini.

November 2012

November 2012

November 30: WHYY's Newsworks interviews art history professor Michael Lewis about famed architect Frank Furness.

November 28: James Carlton, professor of maritime studies and the director of the Williams-Mystic Program, is quoted in a New York Times article on a species of immortal jellyfish.

November 28: The Berkshire Eagle covers Williams' victory over Harvard in the second round of competition on NESN's Schooled.

November 28: The Program in Teaching's Susan Engel writes in the New York Times' Booming blog about parenting adult children.

November 19: The North Adams Transcript covers Berkshire Grown's Holiday Farmers Market at Williams.

November 18: The Berkshire Eagle interviews Head Men's Ice Hockey Coach Bill Kangas about the NHL lockout.

November 9: Timesunion.com reported that Lisa Dorin '00 has been appointed deputy director for curatorial affairs at the Williams College Museum of Art.

November 7: The New York Times and other media outlets reported on the victory of Chris Murphy '96 in Connecticut's U.S. Senate race.

November 6: Inside Higher Ed featured Williams in an article about designated quiet housing for students.

November 6: SpaceDaily.com featured Professor of Astronomy Jay Pasachoff's scientific work.

November 6: The North Adams Transcript reported on the success of a weekday bus service pilot program headed by Williams College and Berkshire Regional Transit Authority.

November 5: Political Science's Patrick Spero was featured on the History Channel website for his innovative class on presidential politics.

November 2: Timesunion.com published a dance review on 'LeWitticisms' at MASS MoCA.

November 1: Berkshire Eagle and other media outlets reported that Williams College students were to compete on "Schooled: NESN's College Face Off."

October 2012

October 2012

October 31: TheSpectrum.com interviewed Utah Senate District 29 candidate Steve Urquhart '89.

October 31: The Amherst Student published a Q&A with English Professor Geoffrey Sanborn who formerly taught at Williams College.

October 31: Head Coach of Football Aaron Kelton spoke to iBerkshires about the Weston Field project slated to begin next fall.

October 29: The Philadelphia Inquirer and other media outlets reported that Nancy Roseman, professor of biology and former dean of the College, was selected as Dickinson College's 28th president and the first female to hold this position.

October 27: The Berkshire Eagle highlighted the work Williams College has done to strengthen its sexual assault prevention and awareness programs.

October 27: Bill Mahony '73, chair of the department of religion at Davidson College was honored at the school's convocation ceremony for receiving a sabbatical fellowship according to DavidsonNews.net.

October 26: The North Adams Transcript covers MCLA's bestowing of Distinguished Alumni Awards upon four alumni, including Williams health center educator Donna Denelli-Hess.

October 24: Mpaza Kapembwa '15 posts a guest blog on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on charter schools.

October 19: The North Adams Transcript reports on the renaming of the Multicultural Center to the Davis Center, named after activist scholars.

October 19: CBS News highlights Williams College as a low-debt College.

October 16: The North Adams Transcript reports that Williams College will start up renovations of Weston Field.

October 15: U-T San Diego features Georgiana Salant '14, who has found golfing success at Williams College.

October 11: The Sacramento Bee discusses the Stetson Hall architectural renovation.

October 10: Economics professor Jon Bakija is quoted in a Bloomberg story exploring the possible effects of charities on Mitt Romney's tax plan.

October 5: On KCRW's "To the Point," President Adam Falk weighs in on a discussion of whether higher education is worth the cost.

October 4: The Berkshire Eagle interviews Sarah Gardner, associate director of Williams' Center for Environmental Studies, in an article about the 50th anniversary of the publication of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring.

October 1: The New York Times and other outlets cover the announcement of MacArthur Foundation Fellows for 2012, among whom is Elissa Hallem '99.

October 1: Assistant Professor of Africana Studies LeRhonda S. Manigault-Bryant and Sevonna Brown '15 write a review of Tyler Perry's "Madea's Witness Protection" in Religion Dispatches magazine.

October 1: iBerkshires reports on the student-run garden at Mount Greylock Regional High School, which Williams College students help to maintain.

September 2012

September 2012

September 27: The North Adams Transcript reports on the purchase by Williams of the Richard A. Ruether American Legion Post 152 building.

September 27: China Daily publishes an article on pop sensation Leehom Wang '98.

September 27: Psychology professor Susan Engel writes in Psychology Today about techniques for easing children's anxieties.

September 23: iBerkshires profiles several local students in the Class of 2016.

September 22: The New York Times publishes a letter to the editor from Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy Jay M. Pasachoff.

September 20: Alumnae Sarah Megan Thomas and Robyn Goldman are mentioned in a San Francisco Gate article about current film releases, including Thomas' "Backwards."

September 19: Janey Rapelye '81, dean of admission at Princeton University, offers expert advice on the college admissions process in a New York Times blog post.

September 18: iBerkshires reports on a gift from the Jeffrey family (Williams College alumni and parents) to Mount Greylock Regional School District.

September 16: USA Today quotes psychology professor Steven Fein in an article about Bruce Springsteen.

September 8: The North Adams Transcript covers Williams College's Bicentennial Medal ceremony.

September 7: Allison Wu '16 is featured in a Forbes story about the new "balancers."

September 6: Assistant professor of psychology Nate Kornell discusses the differences between practice and play and their effects on skill improvement in Psychology Today.

September 5: Psychology's Susan Engel explores the topic of homework for elementary school students in Psychology Today.

September 5: Economics professor Gerard Caprio Jr. discusses the impact of finance on the real economy in a story in Global Finance.

September 4: Professor Edward Burger publishes an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education titled, "The Importance of Undisciplined Thinking."

August 2012

August 2012

August 30: The Advocate provides a breakdown of the Class of 2016 and describes First Days activities.

August 28: President Adam Falk publishes an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal titled "In Defense of the Living, Breathing Professor."

August 27: A WAMC Northeast Public Radio report features Sarah Gardner, associate director for the Center of Environmental Studies, in its examination of challenges facing Berkshire farms.

August 26: Sarah Gardner, associate director for the Center of Environmental Studies, comments in iBerkshires on a bleak north county farming report.

August 19: The Los Angeles Times writes about the death of actor William Windom, who attended Williams College before joining the Army in World War II.

August 17: Political science professor James McAllister remarks in an Associated Press article on Afghan attacks.

August 13: Washington Monthly features research by associate professor of mathematics Saytan Devadoss and his students on the relationship between college majors and careers.

August 10: The Boston Phoenix profiles pediatric endocrinologist Norman Spack '65. 

August 9: Williams is named in a Business Week article about college aid and endowments.

August: Daily Edventures and Science Careers Blog post a profile on math's Edward Burger.

August 1: Kiana Scott ’07 reflects in a New York Times letter on her Williams Outdoor Orientation for Living as First-Years program.

July 2012

July 2012

July 29: The Huffington Post features an article on Elizabeth Suda '05 and her social enterprise that designs jewelry made of war scrap metals.

July 25: Political science professor Sam Crane is quoted in a New York Times blog post about the aftereffects of flooding in China.

July 24: A story on Bloomberg.com highlights the role of Bowie Zunino ’04 and Eve Biddle ’04 in developing an arts center in Wassaic, N.Y.

July 23: Boston.com announces the naming of artist-in-residence and lecturer Ronald Feldman as music director of the Longwood Symphony Orchestra.

July 20: Economics professor Jon Bakija is quoted in a Bloomberg.com article about the top 2 percent, two-earner professional couples.

July 17: C-SPAN's Washington Journal interviews Lina Khan '10 on a New America Foundation report on U.S. entrepreneurship.

July 11: Whatsoproudlywehail.org features the work of professor Patrick Spero's history course in which students created video campaign ads for presidential campaigns between 1796 and 1860.

July: Symmetry.com features a profile on Brian Gerke '99 and his energy-efficiency research.

June 2012

June 2012

June 22:The Berkshire Eagle quotes professor Stephen Sheppard in an article about Tanglewood and its contribution to the Berkshires’ tourism economy.

June 15: Music professor W. Anthony Sheppard’s article about the music box that served as muse to Puccini’s “Madama Butterfly” is published in the New York Times.

June 14: James Carlton of the Williams-Mystic maritime studies program is quoted in a USA Today article about tsunami debris.

June 11: New York Times columnist David Brooks quotes professor Michael Lewis in a story about monuments to great leaders.

June 6: Forbes and other outlets write about the commencement address delivered by Atul Gawande at this year’s ceremony.

June 5: Psychology’s Susan Engel writes in her Psychology Today blog about what children should be learning in school.

June 4: Atul Gawande’s Williams commencement address is published in the New Yorker.

June 4: Astronomy’s Jay Pasachoff writes about the transit of Venus in a New York Times op-ed.

May 2012

May 2012

May 22: NCAA.com interviews Kathleen Elkins ’14 about playing in the national tennis tournament near her hometown in North Carolina.

May 20: Williams’ honor code is featured in an article in the Guardian about student honor codes penned by former visiting professor Aminatta Forna.

May 17: National Geographic features astronomy’s Jay Pasachoff in an article about the transit of Venus.

May 17: iBerkshires is among several news outlets reporting professor Darra Goldstein’s 2012 James Beard Foundation Journalism Award for Publication of the Year.

May 15: iBerkshires reports professor Christopher Nugent’s 2012 Hoseph Levenson Book Prize.

May 14: Psychology’s Susan Engel is quoted in The Week in an article about a controversial standardized test question.

May 14: Mpaza Kapembwa ’15, in a piece published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, calls for students to be more responsible for their learning.

May 13: Professor Scott Wong and his wife are featured in an iBerkshires article about adoption.

May 12: Williams’ low debt burdens are mentioned in a New York Times article about student debt.

May 11: President Adam Falk is quoted in an article on Reuters about student debt in public and private colleges.

May 11: Psychology’s Susan Engel writes in Psychology Today about daydreaming by children.

May 9: An essay by Catherine Gerkis ’14 is published in Psychology Today.

May 9: iBerkshires reports on local schools receiving Bicentennial Olmsted Awards from Williams.

May 6: Williams is mentioned in a Sacramento Bee article about increasing numbers of Californians attending out-of-state schools.

May 4: iBerkshires reports that Williams has awarded tenure to history professor Sara Dubow.

May 1: Geosciences' Ronadh Cox's study of boulder migration on Ireland's Aran Islands is featured in Forbes.

May 1: NPR quotes President Adam Falk in an article on the value of liberal arts education.

May 1: Astronomy's Jay Pasachoff prepares for the one-in-a-lifetime Transit of Venus, as reported in Phys.org and RedOrbit.com.

May 1: The Transcript reports that the college's budget will increase by 3.5 percent in 2013.

May 1: The Boston Globe mentions Williams College in an article on trustee conflicts at private colleges.

April 2012

April 2012

April 30: Presidential historian and alumnus Michael Beschloss is interviewed by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

April 30: English professor Jim Shepard honors his mom with an essay on Oprah.com.

April 29: The Berkshire Eagle  consults economics' Steven Sheppard in an article on local economic recovery.

April 28: A BBC Scotland series on human evolution will feature research by chemistry's Anne Skinner, as reported in the Transcript.

April 27: The campus-sponsored lecture by porn star actress Jiz Lee is covered by FOX News and the Daily Mail.

April 24: The college's response to the recent discovery of homophobic graffiti is reported by the Boston Globe, ABC News 10, and other media outlets.

April 24: Lisa Melandri, a graduate of the Williams College Graduate Program in Art History, is appointed director of the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAS), according to ArtDaily.

April 23: The members of Fountains of Wayne, who started their band at Williams, are interviewed in the Daily Tribune.

April 19: An Inside Higher Education article references Williams alumnus and former President James A. Garfield's theories of undergraduate education.

April 18: The Advocate includes information on a composting workshop hosted by biology's Hank Art in an article on the Williamstown COOL Committee.

April 17: Fox News remembers the late Sid Moody, a Williams alum and Associated Press feature writer.

April 17: Williams College football and cross country teams assist the annual Milne Public Library used book sale, as reported in the Transcript.

April 16: Bradley Cooper and Patricia Clarkson will star in Elephant Man at the 2012 Williamstown Theater Festival, according to Variety, Broadway.com, Albany Times Union, and other sources.

April 16: Playbill reports that the David Byrne-Fatboy Slim musical Here Lies Love will appear in the 2012 Williamstown Theatre Festival.

April 15: McClatchy quotes art history's Michael Lewis in an article on changes to the National Mall.

April 13: Alumna Katie Redding '99, who earned her teaching certificate through the innovative Teacher Apprentice Program (TAP),  is interviewed by the Bennington Banner.

April 13: Williams College students host the annual "Berkshire County Goes to College Day," as reported in the Berkshire Eagle.

April 11: The New York Times profiles alumna Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC's weekday program Morning Joe.

April 10: The Bennington Banner previews an upcoming poetry reading by Lawrence Raab.

April 10: Economics' Jon Bakija is consulted in an article on the calculation of effective tax rates for Bloomberg.

April 8: Knox News pictures a group Williams College students during their alternative spring break trip to Knoxville, Tenn.

April 6: CBS News cites Williams College in an article about the rising rates of financial aid.

April 4: iBerkshires previews a joint Williams College and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts production of "Living in Exile."

April 2: Chemistry's Anne Skinner is quoted in an article for The Republic on the recent discovery of burnt bones in South Africa, which may provide insight into the earliest uses of fire.

March 2012

March 2012

March 30: A New York Times blog details the life of Robert Sterling Clark, founder of the Williams College-affiliated Clark Art Museum, in a profile of artist Mark Dion.

March 29: Williams College will host a Free College Prep 101 course sponsored by the North Adams Community Bank, as reported in iBerkshires.

March 25: Economics' Gerard Caprio is consulted in an article on occupy movements and banking regulators for the Irish Independent.

March 23: Sandra Burton, Lipp Family director of dance at Williams College, will receive an honorary degree in Fine Arts a the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts' 113th Commencement, as reported in iBerkshires.

March 14: The New York Times previews an upcoming exhibit at the Clark Art Museum, which sponsors a master's degree program with Williams College.

March 13: The Transcript reviews Guardians of Finance: Making Regulators Work for Us, a book co-authored by economics' Gerard Caprio Jr.

March 12: The New York Times profiles Mary Jane Schriner, the recipient of more than 60 letters written by alumnus George Steinbrenner.

March 12: Art's Liza Johnson discusses her latest film Return on MSNBC's Morning Joe.

March 8: The Guardian and the New York Times review Richard Nelson's play about British theatre pioneer Harley Granville Barker, who sought refuge in Williamstown during World War I.

March 5: College-cost calculators reveal that Williams College costs less than Cal State, as reported on MercuryNews.com.

March 1: Martha Williamson '77 will write a special tribute cabaret about Williamstown for the Williamstown Historical Museum's 2012 fundraiser, as reported in iBerkshires.

March 1: The Dorchester Reporter profiles recently elected College Council co-president Peter Skipper '13.

February 2012

February 2012

February 29: According to the Chicago Tribune, Williams College has the second-highest four-year graduation rate in the country, with 91 percent, more than doubling the 40.1 percent national average.

February 29: The Bennington Banner interviews Darlingside, a Northampton-based band of Williams alums  Sam Kapala, Don Mitchell, Harris Paseltiner, David Senft, and Auyon Mukharji.

February 29: The Williamstown Theatre Festival reveals its 2012 lineup, as reported by the Bennington Banner and iBerkshires.

February 27: An upcoming performance by the Williams Chamber Players is previewed by iBerkshires.

February 26: Williams College Dining Services places 2nd in the annual Winterfest Chowder Cook-Off, as reported by iBerkshires.

February 24: iBerkshires previews an upcoming performance by Music From China, sponsored by the Williams College Department of Music.

February 23: Davidson News congratulates  Evelyn Denham '12 on receiving the prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship and Dr. Hershel Smith Fellowship for graduate study at Cambridge University.

February 23: Chase Davenport '12 and Ben Oliva '12 are pictured in the Berkshire Eagle, accompanying an article on the uncharacteristically warm winter.

February 21: The Albany Times Union previews an upcoming lecture by contemporary artist Jenny Holzer, whose public art installation of a stone table covered in molecular diagrams was dedicated to the college in April 2011.

February 21: iBerkshires previews the 3rd Annual Sekou Sundiata Evening of Spoken Word & Poetry, co-presented by the Williams College's Stalwart Originality: New Traditions in Black Performance and the MCLA English department.

February 20: Fay Vincent profiles fellow Williams alumnus Dick Helms, who headed the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1960s, on TCPalm.com.

February 19: Economics' Stephen Shepard is quoted in a Berkshire Eagle article on the nonprofit arts and culture sector in the Berkshires.

February 19: Masslive.com reviews "Destiny of a Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine, and the Murder of a President," a biography of Williams alumnus President James Garfield.

February 19: Head football coach Aaron Kelton, alumnus and Pittsfield police chief Michael Wynn, and associate dean Gina Coleman are mentioned in a Berkshire Eagle article on African-American leaders in Berkshire County.

February 18: "Eyes," the 2001 Louise Burgeois public art piece outside the Williams College Museum of Art, is profiled in the Bennington Banner.

February 17: NPR's "Fresh Air" reviews Return, the latest film by art professor Liza Johnson.

February 16: The Los Angeles Times announces that the UCLA School of Medicine will be renamed the Jonathan and Karin Fielding School of Medicine after Williams alumnus Jonathan Fielding's recent $50 million gift.

February 12: The college's first "Human Library" event, organized by history's Magnus Bernhardsson and romance languages' Katarzyna Pierprzak, is reviewed in iBerkshires.

February 11: The Berkshire Eagle profiles the "Williams Speaks" public speaking program at Mount Greylock Regional High School, started by Kairav Sinha '15.

February 9: The Bennington Banner previews an upcoming performance by Cloud Gate, one of Taiwan's premiere dance companies, at the '62 Center for Theatre and Dance.

February 7: iBerkshires previews an upcoming lecture by a Williamstown native who became an umpire in the Major League of Baseball.

February 4: The Williamstown Theatre Festival will hold a charity reading of The Misanthrope to benefit Higher Ground, as reported in iBerkshires.

February 3Newsweek quotes Williams football coach Mike Whalen in an article on New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

January 2012

January 2012

January 31AdvisorOne reviews Guardians of Finance, an upcoming book about global financial regulators by economics' Gerard Caprio.

January 31: Williams College will host an interactive "Human Library" on the weekend of February 10, as reported in iBerkshires.

January 30: The Los Angeles Times profiles alumna Carly Salser, who founded A Window Between Worlds, a 20-year-old program that teaches art therapy techniques to domestic violence counselors.

January 29: Research by economics' Jon Bakija on the breakdown of Wall Street's "1 percent" is cited in two Washington Post editorials and the Science Careers Blog.

January 27: Associate Director for the Center of Environmental Studies Sarah Gardner's Winter Study trip to Eleuthera, Bahamas, is profiled on The Island School's blog.

January 27: Mathematics' Susan Loepp receives a national award from the Mathematical Association of America, as reported by WNYT Albany.

January 23: Assistant football coach John Doyle is quoted in a Berkshire Eaglearticle on the late Penn State coach Joe Paterno.

January 23Forbes profiles alumnus Michael Greely, founder of Flybridge Capital Partners, on his experience working with start-ups.

January 20: Christina Olsen, former director of education of the Portland Art Museum, is named director of the Williams College Museum of Art, as reported in the North Adams Transcript, Oregon LiveiBerkshires.com, and other news sources.

January 19: The Williamstown Theatre Festival slates two shows for its 2012 season, as reported in the Chicago Tribune and the Albany Times Union.

January 18: The Daily Pennsylvanian quotes Williams College director of financial aid Paul Boyer in an article about online net-price calculators.

January 18: The Williams College Museum of Art's new exhibit, "African Americans and the American Scene, 1929-1945," is reviewed in the Bennington Banner.

January 16: The New York Times reviews a performance at the Lincoln Center by alumnus William Finn that included a song that was commissioned by the college.

January 16: A Washington Post blog references research by economics' Kenneth Kutner on low interest rates and the housing bust.

January 15: Hillary Higgs '12 is named one of 25 Woodrow Wilson-Rockefeller Brothers Fund Aspiring Teachers of Color for 2012, as reported by Massachusetts Live.

January 14: President Emeritus of Harvard University and former Secretary of Treasury Lawrence Summers' recent lecture at Williams College is reviewed on WAMC Northeast Public Radio.

January 5WNYT Albany reports on the college's development of a task force to determine protocol for future bias incidents.

January 4: Football player B.J. Griffin '12 is profiled in the Houston Memorial Examiner.

December 2011

December 2011

December 30: The Boston Globe mentions the Williams College Museum of Art in a spotlight on MASSMoCA.

December 20: Research by psychology's Carin Perrilloux on sexual attraction is reported by Fox News, the Huffington PostNBC Austin, and other news sources.

December 15: Business Week mentions Williams College in an article about college financial aid.

December 12: The Atlantic Cities features research by economics' Quamrul Ashrad on diversity and economic growth.

December 9: Williams students help make the Pittsfield metropolitan area the nation's 10th largest provider of Peace Corps volunteers, according to WAMC Northeast Public Radio.

December 9: The Seattle Times consults economics' Tara Watson on the economic integration of neighborhoods.

December 7: Businessweek interviews Zach Safford '09  on the choice to pursue graduate education.

December 4: Facilities staff member and Williamstown Assistant Fire Chief Michael Noyes was honored for rescuing a man from a burning truck, as reported in the Berkshire Eagle.

December 2: A New York Times blog highlights Williams College on a list of private colleges that keep student debt low.

November 2011

November 2011

November 27: CBS Sunday Morning interviews Will Su '12 about his internship at Italy's Biennale, one of the world's oldest contemporary art shows.

November 25: NPR consults history's Leslie Brown on her research of oral histories from the Jim Crow era.

November 25: The Boston Globe highlights alumnus and NBC Sports producer Sam Flood's work on the Thanksgiving NHL game.

November 25: The 54th eclipse trip by astronomy's Jay Pasachoff is covered by the MSNBC PhotoBlog and the Southland Times.

November 25: The Scotsman reviews a book titled The Shakespeare Thefts, which includes the story of a theft of the Williams College Shakespeare Folio.

November 25: The Williams College Museum of Art will showcase a recent acquisition by Teddy Sandoval on A Day (With)out Art/World Aids Day, as reported in the Bennington Banner.

November 23: Wade Davis '13 is profiled in the Morning Sentinel for his success on the Williams cross country team.

November 22: Economics' Tara Watson is consulted in a Kansas City Star article about economic gentrification.

November 17: Williams College funds ventilation, energy, and plumbing inspections for Mount Greylock Regional High School, as reported in iBerkshires and the North Adams Transcript.

November 16: The Bennington Banner discusses the contributions of Evalynn Rosado '12, Wade Davis '13, Chad Lorenz '13, and Julio Luquin '13 in the development a Pownal, VT, race track site.

November 14: Williams' stand against hate on campus is covered by the Huffington Post, Inside Higher Education, Channel 13 WNYT Albany, iBerkshires, and the North Adams Transcript.

November 12: The Homecoming weekend tribute to football alumni Mike Reilly is covered by NOLA.com, the Berkshire Eagle, and the Advocate.

November 11: The Poughkeepsie Journal cites a paper by economics' Jon Bakija on the demographics of the "1 percent."

November 8: MSNBC profiles the research of geosciences' Ronadh Cox on "moving boulders" on the coast of Ireland.

November 8: Canadian magazine Maclean's recognizes Williams' low student borrowing rate in an article on whether the American tuition system is more progressive.

November 7: Sports Illustrated profiles football legend Mike Reily '64, whose number 50 will become Williams' first officially retired jersey on Homecoming weekend.

November 5: Williams alumnus Mark Creekmore is profiled on AnnArbor.com, where he discusses his project to share the stories of people with mental illness.

November 3: US News quotes Jordan Freking '12 in an article on the role of Facebook in the evaluation of law school applicants.

November 3: NPR reports that Williams College students borrow less money than the national average.

November 2: Former Williams College director of strength and training Rod Livingstone will run a student athlete Strength and Speed Academy in the Berkshires, as reported in the Advocate.

October 2011

October 2011

October 31: A New York Times column and editorial cite a paper by economics' Jon Bakija on the occupational distribution of the "1 percent."

October 27: An article in the Berkshire Eagle discusses the prospects for the shooting of movies in Berkshire County, including a project involving Williams alum Brad Silberling and a film based on a Bill Bryson bestseller.

October 26: Recent alum Drew Murray, whose short film debuted as part of the Williamstown Theatre Festival, is profiled in the Advocate.

October 25: The Dallas Morning News cites economics' Jon Bakija in a story about Rick Perry's proposed flat tax.

October 25: The Berkshire Eagle interviews Charlie Toomajian, Associate Dean of the College and Registrar, in his role as a founding board member of the Berkshire Arts & Technology Charter Public School.

October 25: Lisa Graziose Corrin, former director of the Williams College Museum of Art, has been named the next Ellen Philips Katz Director of the Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, as reported in Art Daily.

October 23: A Gazette guest columnist cites the work of former Williams professor Frederick Rudolph in an editorial on values and college athletics.

October 21: Quarterback Chris Cleary '12 explains to US News what in means to be an "Eph," in a story about team names and college identity.

October 19: Forbes asks alumna Sasha Macko '11 why she is occupying Wall Street.

October 19: Emily Fox Gordon, the daughter of a former Williams professor, discusses her recently published memoir of childhood in Williamstown with the Advocate.

October 18: Williams College has received an anonymous donation of $135,000 to help Mt. Greylock High School, as reported in iBerkshires.

October 18: A Washington Post blog mentions Williams College in a post about grandparents as college admissions guides.

October 17: Blogs in the New York Times and Washington Post discuss a paper by economics' Jon Bakija on the professional distribution of Occupy Wall Street's "1 percent."

October 16: Kidspace, a collaborative program between Mass MoCA, the Clark Art Institute, and the Williams College Museum of Art, is profiled in the Albany Times Union.

October 8: The Boston Globe profiles head football coach Aaron Kelton and his current exhibition at the Williams College Museum of Art.

October 7: In the Christian Post, assistant professor of religion Glenn W. Shuck discusses Harold Camping's doomsday predictions.

October 6: Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter Public school thanks Williams College for its participation in the upcoming workshop held by the New York City Ballet, as reported in iBerkshires.

October 2: Alum and co-founder of Tripod.com Bo Peabody is quoted in the Boston Globe, where he discusses the viability of Massachusetts start-ups located outside of Boston.

October 1: Fox News profiles the Williams College Museum of Art in its 2-day, art-centered college tour.

October 1: Renovation plans for the Weston Field sports complex are discussed in the Berkshire Eagle.

September 2011


September 2011

September 28: Economics' Jon Bakija explains in the Chronicle of Philanthropy how charitable deduction influences the incentive to give.

September 27: Alumna Kara Novaco Brockmeyer is named head of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act unit, as reported in the Wall Street Journal.

September 26: World music and dance group Burkina Electric's upcoming performance in Lasell Gymnasium, coordinated by Carrie Tribble '13 with the United Nations-affiliated BARKA Foundation, is profiled in the Berkshire Eagle.

September 24: The New York Times quotes visiting professor Nicholas Goodbody on the use of social media in Mexico.

September 24: Psychology's Nate Kornell explains the fallibility of human memory in the Berkshire Eagle.

September 23: The Berkshire Eagle reviews a lecture on concussions by Dr. Robert Cantu and activist Christopher Nowinski, held in the '62 Center for Theatre and Dance.

September 22: The Berkshire Eagle profiles award-winning author and Sterling Brown Visiting Professor of Africana Studies Aminatta Forna.

September 21: A paper co-authored by psychology's Steven Fein discussing audience reactions to political debates is referenced in the Columbia Journalism Review.

September 20: C-SPAN hosts a video Q&A with alumna Stacy Schiff '82, who discusses her biography on growing up in western Massachusetts.

September 19iBerkshires covers Noam Chomsky's lecture on humanitarian intervention, held in the '62 Center for Theatre and Dance.

September 13: Williams alumna and student rabbi Bethie Miller is profiled in the Suffolk Times.

September 12: Off Off Broadway World reviews a play written by Mike Leon '11 and starring additional recent alums.

September 12:"Solar Flares Aren't What They Seemed," an article in Sky & Telescope by Jay M. Pasachoff, Chair and Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy.

September 11: The Portland Press Herald highlights alumnus Jeff Thaler's participation in the TEDxDirigo conference.

September 9: Williams' Financial Aid Calculator is mentioned in a New York Times blog.

September 7: Philosophy's Julia Pedroni comments on the Massachusetts Death with Dignity Act in the Berkshire Eagle.

September 2: The Washington Post profiles alumnus and former presidential speechwriter Jon Lovett.

August 2011

August 2011

August 26: Grace Wright '12 comments on the New York City High Line in the New York Times.

August 26: Babble.com quotes a Psychology Today article by psychology professor Nate Kornell.

August 25 : The New York Times reviews "Asco: Elite of the Obscure," an exhibition co-organized by the Los Angeles County Museum and the Williams College Museum of Art.

August 24: Economics' Stephen Sheppard's support of rail service restoration is covered by the Republican American and other media outlets.

August 22: Forbes profiles alumna Dahna Goldstein, founder and CEO of Philantech.

August 21: The Ashland Current highlights the discovery by biology professor Joan Edwards and a colleague from UW-Madison of a new sunflower species.

August 17: iBerkshires reviews the new, Williamstown-based taco truck founded by alumnus Brian Cole.

August 14: Economics' Jon Bakija discusses big corporate paychecks in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

August 9: Daily Finance consults assistant economics professor Alan Love on retirement planning.

August 9: Williams graduate Sarah Megan Thomas's film, which she wrote, raised money for, and is now starring in, is covered by Philly.com.

July 2011

July 2011

July 25: Research on tax evasion by economics' Sara LaLumia is reported in the Daily Caller.

July 21: The death of former Rhode Island Gov. Bruce Sundlun '46 is reported on TheDay.com.

July 21: Coverage of the inaugural Williams Thinking faculty lecture series in the Berkshire Eagle.

July 21: Psychology's Nate Kornell's latest blogpost for Psychology Today, "Howling and Growling at the Full Moon."

July 20: The North Adams Transcript features the upcoming cycling event for cancer research by Williamstown residents including softball coach Kris Herman.

July 17: The Portland Press Herald profiles alumnus Charles Hewett.

July 15: The New York Times publishes a letter to the editor by humanities' Susan Dunn.

July 12: The Mark Hopkins and the Log legend is referenced in a Washington Post education blog on class size.

July 10: Fountains of Wayne band members and Williams alumni Brian Young and Adam Schlesinger are profiled in New York Magazine.

July 5: Baltimore Sun critic Mike Sragow reviews comedian Lewis Black as King George at the Williamstown Fourth of July festivities.

June 2011

June 2011

June 20: The work of mathematician and "bubble magician" Frank Morgan is chronicled in the New York Times' crossword blog, "Numberplay."

June 20: Author and English professor Jim Shepard is featured on NPR's Fresh Air.

June 18: "With executive pay, rich pull away from rest of America," a Washington Post story featuring the research of economics professor Jon Bakija.

June 18: Historian James MacGregor Burns and humanities professor Susan Dunn participated in a C-SPAN panel with Michael Beschloss '77 as part of the 2011 Roosevelt Reading Festival.

June 10: Research by psychology professor Marlene Sandstrom is highlighted in a Time article, "Life After High School."

June 9: An excerpt from alumnus Bo Peabody's book Lucky or Smart? in which Peabody recounts rejecting his rejection from Williams, is published in Business Insider.

June 8: "Who Feels the Pain of Rejection--and Who Doesn't," a post from professor Nate Kornell's blog on Psychology Today.

June 5: Local coverage of 2011 Commencement includes stories in iBerkshires and the Berkshire Eagle.

June 3: "A Collection of Histories," a new exhibit at the Williams College Museum of Art, is featured in the Bennington Banner.

May 2011

May 2011

May 26: Psychology professor Nate Kornell writes in Miller-McCune about how audience behavior could influence a game's result.

May 19: iBerkshires on the enrollment of 550 students for Williams' Class of 2015.

May 17: WNYT coverage of the college's Olmsted Prizes for secondary school teachers.

May 15: The Los Angeles Times covers the Cannes premiere of professor Liza Johnson's feature film, Return.

May 15: iBerkshires covers the dedication of Jenny Holzer's 715 Molecules, artwork commissioned to honor J. Hodge Markgraf '52.

May 11: A Berkshire Eagle story about a proposed Berkshires-to-NYC rail line features research by economics professor Stephen Sheppard.

May 8: A New York Magazine feature story titled "Paper Tigers" includes reflections on Williams from Daniel Chu '10.

May 8: The Boston Globe and several other media outlets report on the world record-setting women's rugby match between Williams and Keene State.

May 2: WAMC interviews James McAllister, professor of political science, on what Osama bin Laden's death means for foreign policy.

April 2011

April 2011

April 21: A Reuters article picked up by several newspapers, regarding Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's decision to hold news briefings, includes comments by Kenneth Kuttner, Rober F. White Class of 1952 Professor of Economics.

April 18: "Font Size May Not Aid Learning, but Its Style Can, Researchers Find," from The New York Times, featuring the research of assistant professor of psychology Nate Kornell.

April 15: Boston.com highlights "30 perks of living in a college town" with a slideshow that includes Williams' Taconic Golf Club, founding documents on display at WCMA, and the Hopkins Observatory planetarium shows.

April 9: Jay Pasachoff, chair and Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy and director of the Hopkins Observatory, is interviewed in The New York Times about new, self-aligning telescopes that are making stargazing easier than ever.

April 1: The New York Times Sunday Book Review on Jim Shepard's latest collection, You Think That's Bad.

March 2011

March 2011

March 28: Director of Admission Richard Nesbitt is interviewed in the Chronicle of Higher Education about the college's efforts to increase access to a Williams education and its related increase in Pell Grant recipients.

March 23: You Think That's Bad, a new collection of stories by Jim Shepard, the J. Leland Miller Professor of American History, Literature, and Eloquence, is featured on NPR's "Books We Like."

March 21: WAMC interviews faculty members Joan Edwards (biology) and Lisa Gilbert (geosciences) about the ecological impacts of the Japanese tsunami and earthquake.

March 17: Bucknell men's basketball coach Dave Paulsen '87 is profiled by Sports Illustrated and interviewed by NBC Sports.

March 16: Nate Kornell, assistant professor of psychology, in Miller-McCune with lessons from American Idol.

March 14: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette chronicles the harrowing experience of Ken Osgood, Stanley Kaplan Visiting Professor of American Foreign Policy at Williams, and his wife Rachel, who were in Japan when the earthquake and tsunami hit.

March 14: Williams students involved in the Best Buddies program are featured in the Berkshire Eagle.

March 12: Susan Engel, psychology professor and 1959 Director of the Program in Teaching, is interviewed in the Los Angeles Times about parenting pressures.

March 9: Darra Goldstein's Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture is named the best food magazine of 2010 at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris.

March 1: David Willey '89, editor-in-chief of Runner's World magazine, is featured in the Wall Street Journal's "What's Your Workout?" series.

February 2011

February 2011

February 22: Williams is mentioned prominently in a New York Times blogpost, "Revisiting the Value of Elite Colleges."

February 16: The San Francisco Examiner featured Gabriela Hernandez '11, recipient of a Woodrow Wilson-Rockefeller Brothers Fund Fellowship for Aspiring Teachers of Color.

February 16: Julia Morgan-Leamon, who led a Winter Study course in Egypt last month, was highlighted in a video on Time.com and an article in the Berkshire Eagle.

February 15: Magnus Bernhardsson, associate professor of history, was interviewed on WAMC about recent events in Egypt.

February 11: Psychologist Susan Engel, Class of 1959 Director of the Program in Teaching, on Good Morning America discussing her latest book, Red Flags or Red Herrings? Predicting Who Your Child Will Become.

February 8: Susan Dunn awarded Adams Book Prize (iBerkshires.com).

February 1: Alumnus Steve Case is featured in Forbes after being appointed by the Obama administration to head the Startup America Foundation.

January 2011

January 2011

January 30: Jay M. Pasachoff, Chair and Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy, in The New York Times on the shutting down of the Tevatron collider in Illinois.

January 28: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (and several other media outlets) reported that John Wetenhall, an alumnus of the Graduate Program in the History of Art, has been named president of the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh.

January 25: "Williams students study farming for Berkshire Regional Planning Commission," with Sarah Gardner, lecturer in environmental studies (iBerkshires.com).

January 21: “Your wife doesn’t understand you because you are too close, study suggests,” highlighting recent research by psychology professor Kenneth Savitsky (The London Telegraph); also featured in numerous other publications).

January 21: “To Really Learn, Quit Studying and Take a Test,” featuring psychology professor Nate Kornell (The New York Times).

January 18: “In Maine, a learning model that’s life-changing,” profiling Williams students in an unusual Winter Study program and the Portland lawyer, Jeff Thaler ’74, who started it (The Portland Press Herald).

January 18: “The psychology of a Jared Loughner,” an essay by psychology professor Saul Kassin (CNN.com).

January 5: Many media reports on the possible invasion of Asian carp into the Great Lakes quoted Jim Carlton, professor of marine sciences.

January 4: Many media reports on the partial solar eclipse in the Middle East and Europe quoted Jay Pasachoff, professor of astronomy.