Williams in the News

A collection of recent news stories featuring members of the Williams community

  • November 2016

    Nov. 21: President Adam Falk is mentioned in this Inside Higher Ed article as one of more than 90 college leaders who has signed a letter urging that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program be continued.

    Nov. 18: President Adam Falk is mentioned in this Inside Higher Ed article as one of more than 100 college presidents who signed a letter urging President-Elect Donald Trump to speak out against the acts of harassment, violence, and hate that have followed his election.

    Nov. 17: Chair and Associate Professor of Religion Jason Ānanda Josephson-Storm is quoted in this WBUR story about how Mount Greylock has inspired literary legends.

    Nov. 16: In the Berkshire Eagle, columnist Phyllis McGuire says the closure of Hart's Pharmacy on Spring Street will make it more difficult for students to have access to basic necessities.

    Nov. 15: Professor of History Alexandra Garbarini is among several Jewish historians who have signed on to a letter in the Jewish Journal that speaks out against the election of Donald Trump.

    Nov. 14: Professor of Marine Sciences, emeritus, James Carlton is quoted in this Cosmos article about an invasive species of toads on Madagascar.

    Nov. 13: Assistant Professor of Economics Matthew Gibson's research on how sleep can affect your earning potential is quoted in this Washington Post Wonkblog post. 

    Nov. 13: W. Van Alan Clark '41 Third Century Professor in the Social Sciences and Chair of Global Studies Sam Crane is quoted in this Bloomberg article about how Asian leaders might perceive President-elect Donald Trump.

    Nov. 11: The college is mentioned in this Inside Higher Ed article about selective colleges recruiting veterans.

    Nov. 10: The Berkshire Eagle had a review of "The Skriker," a play performed by the college's theatre department.

    Nov. 10: The Connecticut College Voice had an article about three campus safety directors, including the college's David Boyer, coming together to talk about campus policing reform.

    Nov. 10: iBerkshires had a story about The Clark's opening of the Manton Center, the home to Williams' grad art program.

    Nov. 10: Professor of Latina/o Studies Maria Elena Cepeda is quoted in this NBC News article about the seven times Latinos figured in the Trump campaign.

    Nov. 7: The college's collaboration with Howard University on the Every28Hours plays project is highlighted in this Broadway World article.

    Nov. 2: Alan Hirsch, chair of justice and law studies, is featured in this Corning (N.Y.) Leader article on a murder case during which he gave expert testimony on false confessions.

    Nov. 2: Robert Sterling Clark Professor of Art Carol Ockman, curator at-large for Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, is featured in this Sarasota (Fla.) Observer article about a exhibition of Marc Chagall paintings.

    Nov. 2: Molly Polk from the Center for Learning in Action is featured in this iBerkshires article talking about the volunteer efforts by Williams students in local schools.

    Nov. 1: Zach Wood '18 contributed this article to Times Higher Education on the legacy and work ethic of President Barack Obama.

  • October 2016

    Oct. 31: A program called "Kids Night Out" offered by Williams student-athletes is highlighted in this Berkshire Eagle article.

    Oct. 30: A columnist in the Berkshire Eagle wrote about recent speakers at the college for the year of inquiry on Confronting Climate Change and fossil fuel divestment.

    Oct. 28: The college is mentioned in this article in The Atlantic regarding how students of color are sometimes forced to commodify their backgrounds for the sake of college admissions.

    Oct. 28: Nicholas Gardner '19 and an alumnus wrote an op-ed in the Berkshire Eagle regarding the college's endowment and fossil fuel divestment.

    Oct. 27: Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy Jay Pasachoff is quoted in this Huffington Post article about the Galactic and Extragalactic All-Sky Murchison Widefield Array (GLEAM) radio telescope images.

    Oct. 27: Williams Chief Information Officer Barron Koralesky is featured in this EducationDive article about the Educause 2016 conference. Koralesky was on a panel for new CIOs.

    Oct. 27: Assistant Professor of Economics Matthew Gibson and his research are featured in this Australian Broadcasting Company interview on the economics of sleep.

    Oct. 26: Lyell B. Clay Artist in Residence and Director of Choral/Vocal Programs Brad Wells is featured in this interview with Penn State about his group A Roomful of Teeth.

    Oct. 24: Director of Admission Richard Nesbitt is quoted in this U.S. News & World Report article about what happens when students back out of early decision offers.

    Oct. 21: Several Williams faculty are mentioned in this iBerkshires article on their recent accomplishments.

    Oct. 21: Benjamin Lamb, assistant director for student organizations and involvement in the Office of Student Life, is featured in this iBerkshires article on MCLA alumni recently honored by the college.

    Oct. 21: Professor of Latina/o Studies Maria Elena Cepeda is quoted in this New York Times article about an 11 year-old's viral video about Latino/a identity called "Soy Yo" or "That's Me."

    Oct. 20: Robert F. White Class of 1952 Professor of Economics Ken Kuttner is quoted in this MarketPlace story on possible appointments to the Fed that would fall to the next U.S. president.

    Oct. 20: Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy Jay Pasachoff offered comments to Huffington Post on the news of a new detailed map of the Milky Way.

    Oct. 20: The college is mentioned in this eCampusNews article about ways colleges restrict Advanced Placement (AP) credit.

    Oct. 19: Faison-Pierson-Stoddard Professor of Art History Michael Lewis shared his thoughts on the architectural beauty of the Luzerne County Courthouse in Pennsylvania in this feature on the Cheapism.com blog.

    Oct. 18: Research by economics professor William Gentry on entrepreneurship is referenced in this MarketWatch opinion column on Donald Trump's economic policies and women.

    Oct. 17: Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy Jay Pasachoff had a letter to the editor of the Berkshire Eagle countering claims another letter writer made regarding nuclear energy.

    Oct. 17: WalletHub interviewed George Marcus, professor of political science, about American political processes.

    Oct. 16: The Chronicle of Higher Education has an essay by Ephraim Williams Professor of American History Charles Dew regarding his new book, The Making of a Racist.

    Oct. 14: President Adam Falk and the college are highlighted in this Berkshire Eagle article about Highland Woods, an affordable senior housing community.

    Oct. 13: iBerkshires mentions President Adam Falk and the college in this article about the Highland Woods affordable housing project.

    Oct. 13: Students involved in Williams' sexual assault prevention efforts are featured in this Berkshire Eagle story about local reaction to presidential candidate Donald Trump's leaked taped comments about groping and kissing women.

    Oct. 13: Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy Jay Pasachoff shares tips on the best way to view the moon in this Berkshire Eagle story.

    Oct. 12: President Adam Falk is featured in this Times Higher Education story about how small class sizes at Williams promote a high quality learning environment.

    Oct. 12: Fortune Magazine featured advice from Nate Kornell, associate professor of psychology, on how to learn something and retain it.

    Oct. 11: Ephraim Williams Professor of American History Charles Dew was featured on WAMC's The Roundtable discussing his new book, The Making of a Racist.

    Oct. 11: Several faculty members and their recent accomplishments were mentioned in this Berkshire Eagle article.

    Oct. 10: Political Science Professor Nicole Mellow is quoted in this Berkshire Eagle article about how presidential candidates communicate with voters.

    Oct. 3: Hyperallergic reviewed Class of 1955 Memorial Professor of Art Marc Gotlieb's new book, The Deaths of Henri Regnault. 

    Oct. 2: Peter Grudin, retired director of the Williams Writing Workshop, is featured in this iBerkshires article about his new novel.

  • September 2016

    Sept. 30: This Berkshire Eagle story profiles Professor Henry Art's course, "The Natural History of the Berkshires: Stone Hill," and its use of the landscape at the Clark Art Institute.

    Sept. 29: A Berkshire Eagle story about the Harvest of Hope in Pittsfield mentions the volunteer contributions of the first-year Williams students with the ROOT Ephventure.

    Sept. 29: Associate Professor of Computer Science Morgan McGuire was featured in an story on WAMC about his virtual reality research.

    Sept. 29: A Berkshire Eagle columnist mentions the Williams College Museum of Art in his vision for an "art zone" in northern Berkshire County.

    Sept. 28: Research by Assistant Professor of Geosciences Phoebe Cohen is highlighted in this article in Science News on new discoveries about shell making in ancient fossil microbes.

    Sept. 28: The American Association of Physics Teachers announced that Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy Jay Pasachoff was the recipient of its Richtmyer Memorial Lecture Award.

    Sept. 28: Sarah Gardner, assistant director for the Center for Environmental Studies, is featured in the Boston Globe talking about a documentary film she produced about New England dairy farmers.

    Sept. 25: Berkshire Magazine had a story about the college and its relationship to the surrounding communities.

    Sept. 25: OZY had a story about audiences at presidential debates that mentioned research by Professor of Psychology Steven Fein about how participants’ judgments about a candidate’s debate performance were strongly influenced by the audience’s reactions to one-liners.

    Sept. 23: iBerkshires had a story about a new bus route for North Adams that mentioned a bus route subsidized by the college may be changing or shutting down.

    Sept. 23: The Berkshire Eagle has a review of Professor Charles Dew's memoir, The Making of a Racist.

    Sept. 22: NorthJersey.com published a story about Fairleigh Dickinson University devising a new partnership with Teaneck, N.J. to connect the university to the community, modeled after the connection an FDU student observed between Williams and Williamstown.

    Sept. 22: The Wichita Eagle had a story about Williams professor of history emeritus John Hyde giving a donation to help build a new Central Library in Wichita.

    Sept. 21: Yale Daily News spoke with Director of Admission Richard Nesbitt for a story it did on the new coalition application.

    Sept. 20: Payscale.com published a story that referred to research done by Assistant Professor of Economics Matthew Gibson that indicates if you get more sleep, you could earn a higher salary.

    Sept. 20: Massachusetts Professor of Humanities Susan Dunn penned this letter to the New York Times on countries using Thomas Jefferson's words when seeking independence.

    Sept. 19: WAMC's Jim Levulis produced this story on Confronting Climate Change, the college's year of inquiry theme.

    Sept. 18: A columnist in the Berkshire Eagle writes his observations after attending a Confronting Climate Change conversation with journalist and author Elizabeth Kolbert.

    Sept. 16: This In These Times article about the Heidelberg Project in Detroit mentions 2011 research by the college on the economic impact of the public art project.

    Sept. 14: The Berkshire Eagle covered a public meeting regarding the design of the new Williams Inn.

    Sept. 14: Ghana Think Tank and its role in the college's year of inquiry on climate change is featured in this iBerkshires story.

    Sept. 10: iBerkshires had a story about the work going at at The Spruces by the Hoosic River Watershed Association that mentions volunteer work done by Williams first-years.

    Sept. 7: Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy Jay Pasachoff is interviewed in this Huffington Post article about the 2017 total solar eclipse.

    Sept. 7: In this column in the New York Times, Williams is mentioned as one in a group of a selective colleges that has admitted few recent military veterans.

    Sept. 5: This article in the Washington Examiner mentions research by Professor of Economics Jon Bakija on charitable giving.

    Sept. 5: This article in the Berkshire Eagle mentions 2009 research by Class of 2012 Professor of Economics Stephen Sheppard about the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield and its economic impact for the community.

    Sept. 4: An article by Zach Wood '18 about how accusations of racism can stifle debate was published in the Washington Times.

    Sept. 4: Retired professor Lauren Stevens is featured in this iBerkshires story for a new trail guide he has written.

    Sept. 2: iBerkshires did an article about first-years on an Ephventure working on projects in and around North Adams.

    Sept. 2: Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy Jay Pasachoff is quoted in this article in The Atlantic about how artists throughout history have viewed eclipses.

  • August 2016

    Aug. 31: The New York Times talked to Field Memorial Professor Jay Pasachoff about the "Ring of Fire" eclipse that happened on Sept. 1.

    Aug. 29: The Berkshire Eagle did a story on the Class of 2020 moving into their entries.

    Aug. 29: Inside Higher Ed reported on the college's release of data about the Class of 2020, which included gender identification.

    Aug. 26: The Berkshire Eagle asked J. Leland Miller Professor of American History, Literature, and Eloquence James Shepard and Class of 1946 Fellow-in-Residence Elizabeth Kolbert about their favorite summer reads.

    Aug. 22: The Boston Globe featured Williams in a story about colleges dropping the SAT subject test requirement.

    Aug. 21: Christian Science Monitor spoke to Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy Jay Pasachoff about the 2017 total solar eclipse.

    Aug. 20: Northern California News spoke to Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy Jay Pasachoff about the total solar eclipse on the horizon in 2017.

    Aug. 20: Joyce Wang '18 spoke to China Daily about her internship at Sogu Tech, a startup company in Shanghai.

    Aug. 19: Space.com spoke to Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy Jay Pasachoff about the 2017 total solar eclipse.

    Aug. 17: The Valley Advocate did an article on the choral group A Roomful of Teeth, led by music lecturer Brad Wells.

    Aug. 17: Ephraim Williams Professor of American History Charles Dew was interviewed by WUNC in North Carolina about his new memoir, The Making of a Racist.

    Aug. 16: Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy Jay Pasachoff is featured in this Science News article about the Great Eclipse of 2017.

    Aug. 15: Associate Professor of Computer Science Brent Heeringa is featured in this Berkshire Eagle story about area startup companies.

    Aug. 10: Ephraim Williams Professor of American History Charles Dew was a guest on the Diane Rehm Show and discussed his new memoir, The Making of a Racist.

    Aug. 10: Benton Leary '20 is mentioned in this KMI Media article about Service to School, a program that links military veterans to selective colleges.

    Aug. 10: The New York Times had a story about Willcox B. and Harriet M. Adsit Professor of Russian Darra Goldstein's new magazine about food preservation.

    Aug. 9: Christian Science Monitor had a Q&A with Massachusetts Professor of Humanities Susan Dunn about the gripping presidential campaign of 1940.

    Aug. 9: Diverse Issues in Higher Education had an article about the death of Professor of History Leslie Brown.

    Aug. 7: iBerkshires featured a story about Eva Grudin, senior art lecturer emerita, who co-wrote a new book, Save the Last Dance.

    Aug. 6: iBerkshires had a story about the Mount Greylock Regional School's Envirothon Team, coached by Jeffrey Rubel '17.

    Aug. 4: Assistant Professor of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Gregory Mitchell wrote an article for Open Democracy about how the Rio Olympics will impact sex workers.

    Aug. 4: Associate Professor of Africana Studies Neil Roberts wrote an article for Public Seminar on the concept of no-rule when thinking about President Obama and Donald Trump's leadership styles.

    Aug. 3: iBerkshires had an article featuring Williams students, faculty and staff doing trail maintenance in and around Stone Hill.

    Aug. 2: Research by Professor of Economics Jon Bakija is mentioned in this New York Times op-ed on just how big the government should be.

    Aug. 1: The college is mentioned in this iBerkshires article for its support of the 413 STEM Academy.

    Aug. 1: The Berkshire Eagle reports on the college's project with the town to build a new solar array on a capped landfill that will provide solar energy for the town and local schools.

  • July 2016

    July 28: WAMC did a story about the college's investment in a local solar project to benefit the town of Williamstown and the local school district.

    July 26: Mary A. and William Wirt Warren Professor of Art Barbara Takanega is featured by Artdaily.com in a story about her exhibition, Waiting in the Sky II, at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.

    July 25: Retired longtime dean Stephen Sneed is mentioned in this article in the Berkshire Eagle for his guidance for a local teen who is collecting shoes to send to children and families in Africa.

    July 22: In this segment on KPLR-TV in St. Louis, Victoria Onuzuruike '17 is featured talking about the Inroads program, designed to develop young leaders and create internship opportunities.

    July 22: William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Chemistry Dave Richardson and the Williams Summer Science Lab program he co-directs were featured in this iBerkshires story.

    July 21: The South Africa Government News Agency says Vincent Maphai, Class of 1955 Visiting Professor of International Studies, recently stepped down as head of the South African Presidential Remuneration Review Commission to accept a post at Williams.

    July 20: Associate Director and Lecturer in Environmental Studies Sarah Gardner is quoted in this Berkshire Eagle article about Massachusetts' renewable energy goals.

    July 20: The Architizer blog mentions the '62 Center for Theatre and Dance as one of the best eight designs for performing arts spaces at a college or university.

    July 19: The Berkshire Eagle did a story on Summer Science Labs at Williams, where Williams students teach area 5th and 6th graders about science.

    July 18: ClassicalLite reviews Lyell B. Clay Artist in Residence in Jazz Activities/Music Lecturer Kris Allen's new CD Beloved.

    July 16: Quartz mentions research by Professor of Political Science George Marcus in this article about why disasters or traumatic events move us further to the right.

    July 15: This article in iBerkshires says the college has received approval from Williamstown for temporary offices and labs on Stetson Court to accommodate Science Center construction.

    July 14: Forbes mentions research by Professor of Economics David Love in this article about how and why the wealth of many retirees increases over the course of retirement.

    July 13: The New Yorker mentions the time French poet Yves Bonnefoy was inspired to write two poetry collections after spending an autumn and winter at Williams.

    July 13: This article in iBerkshires.com about a proposal for the Center Street parking lot in North Adams cites a study by Williams students about parking in the downtown area.

    July 13: Artdaily.com breaks down the newly renovated Manton Research Center of the Clark, which will open to the public in November.

    July 10: iBerkshires.com reports on the “Teaching to Learn” program being implemented at local elementary and middle schools, funded by a grant and designed by MCLA and Williams students alongside teachers and college professors.

    July 10: The Berkshire Eagle reports on the Black Lives Matter march held at Paresky Center, and quotes Professor of English Alison Case along with justin adkins, former assistant director of the Davis Center.

    July 10: The Berkshire Eagle reports on the peaceful protest of police brutality and violence held at Park Square in Pittsfield, organized by Kamaar Taliaferro ‘15.

    July 11: The Hour mentions Valerie Baltodano ‘20 in this article about the Matthew Gaffney program of Stamford, CT.

    July 7: The Huffington Post quotes Professor of Astronomy Dr. Jay Pasachoff in this article about a newly discovered exoplanet 320 light-years away.

    July 7: The Saint Cloud Times features chair of biology Joan Edwards and senior lecturer in evolution and ecology David Smith and their research at Isle Royale.

    July 3: Artdaily.org takes a look at a new exhibition at the Clark Art Institute that examines the value of place through the lens of Stone Hill.

    July 2: The Baltimore Sun quotes Annie Valk, associate director of public humanities, about a storytelling photo essay taking place on Instagram that honors Baltimore’s elders.

    July 2: Matt Johnson of the Topeka Capital-Journal cites Susan Dunn’s research on the America First Committee’s history of anti-Semitism.

    July 1: Art New England explores the background and work of art professor Laylah Ali.

  • June 2016

    June 30: Professor of economics Gerard Caprio, Jr. writes for Milken Institute about the lessons we can learn from the Brexit vote.

    June 29: Business Insider talks to Michael Wang ‘17 about the US Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of affirmative action at the University of Texas at Austin.

    June 28: iBerkshires.com reports that Williams College and the Williamstown Chamber of Commerce have created a two-pronged approach to make downtown parking easier this summer.

    June 28: The Toledo Blade quotes professor of Russian Darra Goldstein in this list of recipes for summer foods from the Arctic Circle.

    June 27: Zach Wood ‘18 writes about potential consequences of the Brexit in this article for Times Higher Education.

    June 25: Three Williams class of 2016 grads give their advice to incoming freshmen on how they should spend the summer before college in this column for the San Bernardino County Sun.

    June 25: The Berkshire Eagle takes a look at the plan for the 177,000-square-foot expansion of the science center at Williams.

    June 24: Sarah Gardner thanks local dairy farmers for their positive contributions to life in the Berkshires in this column for the Berkshire Eagle.

    June 24: The Berkshire Eagle quotes Sarah Gardner of the Center for Environmental Studies in this article about the state-of-the-art technology at High Lawn Dairy Farm.

    June 23: Economics professor Stephen Sheppard is quoted in the Berkshire Eagle discussing the effect that the Brexit would have on Berkshire County tourism.

    June 16: USA Today mentions the petition started by the Asian American Students in Action group at Williams calling for the hiring of another Asian-American professor and establishment of an Asian-American studies concentration.

    June 16: Professor of political science George Marcus is quoted in this article in Forbes about Donald Trump’s lack of donations from people working in academia.

    June 16: The Oakland Press reports that Williams has awarded Celeste Mahabir with the George Olmsted Jr. Class of 1924 Prize for Excellence in Secondary School Teaching after she was nominated by her former student, Chris LeFlore ‘16.

    June 15: Professor of history Alexandra Garbarini is mentioned in this article by the Jewish News Service about a collection of letters written during the Holocaust that are being translated and organized by the Strassler Center at Clark University.

    June 15: The Berkshire Eagle takes at look at the impressive journalistic background of Joanna Slater, wife of professor of anthropology Joel Lee and CNNA’s 2015 Journalist of the Year.

    June 10: World Policy Blog interviews art history professor Michael J. Lewis about utopian cities, the subject of his forthcoming book City of Refuge: Separatists and Utopian Town Planning.

    June 8: Mass Live reports that Williams has one of the highest number of reported rapes per capita of a Massachusetts college, and the fifth highest in the country.

    June 8: Business Insider Malaysia lists Atul Gawande’s speech at Williams’ 2012 graduation as one of the best graduation speeches of all time.

    June 7: Economist Todd Kendall writes for Bill Martinez Live about the risk of losing endowment funds by divesting, and notes that Williams rejected the opportunity to divest in September of 2015.

    June 7: The Washington Post reports that Williams College had the fifth highest total reports of rape per 1,000 students in the U.S.

    June 5: iBerkshires.com looks back on key moments of Williams’ graduation, including Bryan A. Stevenson’s commencement address and thoughts from other speakers.

    June 5: The Berkshire Eagle recaps civil rights attorney Bryan A. Stevenson’s commencement address at Williams.

    June 4: The Economist mentions Zach Wood ‘18 and Uncomfortable Learning, which hosts challenging speakers, two of which were disinvited to speak at the college.

    June 3: The Berkshire Eagle reports that Class of 1946 Environmental Fellow-in-Residence Elizabeth Kolbert will be honored for winning the 2015 Massachusetts Book Award for Nonfiction for “The Sixth Extinction.”

    June 2: Inc. discusses research conducted by Professor of Psychology Kenneth Savistky on the “spotlight effect” and how understanding it can help us eliminate self-doubt.

    June 1: Commonweal Magazine breaks down president emeritus Francis Oakley’s three volumes of The Emergence of Western Political Thought in the Middle Ages.

    June 1: Professor of statistics Richard De Veaux is quoted in an AMSTAT News article on the American Statistical Association’s section name change that reflects a broader scope of data science.

  • May 2016

    May 31: iBerkshires.com reports on the local 2016 Bicentennial Olmsted Awards for Faculty Development awarded to local schools, which is funded by an endowment from Williams alum George Olmsted Jr. ‘24 and his wife.

    May 27: A Wall Street Journal columnist recalls Nathan Krissoff ‘03 and his military service in the War on Terror. Krissoff was killed in Iraq in 2006.

    May 29: This opinion piece for Cleveland.com profiles James Garfield and why he was chosen to give the first Memorial Day address.

    May 27: CBC Windsor writes that professor of marine sciences emeritus James Carlton will be speaking at the Canadian Aquatic Invasive Species Network’s final conference at University of Windsor.

    May 24: Jack Schrupp ‘18 is quoted in the Laconia (N.H.) Daily Sun about his involvement in the Laconia Area Bike Exchange.

    May 23: The Manchester Journal mentions that Williams contributed $5,000 to the town of Dorset’s purchase of land that was added to the Owl’s Head Town Forest. The funding is part of an off-set for the Class of 1966 Environmental Center’s footprint under the Living Building Challenge.

    May 22: In an article in the Berkshire Eagle about an award funding North Adams students’ participation at Mass MoCA, the principal of Brayton Elementary notes the school’s partnership with Williams College.

    May 20: This column in the Berkshire Eagle argues to make the Berkshire Innovation Center in Pittsfield a reality, citing Williams College’s partnership with the center as proof of widespread support for the project.

    May 20: The Sumter (S.C.) Item reports that Norman Rockwell’s painting, “The Recruit,” which is part of an exhibition at the Sumter County Gallery of Art, depicts a Williams College football player and coach.

    May 18: iBerkshire reports that at the annual town meeting, voters passed a bylaw amendment expanding the Village Business District to include land owned by the college that is to be the site of the future Williams Inn.

    May 17: The Daily Mail UK reports that research conducted by geoscience professor Ronadh Cox reveals that Jupiter’s moon, Europa, may contain a salty liquid similar to Earth’s seas and that it could sustain life.

    May 12: Russian professor Darra Goldstein gives her opinion to the Washington Post of the White House’ New Nordic cuisine-inspired menu for its 12th state dinner.

    May 11: The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities cites economics professor Jon Bakija’s 2004 study on the impact of taxes on the wealthiest elderly in an article making a case to keep the estate tax.

    May 11: Kelly Beatty of Sky & Telescope reports on her experience observing Mercury’s transit and mentions Professor Jay Pasachoff’s investigation of the “black-drop effect” out at Big Bear Solar Observatory in California.

    May 8: Professor Jay Pasachoff talks about his interest in a phenomenon called the “black drop effect” that will occur during Mercury’s transit on the 9th in this article by the Los Angeles Times.

    May 7: iBerkshires.com highlights WCMA’s upcoming season in an article about the Northern Berkshire art, music, and theater scene this summer.

    May 7: Space.com mentions Professor of Astronomy Jay Pasachoff’s insights on Mercury’s impending passage across the face of the sun, known as a “transit.”

    May 6: iBerkshires.com reports on the race between Sarah Gardner and Susan Puddester for a five-year seat on the Planning Board, noting Gardner’s professorship at Williams College.

    May 5: The Berkshire Eagle notes similarities between Williams College’s endorsed zoning change request for the location of a new Williams Inn to a proposal passed by the Planning Board that critics say will hurt Waubeeka Golf Links’ business.

    May 5: The Berkshire Eagle writes about Williams’ May production of “Waxworks” by playwright Trina Davies at the ‘62 Center, directed by visiting lecturer Kristen van Ginhoven of the WAM Theatre.

    May 4: The Berkshire Eagle writes on the community effort made by Higher Ground, Williams College, and Williamstown to help residents of the mobile park home that were devastated by Tropical Storm Irene in 2011.

    May 2: State of Politics reports on New York Congressman Chris Gibson deciding that he will not run for governor in 2018 and instead will be teaching leadership at Williams College.

    May 2: The Boston Globe mentions Williams College’s tradition of throwing a pocket watch from Thompson Chapel in an article on quirky college commencement activities.

  • April 2016

    April 29: The Berkshire Eagle mentions Jim Shepard, professor of English at Williams College, in an article about a local Holocaust remembrance event where he read an excerpt from his novel, The Book of Aron.

    April 28: Boston Globe features Andrea Barrett, a novelist and writing lecturer at Williams College, winning the Rea Award for her short story Ship Fever.

    April 28: Susan Dunn, a professor at Williams College, writes an opinion piece for CNN on Donald Trump’s “America First” mentality and its ominous parallels in U.S. History.

    April 22: Amsterdam News features Williams Black Alumni Network and others hosting the Bolin Legacy Celebration. They give a brief history on the life of alumnus Gaius Charles Bolin, the first Black student to graduate from Williams.

    April 20: Williams College is mentioned in a New England Public Radio report on a debate on whether colleges should be tax exempt.

    April 20: The Atlantic uses case notes from Williams College’s Honor and Discipline Committee in an article on cheating in college.

    April 19: Ferentz Lafargue, director of the Davis Center at Williams College, is mentioned in a Diverse Issues in Higher Education article what colleges should tell students about uncomfortable conversations.

    April 19: Michael J Lewis, a professor at Williams College, is mentioned in an American Way of Life article on misrepresentation of history and other perceptions of the past.

    April 18: iBerkshires reports on the Berkshire residents heading east to Boston to run the marathon. Among these people is Adam Falk, president of Williams College.

    April 17: The Berkshire Eagle writes on the four-day interfaith conference at Williams on forgiveness.

    April 17: The Louisville Courier-Journal writes about 26 challenges brought to President Obama on his executive actions on immigration. In the article, Professor Will Olney, a economist at Williams College, is cited for evidence against the idea that immigrants take jobs from American workers.

    April 16: Huffington Post Science mentions Dr. Jay Pasachoff, an astronomer at Williams College, in an article on the exciting discovery of a dwarf galaxy orbiting our galaxy.

    April 15: Time Warner Cable News reports on Williams College’s Sawyer Library being named 1 of 7 most beautiful libraries in North America.

    April 15: The Berkshire Eagle features Williams College’s Weston Hall and its transformation into the new Financial Aid and Admission offices.

    April 15: The Library Journal writes on Alison Case, a professor at Williams College, and her new novel Nelly Dean that re-imagines Wuthering Heights.

    April 14: The artwork of Barbara Takenaga, a professor of studio art at Williams, is mentioned in a New York Times article on what art galleries in New York are featuring.

    April 13: In an article on the Conversation about the chance that Trump and Clinton have of changing the impression they have on people in the media, a psychology study by Jeremy Cone, a social psychologist at Williams College, is mentioned.

  • March 2016

    March 30: Fortune quotes Jon Bakija, a professor of economics at Williams College, in an article on wealth being concentrated in the financial sector and Wall Street needing to “pull back.”

    March 30: An article in the Huffington Post Politics uses the letter to the editor written by Professor Susan Dunn as a springboard to warn Americans on Donald Trump’s sentiments.

    March 28: Justin Adkins writes an article for Huffington Post Queer Voices on the gender restriction laws for bathrooms in North Carolina. He voices his concern on the discriminatory aspect of the law.

    March 28: Professor Susan Dunn writes a letter to the editor of the New York Times because of an article on Donald Trump called America First.

    March 28: Ferentz Lafargue, director of the Davis Center at Williams College, writes an article for the Washington Post on the backlash students faced after a speaker was disinvited from coming to Williams College. He argues that bigots are the problem, and not students.

    March 27: E.J. Johnson, professor of art history at Williams College, is quoted in a New York Times article on the controversial transformation of the Hood Museum by Billie Tsien and Tod Williams.

    March 22: Michella Ore, a senior at Williams College, writes for USA Today on the progression of the #BlackLivesMatter movement within students, faculty, and student groups at Williams.

    March 22: In a CS Monitor article about the worst drought in Eastern and Southern African in 30 years, Ngonidzashe Munemo, a political scientist at Williams College, is quoted on the fact that many African countries are wealthier and more prepared to handle natural disasters that affect them.

    March 22: The Berkshire Eagle outlines Williams College’s new bookstore project that will be built on Spring Street by next year. It will bring the supply of books closer to students and book lovers on campus.

    March 22: iBerkshires announces the decision of the Williamstown Planning Board approving the bylaws that will allow Williams College to build a new inn south of Spring Street.

    March 19: The Berkshire Eagle mentions Stephen Sheppard, professor of economics at Williams College, in an article on foreclosure in the Berkshire area being a sign of economic distress.

    March 16: iBerkshires reports on the Williamstown planners who are to vote on bylaws that may allow the expansion of the Village Business District so that Williams College can build a new Williams Inn.

    March 16: Justin Crowe, associate professor of political science at Williams College, says to the WAMC radio that President Obama’s choice of Chief Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court is the right one.

    March 15: iBerkshires reports on Lanesborough citizens wanting Williams College to offset the cost of building a new school. Some people urge the regional agreement to include members of the non-profit sector, such as Williams College.

    March 14: The Calgary Herald mentions Zachary Wadsworth, assistant professor of music at Williams College, in an article on choir performance and music at the University at Calgary.

    March 11: The Berkshire Eagle writes on the performance of the modern opera, A Marvelous Order, being performed at Williams College.

    March 10: The Berkshire Eagle reports on Kevin Murphy, curator at WCMA and Abbott Handerson Thayer’s work.

    March 10: iBerkshires features Williamstown residents fighting against pre-school budget cuts because Williams College is hiring more people and the possibility of young families moving into Williamstown.

    March 10: Professor Alan Hirsch is mentioned on the Tri-City Herald as a potential key witness in a case on the fatal shooting of Lorenzo Fernandez, Jr. Professor Hirsch teaches at Williams College.

    March 10: WAMC radio features Morgan McGuire and his lecture on advances in virtual reality. McGuire is an associate professor of computer science at Williams College.

    March 7: The Financial Times features the Circle of Six app that seeks to prevent sexual assault on campus. Williams College is mentioned as one of the early adopters of the app.

    March 6: The Berkshire Eagle writes about the increasing price of college and quotes Professor Will Dudley, who is also the Provost of Williams College. The Berkshire Eagle also mentions Williams’s financial aid calculator that is made to be much more accurate.

    March 6: The Berkshire Eagle features ways that coding is being taught at elementary schools. Williams College computer science students in the Elementary Outreach iTeam and CLiA work together to help teach kids how to code.

    March 4: The Berkshire Eagle features the recipients of the Berkshire Awards. One of the recipients is Professor Sandra L. Burton who is a dance director and lecturer at Williams College.

    March 3: The New York Times writes on the unearthing of the work of painter Abbott Handerson Thayer by Kevin Murphy, the curator of American art at the Williams College Museum of Art.

    March: The Berkshire Magazine writes on the revival of the Log.

    March: Barbara Takenaga, professor of Studio Art at Williams College, is featured in an Art Daily post on her work opening at DC Moore Gallery in New York.

  • February 2016

    February 26: Meghana Vunnamadala ’16 is mentioned in a Boston article on Hillary Clinton supporters growing on college campuses.

    February 24: iBerkshires mentions the Lanesborough residents’ dissatisfaction with contribution of Williams College in an article on the building of the Mount Greylock Regional School project.

    February 23: Darra Goldstein, professor of Russian at Williams College, is featured for her cookbook Fire + Ice: Classic Nordic Cooking on the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

    February 22: The Washington Post writes on the cancellation of John Derbyshire’s talk for the Uncomfortable Learning Series.

    February 22: The Berkshire Eagle reports on the Mount Greylock School building project being rejected by many Lanesborough residents. Many of the residents, according to the survey, also want financial support to come from Williams College to offset the cost of the project.

    February 21: The Berkshire Eagle features the new project, headed by Williams College and the Williamstown Youth Center, to bring the solar power to the roof of the Williamstown Youth Center. This venture will save the Center up to 90% of its power costs.

    February 19: The Berkshire Eagle writes on the cancellation of John Derbyshire’s talk for the Uncomfortable Learning Series. The piece is also on freedom of speech.

    February 19: iBerkshires features Williamstown’s new Town Manager Jason Hoch. He talks about his relationship with Williams College and working together.

    February 18: The Wall Street Journal mentions Williams’ new art acquisition class in an article about the combination of studying art history and business.

    February 18: iBerkshires reports on Williams College’s relationship with near by educational centers, such as Williamstown Elementary, and the Center for Learning in Action’s involvement with Williamstown Elementary.

    February 18: The Westerly Sun writes on James Carlton, professor of marine sciences at Williams and Mystic, and his research on rafting where displaced species use food and debris from disastrous events to survive until they make it to a stable place.

    February 17: Dorothy Wang, associate professor of American studies and faculty affiliate of English at Williams, was given the 2016 Best Book in Literary Criticism from the Association for Asian American Studies. She makes the point that there should be significantly more attention paid to the literary styles of minority writing.

    February 17: iBerkshires reports on the new project of the Williamstown Youth Center to install solar arrays for the needs of the facility. Williams College will provide a bridge loan for the project.

    February 16: iBerkshires reports on the Mount Greylock School District deciding on the continuation of certain projects using the gift of $5 million given by Williams College.

    February 14: Williams is mentioned in a BC Heights article as one of many schools whose endowment use was being monitored and analyzed.

    February 12: Art Daily features the opening of the installation of sibling artists Lexa and Dan Walsh opening at WCMA

    February 12: The Roanoke Times reports on Will Dudley, provost of Williams, being chosen as Washington and Lee University’s president.

    February 12: Roomful of Teeth, founded by Brad Wells, an artist-in-residence at Williams, is featured in a BU Today article that writes on its Grammy nomination.

    February 11: Janine Parker, a member of the Dance Department faculty at Williams, writes for Arts Fuse on her favorite events in the dancing world.

    February 11: In a Daily Kos article on sleepy people being more likely to falsely confess to crimes, research by Saul Kassin, a professor of psychology, is used to back up their claims.

    February 10: A prospective model railroad museum and a subsequent study has a report by Stephen Sheppard, an economics professor at Williams, on the possible economic impact of such a place on the surrounding area.

    February 9: Elizabeth Kolbert, a professor at Williams College, who writes about climate change, is featured in the Valley Advocate for her simple and passionate approach toward teaching on climate change. Her book is also mentioned and highlighted.

    February 9: iBerkshires reports on the proposed solution for parking by Williams College and its contractor. There are mixed reactions within the community.

    February 8: Cyrus Beschloss, a first-year at Williams College, writes an article for the Berkshire Eagle that takes a political stance.

    February 8: Jay Pasachoff, an astronomer at Williams College, writes an opinion letter to the editor in the New York Times.

    February 8: Alison Case, a professor of English at Williams, is featured on Shelf-Awareness. She recommends her favorite books and more.

    February 7: Michael J. Lewis, Faison-Pierson-Stoddard Professor of Art History at Williams, writes a piece for the New York Times on Wade Graham’s ‘Dream Cities.’

    February 7: The Berkshire Eagle features ‘Eyes for Excellence’, a series of free Sundays at the Clark that encourages families to show up and includes participation from Williams College students.

    February 5: The Mathematics of Lego Bricks class and Steven Miller, an associate math professor at Williams College, are featured in an iBerkshires article for building a Lego bridge for Martin Luther King Jr day.

    February 4: John Herrera, a junior math major at Williams, interviews alumnus Julie Blackwood on her choice to study applied math in graduate school.

    February 3: iBerkshires reports on the 100th anniversary of Images Cinema, which was started by a Williams student.

    February 3: Saul Kassin’s research is mentioned in a Guardian article on the exoneration of crimes in the past year. He is a professor of psychology at Williams College.

  • January 2016

    January 31: Brad Wells, artist-in-residence at Williams College and founder of Roomful of Teeth, is quoted in the Seattle Times article about their performance with the Seattle Symphony.

    January 31: Williams College is mentioned in The Atlantic article titled "Who Should Pay for the Arts in America."

    January 30: In an article from iberkshires.com, Williams College students teach biology in elementary schools as part of the "BioEYES" program.

    January 28: Economics professor Stephen Sheppard is mentioned in a WAMC Northeast Public Radio story about the revitalization of the Hoosic River in North Adams.

    January 28: The Williams College Center for Learning in Action is featured in a Berkshire Eagle story about the "BioEYES" program offered to local elementary schools.

    January 27: Iberkshires.com writes about a Williams College Museum of Art Winter Study project, "Mapping the Museum."

    January 25: MSN.com reports about the percentage of Williams College students who choose to enroll when accepted.

    January 23: The Berkshire Eagle reports on the search for new potential sites for the Williams College Museum of Art.

    January 23: In an Afro.com article, Williams College ranks 3rd in highest percentage of Black first-year students among the nation's liberal arts colleges.

    January 22: Emilie Boone, Mellon Curatorial Fellow for Diversity in the Arts at the Williams College Museum of Art, is a recipient of a College Art Association's 2015 Professional Development Fellowship.

    January 21: The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education mentions Williams College for attracting a large group of Black first-year students.

    January 18: Womanaroundtown.com reports on the play Princess Ivana, premiered in March by Williams College students and Omar Sangare, associate professor of theatre.

    January 18: The Berkshire Eagle has a story about Williams College students' involvement in a Martin Luther King Day event in Bennington, Vt.

    January 18: In an article by Jim Carlton, professor of marine sciences, emeritus, Australian Geographic discusses the 2011 Japanese tsunami sending invasive species across the ocean.

    January 15: Professor Jay Pasachoff is quoted in The Huffington Post article about images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

    January 13: New England Construction focuses on the renovation of Chapin Hall at Williams College by Shawmut Design and Construction.

    January 12: Virtual Jerusalem writes on Jim Shepard’s novel, The Book of Aron, winning the 2016 Sophie Brody Medal for achievement in Jewish literature. Shepard is in the English department at Williams College.

    January 10: Williams College is mentioned in a Berkshire Eagle article on celebrating 30 years of taking care of the Hoosic River. Williams and MCLA students will be testing the river and taking biological samples.

    January 8: Broadway World reports that Williams College students are bringing their play, Princess Ivona, to New York.

    January 7: The Berkshire Eagle writes on the banning of hoverboards at Williams College because of reports of random combustibility.

    January 7: In an article on Zora Neale Hurston and Black women writer’s response to her work in The Root, VaNatta Ford, visiting professor of Africana Studies at Williams College is quoted.

    January 6: The Journal of Black in Higher Education writes on the acceptance of African American students early into Williams College decreasing.

    January 6: The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education announces the election of Neil Roberts, associate professor of Africana studies and chair of the religion department at Williams College, as president of the Caribbean Philosophical Association.

    January 5: Political Science Prof. Justin Crowe is quoted in this Berkshire Eagle article about President Obama’s executive order on expanding background checks for gun buyers.

    January 1: V News displays a photo of Abby Kelly, a student at Williams College, chopping wood.


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