This page is designed to help editors and reporters identify specialists who can comment on, and answer questions about, a broad range of issues. The faculty listed here welcome inquiries concerning their fields of interest and areas of expertise. Click on any topic below to see experts on that subject (the larger the font, the more experts in that field). Use your back button to return to the complete list.

To request an interview with a faculty member, contact Noelle Lemoine (413) 597-4277, in the Office of Communications.

Baktygul Aliev, German and Russian

  • Russian literature and culture


Emily Vasiliauskas, English

  • Shakespeare
  • Ben Jonson
  • Milton
  • Poetry and poetics
  • Death and the afterlife
  • Religion and secularism
  • History and style
  • Authorship
  • Classical traditions
  • Vanitas painting
  • Tragedy

Laura Smalarz, Psychology

  • Eyewitness identification and eyewitness testimony
  • Police interrogations and confessions
  • Wrongful conviction

Richard King, Williams-Mystic Program

  • literature of the sea
  • natural history
  • American environmental literature


Matthew Chao, Economics

  • behavioral economics
  • experimental economics
  • charitable giving
  • field experiments
  • judgment and decision-making


Man He, Chinese

  • 20th century Chines literature and culture
  • Drama and theatre in late and imperial and modern China
  • Performance studies


Zachary Wadsworth, Music

  • Music
  • Music composition
  • Film music
  • Opera

Jeremy Cone, Psychology

  • automaticity
  • non-conscious processes
  • attitudes
  • intuition
  • judgment
  • decision-making

Susan Godlonton, Economics

  • HIV prevention
  • health
  • infant mortality
  • labor economics

Eyvindur Palsson, Mathematics

  • harmonic analysis
  • geometric measure theory
  • partial differential equations

Alex Engel, Biology

  • cell biology
  • organelles
  • immune sensing
  • autoimmunity

Doug Kiel, American Studies

  • Native American history
  • federal Indian law and policy
  • indigenous studies
  • settler colonialism
  • U.S. environmental history
  • American West
  • frontier in American culture
  • American midwest
  • public history

Greg Phelan, Economics

  • macroeconomics
  • financial markets

S. Charles Doret, Physics

  • atomic physics

Michelle Apotsos, Art

  • African art, culture, and aesthetics
  • African and Afro-Islamic architecture
  • materiality and medium-based analyses
  • globalization in the developing world and its visual impacts

Soledad Fox, Romance Languages

  • Spanish
  • Spain
  • Literature
  • The Spanish Civil War
  • Memoir & Autobiographical Literature
  • biography


Stephanie Dunson, Writing Programs

  • writing

Rose Kelanic, Political Science

  • resource conflict
  • oil politics
  • energy politics
  • U.S. grand strategy
  • military effectiveness
  • international relations
  • political science

Brianna Heggeseth, Statistics

  • statistics
  • biostatistics
  • unsupervised learning
  • longitudinal data analysis

Aparna Kapadia, History

  • South Asia
  • South Asian history and culture
  • Indian Ocean studies